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Ch 1

"*pant* Gotta keep running." said a young boy running for his life.

"He's over here!" yelled a man holding a torch leading a mob

'Why are they doing this to me?' thought the little boy.

A young boy no older than six was running for his life from a mob from his own village. He ran for his life not knowing why the people in his village despised him so much. His whole life he always tried to do the right thing and be good, but they continued to call him "demon" and "monster". Because the villagers showed him hatred he started to go down the same path and hate the villagers themselves. Rocks, kunai, shurkines, and other objects were thrown at him, and the mob was gaining up on him. He thought he could go to his home, but it was being guarded by another mob, and he didn't know where else to go. It seemed everywhere he went there were people who hated him just waiting for him to arrive so they could do their part and put him through the same cruel acts that he was accustom to. The boy kept running and running until the only place he could think to go was the village gates. Every time he picked up speed the mob would do the same. Finally he could see the gate and just ran as fast as his feet could take him, it didn't matter to him anymore, and as long as the pain would go away he would leave the only place that he could call his home. The boy ran out of the village and into the forest. He kept running, he didn't look back, or even think to. The only thing on his mind was getting away from those people.

"Good reddens!" shouted one of the people in the mob.

The mob turned around to see the Hokage and a group of ANBU at his side. He was enraged with what the village had just done.

"So who wants to explain this one to me?" asked the Hokage.

"Well, we just did the village a big favor if you ask me." said one of the members of the mob.

"You are all under arrest." said the Hokage.

"WHAT!? You can't do this, we just saved the village." yelled the same mob member.

"No, you just ran Yondaime's son, his only surviving child out of the village. He wouldn't even look in your direction if he were still alive." said the Sandaime Hokage.

"WHAT?! NO, HE KILLED YONDAIME!" yelled another mob member.

"No, that was his son, he's the one who saved the village from destruction, and all of you are under arrest." said the Hokage.

AMBU went around placing handcuffs of everyone, a few people were stupid enough to run, but ANBU caught the majority of the mob.

"Do you want us to go after them Hokage-sama?" asked the ANBU captain.

"No, we'll worry about them later, go find Naruto and bring him back." said the Hokage.

Three members of the ANBU ran off into the forest to find him while the others took the mob members to the prison.

"You can't do this, we saved you!" shouted one of the mob members.

"You attacked a fellow Konoha villager, that's a crime punishable by death." said an ANBU captain in a dog mask.

"But he's the demon child. If we didn't take care of him, he would turn on us in the future." said the mob member.

The cell door was slammed shut, and the AMBU captain walked out of the prison. It had been several hours since the boy left the village, and Hokage was getting worried.

"How could this have happened?" Hokage asked himself.

"Don't blame yourself sensei. I was the one who was supposed to take care of him, and I failed at that." said a figure behind him.

"Now don't go blaming yourself Jiraiya, you weren't even here when it happened." Hokage said.

Jiraiya started walking toward the forest.

"Where are you going?" Hokage asked.

"I'm going to go look for him, I wasn't there when he needed me, and I'm not going to let that happen again." Jiraiya said.

The Hokage smiled and had a good feeling that he would find him.

"Good Luck, my student." Hokage said.


The sun rose and the new day was upon the world. The suns rays hit the boys face and he woke up, he got up and just kept walking, every now and then stopping to rest, but he knew that he was a good distance from the village, but didn't know where he would go from there. All he knew was he wasn't welcome in Konoha anymore. He wiped the tears from his face and continued walking.

"Why…why do they hate me so much?" he asked himself.

He never did anything wrong, except play a few pranks on people every now and then. He continued to walk until he found a stream; he put his hands in the water and took a drink, then took his shoes off and put his feet in the water. The cool water felt great on his feet after walking for so long. He stayed at the stream for a while and took another drink of water then started walking again. He hadn't seen any villages or town for a long ways, but he just kept going, he knew he would find something eventually.


ANBU and Jiraiya kept searching around the village and anywhere else he might have gone.

'Come on he couldn't have gone too far.' Jiraiya thought.

"Sir still no trace of the boy." said and ANBU.

"Keep searching." Jiraiya said.

They ended up searching all the way toward the Valley of the End, and still no traces of the boy anywhere. It puzzled Jiraiya, a six year old boy somehow avoided dozens of ANBU and a sanin on his own.

"Where could you be?" Jiraiya asked himself.

The sun started to set and everyone returned to the village and reported that they found nothing. Jiraiya didn't want to give up, he felt that it was his fault that this happened to him, and he didn't keep his word to his student. He stayed up all night thinking about Naruto, he even watched the sunrise and was ready to search again, until an ANBU gave him a message from the Hokage.


It was his second day on his own in the forest. He didn't know where he was going, but he thought it was better then the village. Hunger had set in, and he was becoming exhausted. All hope he ever had was lost, he had no home, no family, no friends, and now almost no will to live. He sat against a tree and just sat there. The boy rested there for a good half hour when a man in what looked like the Hokage robes, but they were a sea foam green color where the red should be with the symbol of water on the hat, and he had wraps on both forearms, hands, the right side of his face, and his mouth and nose. The boy caught his attention, so he walked over to him. The man looked at the boy, and saw that he was hurt and tired.

"Hello there." said the man.

But the boy turned away in fear, he thought this man would be as cruel as the others. The man saw this.

"You don't need to be afraid, I won't hurt you." said the man.

The boy still said nothing, he just looked at him with distrust, and fear.

"Does my face wraps scare you?" the man asked.

The boy looked at him and shook his head.

"Then what is it?" the man asked.

He reached his hand out to show the boy he wouldn't cause him any harm. The boy looked for a second and took his hand, and stood up.

"Where are your parents?" the man asked.

"I…I don't have any." said the boy.

"I see, do you have any family around here?" asked the man.

"No." said the boy.

There was something special about this boy, he could just feel it, and seeing as he had no where to go, he would take him under his wing.

"Well, then you should come with me, these woods get dangerous at night." said the man.

'Why is he so nice to me?' the boy thought.

The man started walking, but noticed that the boy wasn't following him at first.

"Well, aren't you coming?" the man asked.

The boy thought it over and decided he was better off with him, then if someone from his village found him. He ran up to the man and stood by his side as he walked.

"Do you have a name?" asked the man.

The boy looked up and him, and hesitated to answer, but knew he would find out sooner or later.

"My name is Naruto Uzumaki." said the boy.

The man looked down at him as he walked.

"How old are you?" he asked.

"I'm six." Naruto said.

"Naruto Uzumaki, age six. Have you ever wanted to become a ninja?" the man asked.

Naruto got a sparkle in his eye that was never there before.

"Yes, I was in the academy there, but…" Naruto said, but stopped.

"But what?" the man asked.

"The villagers ran me out of Konoha." Naruto said.

The man felt sorry for Naruto. How could anyone run a four year old out of his own village.

"I'm sorry to hear that Naruto. I've been to Konoha before, and they aren't the nicest people I've ever met, but I will change your life as you know it." said the man.

Naruto looked up at the man and wondered what he was talking about.

"I am Madara Uchiha, the Nidaime Mizukage, and I am going to personally train you to become stronger than any ninja in Konoha." He said.

"Really?!" Naruto shouted.

"Yes, but it wont be easy. Kiri has the hardest genin, chunin, and jounin exams in the world, and because you'll be training under me personally the expectations will be higher. Do you understand?" The man explained.

Naruto couldn't believe this man was going to make his dream come true, he would be a ninja, but not just any ninja, and he was going to be trained under a kage.

"Yes. I do." Naruto responded.

"Good." Madara said.

They continued to walk for hours, they stopped a few times to eat, and let the Naruto rest, finally the came to the beach where a boat was waiting for him.

"Naruto…" said Madara.

"Yes." Naruto replied.

"Your training starts tomorrow, are you sure you're ready?" Madara asked.

"I am." Naruto said.

"Good." Madara replied.

They both got into the boat and headed toward Kiri.


The Hokage sat in his office when Jiraiya and Iruka walked in.

"You wanted to see us Hokage-sama?" Iruka asked.

"Yes, have a seat." Hokage said.

Iruka had a seat while Jiraiya leaned against a wall.

"I'm sorry, but ANBU has searched for two days, and still found nothing. We have to assume the worst has happened." Hokage said.

"No, that can't be, they're just not searching hard enough." Iruka said.

"I know this is hard on both of you, but we have to give up on the search. We are having a funeral session for him, and it will be by his family's memorial site." explained the Hokage.

Iruka was full of tears, and Jiraiya kept completely emotionless, even though he felt so many emotions all at once. He walked over to Iruka and placed his hand on his shoulder. They then walked out of the Hokage's office and went their separate ways.


Iruka walked into his classroom and faced his students.

"Class will not be held today." He said.

Some of his students knew something was wrong.

"Why Iruka sensei?" asked a pink haired girl in the middle of the classroom

"Your classmate Naruto Uzumaki has passed away." Iruka said.

Everyone in class got quite, and didn't know what to think. The loudest kid in their class would no longer be with them. Even though most of them were suppose to hate him, they felt really bad. They all went home and told their parents why they were home. Their parents showed no real emotion toward what they said, but they were required to go to the funeral because of the Hokage.


Naruto looked over the boat and saw a big island in front of him.

"Sensei, is that Kiri?" Naruto asked.

"Yes it is, this is your new home." Madara said.

The boat landed at the docks and the two of them got off the boat and walked into the town. Everyone looked at the boy walking next to the Mizukage, but not in fear or confusion. They seemed to accept him. It might have been because of the Mizukage, but he felt safe, and comfortable with this place. The village was nothing like Konoha, it had patches of mist in many parts of the town, and it didn't look very rich but the people didn't seem to mind it to much. Everyone seemed to get along with each other. The only real bad thing about the village was some of the buildings seemed really old and needed repairs. They arrived at the Mizukage's mansion and walked in, it looked like a giant dojo to Naruto. There were weapons all over the walls, some he didn't even know existed. Madara walked him upstairs and showed him a room with a mat in the center and an alarm clock next to it.

"This is your room, it isn't much, but we can fix it up for you during your training." He said.

Naruto walked in. it was very clean and plain. It wasn't anything like his old room, but he didn't mind at all, someone finally noticed him and didn't show hate toward him. He turned to look at Madara, and gave the kage a hug, his eyes started to tear up, but he held it in as well as he could.

"Thank you." Naruto said.

Madara looked down at him and ruffled his hair.

"There is no need to thank me Naruto. I assure you, you will become strong and I will see to it that you do." He said.