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Summary: Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura die in a fight, and are attacked by a hollow. Luckily a shinigami named Yoruichi saves Sasuke and Sakura, unfortunately Naruto isnt so lucky and is eaten by the hollow while protecting his friends. Sasuke and Sakura arrive in the Soul Society, while Naruto wakes up in Hueco Mundo as a hollow.

Ch 1

Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura all awoke not remembering much about what just happened.

"Hey you guys ok?" Sasuke asked.

"Yeah, we're ok." Naruto said as he helped Sakura up.

"Guys, what the hell are those?" Sakura asked.

Sasuke and Naruto looked down at their chests and saw chain links connected to them. The three of them then looked down and saw their bodies lying dead on the ground.

"Are…are we dead?" Naruto asked.

"I'm guessing…yes." Sasuke said.

The three nin were in shock for a few minutes before coming to realize that this wasn't a dream.

"Man…I never thought Id die at nineteen." Naruto said.

With that said, Naruto received a hit on the head from his girlfriend.

"NARUTO-KUN YOU BAKA! This is no time for joking." Sakura shouted.

"Sakura-chan I wasn't joking around. I really didn't think I would die this soon." Naruto said.

Sasuke kept examining the chains around them and tried to figure out their purpose. He saw that they weren't attached to anything, but that meant nothing to him.

"So what do we do now?" Naruto asked.

"I say we wait for a shinigami." Sasuke said.

"Shinigami?" Sakura asked.

"It's said that when someone dies, a shinigami will come and collect their soul to take it to the after life." Sasuke said.

"You don't really believe that crap do you Sasuke?" Naruto asked.

"Well, how do you explain this, dobe?" Sasuke asked.

Naruto scratched his head and thought about it for a second.

"Well if were still here, then we have unfinished business to do." Naruto said.

Naruto earned another hit on the head.

"You're really lucky I love you Naruto-kun." Sakura said.

The three spirits went back to their village and saw that Tsunade already put a search team out to look for them. They stayed around for a few days and even witnessed their own memorial ceremony. They saw how sad everyone was that they were gone, but they knew their friends and family would be safe.

"I never though I would effect this many people if I died." Naruto said.

He felt sad, and even though he had both his best friend and girlfriend with him, it killed him knowing he wouldn't be able to protect the one alive anymore. Sakura placed her hand on his shoulder to comfort him. Sasuke even started to get emotional at the site of everyone alive.

"Come on. We can't stay here. It'll only bring sadness to us all." Sasuke said.

Naruto and Sakura nodded, and they left Konoha for good. Sasuke noticed the chains getting smaller and smaller by the day, he didn't know what to think of it, but eventually he would find out.

"Sasuke, how long have we been…dead?" Naruto asked.

"About a week, give or take a day or two." Sasuke replied.

Naruto heard a growling noise in the distance, at first he though nothing of it, until it got closer and closer.

"Either of you hear that?" Naruto asked.

"Hear what?" Sakura asked.

"That noise." Naruto said.

"There's no noise." Sasuke said.

Naruto looked further into a forest and saw a creature that looked like a really big bird with a skull mask over its head, flying straight toward them.

"Run." Naruto said.

"What?" Sasuke asked.

"I said run!" Naruto shouted.

It was too late; the beast arrived at their location and started attacking them.

"Is this your shinigami, Sasuke?!" Naruto shouted.

"I don't think so." Sasuke replied.

The creature kept going after the three nin, but with little luck. Finally the creature went after Sakura and cornered her. Naruto saw this and went berserk.


Deep in the sewer of Naruto's mind laid the dormant Kyuubi. His Eyes opened and he realized he was to be called upon once again.

["hehehe. Even in death, we are bound to one another kid."] Kyuubi said.


Red chakra started to swirl around Naruto, and caught the attention of the creature. Naruto's hair grew wild, he grew top and bottom canines, claws on his hands and feet, his whisker marks grew thicker, and his eyes turned red with slits instead of pupils.

'No way. The Kyuubi is supposed to be dead to.' Sasuke thought.

He tried to activate his sharingan, but got no results. The creature went straight after Naruto, but was stopped in its tracks when it reached Naruto's red chakra.

["It burns! Your spiritual pressure burns!"] shouted the creature.

"It can talk?" Sakura said.

Sasuke rushed over to Sakura to get her to safety. She looked over at Naruto and couldn't believe what she saw.

"How?! Naruto…" she said.

"I don't know, but we have to get out of here." Sasuke said.

"No, not without Naruto-kun." Sakura said.

"Sakura we cant stay here much longer. Naruto is the only one of us that can fight that thing off. He wouldn't want you getting hurt. We have to get out of here now." Sasuke said.

Sakura wouldn't take her eyes off Naruto for anything, and Sasuke knew there was no other way of doing this.

"I promise we'll go back for him." Sasuke said as he picked her up and carried her off.

"Put me down Sasuke!" Sakura shouted.

Sasuke didn't let her go. He knew not to let her go. Naruto fought off the creature for a while, until he wasn't able to control the Kyuubi's chakra any longer.

"No, not now." Naruto said.

["It seems you're out of spiritual pressure...No, you just lost control. To bad for you."] the creature said.

He looked back and saw that Sasuke and Sakura got to safety.

'Thank you Sasuke.' He thought.

Naruto decided to get this thing as far away from his friends as possible.

"Hey, you want me? Then come get me." Naruto said as he ran in the other direction. The creature chased after him and zoned in of his spiritual pressure.


Sasuke felt they were at a safe distance so he put Sakura down, only to receive a smack in the face.

"What the hell is wrong with you? Naruto-kun needs our help." Sakura said.

"Sakura Naruto can handle himself." Sasuke said.

"What if the Kyuubi takes control over him again? We're the only one who can save him." Sakura said.

She tried to run back, but was grabbed by Sasuke.

"Let go of me Sasuke!" she shouted.

"No." Sasuke said calmly.

"Why?! Why won't you help him? Aren't you his best friend?" Sakura said.

"Because I promised to keep you safe." Sasuke said with tears in his eyes. "When we were still alive, he made me promise if anything happens to him to make sure you were safe from everything, and I'm keeping my promise to him."

Sakura was speechless. She knew Naruto loved her enough to protect her, but she wouldn't just stand there doing nothing.

"Sasuke, promise me something." Sakura said.

"What?" Sasuke asked.

"If Naruto looks like he needs help, and even if we cant help him, that we will." Sakura asked.

"I can't." Sasuke said.

"Why?" Sakura asked.

"Listen to me. Naruto is the only one with any power and we would only be in the way." Sasuke said.

They saw a tan woman in a black kimono, with a white haori with the kanji for two on her back and carrying a katana around their waist. She spotted Sasuke and Sakura and smiled.

"Well there's two, where's the third?" she asked.

"Who are you?" Sasuke asked.

"I'm Shihoin Yoruichi, captain of the 2nd division." She replied.

"Are you a shinigami?" Sasuke asked.

"Why yes, I am. Now, I was told there would be three, where is he?" Yoruichi asked.

Sakura rushed over to her and grabbed her haori then started to tear up.

"Please you have to help him. He's being attacked by some monster." Sakura said.

"A hollow, damnit." Yoruichi said.

"A what?" Sasuke asked.

"There's no time to explain, take me to him." Yoruichi said.

Sasuke and Sakura lead Yoruichi in the direction of Naruto and the hollow. They arrived to see Naruto grasping the hollows teeth from biting him anymore. He was already covered in blood and his chain was on its last link.

"Aren't you going to save him?" Sakura asked.

"There's no way to save him without killing him." Yoruichi said.

"What do you mean?" Sakura asked with tears in her eyes.

"To kill a hollow, you have to cut their head off, and I can't do that while they're like that without killing your friend as well." Yoruichi explained.

"What if Naruto moved?" Sasuke asked.

"If he moves, then the hollow will eat him for sure." Yoruichi said.

"No. Naruto!" Sakura shouted.

Naruto saw Sakura out of the corner of his eye and was glad to see that Sasuke kept his promise. He also saw the shinigami with them, and waiting for him, but the hollow wasn't ready to give up this fight, and he couldn't summon the Kyuubi's power. He knew there was no way for him to survive this battle, but there was no way that Sakura and Sasuke wouldn't be in trouble if they went with the shinigami.

"Good bye Sakura-chan." Naruto said.

He released his grip of the hollow's jaw and he was eaten by the hollow. Sakura's eyes teared up, and she tried to rush over to the hollow, but was stopped by Sasuke.

"Let go Sasuke!" Sakura shouted.

Yoruichi knew what she had to do. She drew her zanpakuto and placed the hilt on each of their heads, then opened a portal to return to the Soul Society.

(Soul Society)

Sakura awoke in a room with the shinigami that preformed the burial on both of them.

"Where are we?" Sakura asked.

"You're in the Soul Society. You're safe now." Yoruichi said.

"Naruto-kun…where's Naruto-kun?" Sakura asked.

Yoruichi lowered her head and dreaded to tell her the bad news.

"I'm sorry, but I couldn't save him." Yoruichi said.

"What do you mean you couldn't save him?!" Sakura shouted.

"When the hollow ate him, he became a hollow himself, and hollows cannot live here." Yoruichi said.

Sasuke walked in the room to see a crying Sakura.

"You told her…didn't you?" Sasuke asked.

"Yes." Yoruichi said.

Sasuke walked closer and put his arms around Sakura.

"I'm sorry Sakura." Sasuke said.

Sakura grabbed a hold of Sasuke and cried in his chest. As hard as Sasuke tried, he couldn't hold his emotions in any longer. He just realized that he would never see his best friend again. He and Sakura cried together and never forget the sacrifice Naruto gave up so that they could live on. Yoruichi knew what Naruto did was the bravest thing anyone could do.

"You two should rest up. I want to talk to you both tomorrow." Yoruichi said.

Sasuke looked up at Yoruichi with tear marks down his face and nodded.

(Hueco Mundo)

Naruto opened his eyes and saw a desert wasteland for miles and miles. He felt as if he had been sleeping for years, and as if he hadn't eating in yeas as well.

['Where am I?'] he thought.

He looked in the distance and saw a pond, and he felt thirsty. He walked over to the pond and started drinking, when he realized that he didn't looked like himself and he jumped back. At first it scared him, but he walked back to the pond and looked at himself. He grew to a massive 15 feet tall and 20 feet long, his body had a thickened fox like bone structure along his entire body, he stood on all fours and had massive claws on his feet, he had nine fox like tails that had bone covering them down the middle, he had yellow fur with blood red tips on his back, forearms, and tails, his face was like a fox AMBU mask with sharp teeth and red tribal marks on the sides complete with fox ears and whiskers, his eyes were blood red with a blue border of his iris. Naruto noticed a giant hole in his torso, but he had no injury or sign or being attacked.

["What happened?"] he asked himself.

Naruto noticed his voice sounded similar to the Kyuubi's demonic voice.

["Is this my real voice?"] he asked himself.

Naruto shook his head back and forth, hoping this was a bad dream and he would wake from it. He opened his eyes and shook his head even more. He did this over and over again, but it was no use. He realized it was real. This was his body, and this place was his new home.


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