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Ch 8

Naruto had awoken in his bed in his family's mansion. He awoke feeling completely rested. The past few days have been hard on him, but it was nothing he couldn't handle. He put his gear on and walked out of his room to meet with the other akatsuki. The place was pretty big, big enough for him to get a bit lost.

"Good morning Naruto-sama." said a guard from behind.

Naruto jumped.

"Oh. I'm sorry Naruto-sama." The guard said.

"No, it's fine." Naruto said. "Do you know where Na…Pein is?"

"Yes, he is with Konan on the top floor balcony." The guard said.

Naruto walked toward the balcony to find Pein and start the mission. As he walked he heard Kisame's voice, then Pein's. He continued to walk closer and thought he heard something about Kiri. At this point Naruto couldn't help but over hear Kisame and Pein's conversation. He walked closer until he could hear both of them clearly, and just listened.

"When did you hear of this?" Kisame asked Pein.

"This morning. I had guards in Kiri to search for the were abouts of the jinchuriki." Pein replied.

"I just don't know how we're going to tell Naruto." Kisame said.

"Tell me what?" Naruto asked.

"Naruto…" Pein started.

"No, I'll tell him…" Kisame said.

Kisame turned to Naruto and prepared to tell him the bad news.

"Naruto…Yagura is dead…" Kisame said.

Naruto almost went into shock when he heard the news. In some ways he hoped it was a dream, but at the same time he hoped it wasn't.

"Mizukage-sama is…dead, but how?" Naruto asked.

"Someone else wanted the Three-Tails power, but he didn't go down without a fight." Kisame said. "Just before he died, he used a reverse seal to extract the Three-Tails from himself, and released it into the wild."

"Does anyone know who it was?" Naruto asked.

"Orochimaru…" Pein said.

"Is Utakata ok?" Naruto asked.

"Yes, Mizukage-sama made him leave the village. Orochimaru gave up on finding him." Kisame said.

Naruto was relieved to hear that one of them got away, but for how long could he stay hidden.


"I'm sorry about your loss Kakashi." The Sandaime Hokage said to the copycat ninja.

"Seto died with honor, and his sacrifice was not in vain." Kakashi replied.

"Kakashi, I know how you feel about losing your teammates. If you need any time off…" Hokage started.

"No Hokage-sama. I'll be fine. Its Sasuke and Sakura I'm worried about." Kakashi said. "They both haven't been themselves since they got back."

"This is their first tragedy in a mission, a sad day in a team life, but I've started searching for a replacement. Danzo suggested one of his ROOT trainees." Hokage said.

"Which one?" Kakashi asked.

"I believe Danzo said his name was Sai." Hokage said.

"When does he become a member of the team?" Kakashi asked.

"Tomorrow, officially. You are dismissed Kakashi." Hokage said.

Kakashi bowed and left the Hokage's office. The first thing he did was visit Seto's grave. He still blamed himself for his death, even though it wasn't his fault.

'I'm proud to have been your sensei, Seto.' Kakashi said.


Sakura walked throughout the village, trying to forget about the mission when someone came up from behind her and surprised her.

"Hey forehead." A blonde girl in purple said from behind.

Sakura jumped a bit, then turned around to glare at Ino.

"Ino, you pig." Sakura said.

"Hey, no need for name calling." Ino said.

Sakura's eye started to twitch as she controlled the urge to hit her across the village.

"You're the one who started the name calling." Sakura said.

"Yeah, I know. Anyways, I haven't seen you since your mission." Ino said. "For a while I thought you weren't coming back."

"Yeah, I guess it has been a while." Sakura replied.

The two walked around the village until Ino caught sight of Sasuke training. Sakura saw the love stricken blonde's eyes glued to Sasuke.

"Hard to believe how lucky we are to have him in our village isn't it Sakura." Ino said.

Sakura didn't reply, which was unusual for her, and no know knew it better than Ino.

"What's wrong forehead?" she asked.

"What? Oh, nothing, nothings wrong…" Sakura replied.

"Really?" Ino asked sarcastically. "Then why don't you talk to Sasuke-kun."

"I see him everyday. It's not like I wont see hi on our next mission." Sakura said.

"Ok, who is he?" Ino asked.

"Who is who?" Sakura asked.

"The guy you met on your mission." Ino said.

'Damn…how did she find out?' Sakura thought. "I haven't told anyone, and Sasuke wouldn't tell anyone either."

Sakura tried to keep her cool and slip out of this without telling Ino anything.

"There was no other guy. I guess I've just gotten over Sasuke." Sakura said.

"So….does this mean you've given up on trying to be Mrs. Sasuke Uchiha?" Ino asked.

"Yep." Sakura said.

"You mind if I take that place?" Ino asked

"Knock yourself out." Sakura replied.


"I'd like to start the meeting to introduce our newest member, Hidan." Pein said pointing to a man carrying a triple bladed red scythe, with a slashed Yugakure headband around his neck.

"Hidan, you will be paired with Kakazu." Pein said pointing to Kakazu. ""

"Now as most of you know, we start our main objective today, and thanks to Naruto, our search will be less of a hassle." Pein said. "Which of the tailed beasts is the closest?"

"The Seven Tailed in Takikagure." Naruto replied.

"Anything on the others?" Itachi asked.

"No, Kyuubi will only tell me which one is closest." Naruto said.

"I meant the one in Kiri." Itachi said.

Naruto paused for a second, and thought about what Itachi asked.

"Naruto?" Pein asked.

"Pein, I'm sorry, but I can't go after Utakata." Naruto said.

"WHAT!?" Hidan shouted. "WHY THE FUCK NOT?!"

"Utakata is a nin of Kiri like me and Kisame. I just can't find it in myself to attack…" Naruto started.

"So what. I killed all of my neighbors in the name of Jashin, and I didn't give a flying fuck about it." Hidan said.

"Hidan that's enough." Pein said. "What you did for the reason is your business, but you will NOT disrespect your comrades, especially your seniors."

"WHAT?! This little punk is my superior?" Hidan asked.

"We all are, Hidan. Now shut up and pay attention." Kakazu said to his new partner.

"Naruto, I will not make you attack your fellow nin, but we do need to know his location." Pein said.

"Easier said than done." Naruto said.

"How so?" Pein asked.

"Utakata controls bubble jutsu. It's completely harmless, but it causes illusions that rival sensei's." Naruto said.

"Come again?" Itachi asked.

"Utakata specialized in infiltration. Since he used his bubble jutsu he could create any illusion. He's never been captured, or caught, and he'll be able to evade us as well, not to mention he can control the Six-Tails with this illusion." Naruto explained.

"So the Six-Tails will be a challenge?" white Zetsu asked.

["Maybe so, but he can only hide for so long."] black Zetsu added.

"I'll give you the general area he is in, but that's all I can do." Naruto said.

"That will be enough Naruto." Pein said. "Konan, Naruto and I will search for the Seven Tails. The rest of you will keep in search of anything or anyone that could be useful to us. If by any chance you run into a jinchuriki do whatever it takes to capture it. You are all dismissed. Naruto, pack a weeks worth of supplies, we're leaving soon."

Everyone walked out and Naruto packed up and was ready for his first mission as an akatsuki. He had some mixed feelings about a few things he had to do. He decided to consult the only person who knew how he was feeling.


["Feeling regret?"] Kyuubi asked.

"For killing Zabuza?" Naruto asked.

["Very funny."] Kyuubi said. ["For what you're about to do?"]

"Not really. I don't know the host, why should I care?" Naruto asked.

["My host before you was the same way you were."] Kyuubi said.

"What do you mean?" Naruto asked.

["When you lived in Konoha, the way the villagers treated you, it was the same way as my former host."] Kyuubi said.

"What does that have to do with me?"

["Most jinchuriki go through the same torment from their own village, and it's possible that this host has gone through the same torment as you did."] Kyuubi said.

"Everyone has problems." Naruto said.

["I'm just saying there's a chance to meet someone who know exactly how you feel, and you're going to kill them"] Kyuubi said.

"Mizukage-sama, and Utakata didn't go through torment. The village practically worshiped them." Naruto said.

["So, how do you feel about turning Utakata in?"] Kyuubi asked.

"I'm not turning him in. I'm just telling them where he generally is." Naruto said.

["Face it kid, he has to die for this goal. Kisame knows this, and accepts it. Why not you?"] Kyuubi asked.

"Kisame didn't train with Utakata like I did, and I know he'll be the biggest challenge of all." Naruto said with a smirk on his face.

["You seem confident."] Kyuubi said.

"I am." Naruto said.

Naruto disappeared from the sewer and left the Kyuubi alone again.

["Poor kid, he's already in denial….But he'll learn sooner or later."] Kyuubi said.


"Naruto. It's time to head out." Pein said.

Naruto walked over to Pein, and Konan. He saw that Pein changed his body to his Animal Path, this was the first time Naruto saw him in thee body. Although it unnerved him a bit, he though Nagato had a good reason behind it. They exited Ame to find their first target.