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A Desert Mirage

Chapter 1: Separation

Wakka groaned loudly and lifted his head to spit out the mountain of sand which had suddenly appeared inside his mouth. He forced open his eyes and immediately regretted his decision as javelins of light shot straight through his eyes eliciting a dull acheat the back of his skull. He rolled over onto his back and relaxed back into the sand, trying desperately to remember what had happened.

They had been at Macalania, under the temple after killing that monster Seymour, and then suddenly the Fayth had stopped singing. In the calm Sin had attacked them and …ahh it was all too fuzzy after that. He shifted slightly and felt the uncomfortable tingle of sand reaching down his shirt. He sat up shaking out the offending material and surveyed his surroundings with dismay.

Sand, and lots of it, covered the expanse of his vision and the sun glaring of the ground was so bright Wakka had to shield his eyes with his hand. The heat was also warming his body and sweat was already starting to bead on his skin and slide down between his shoulder blades. Wakka slumped over and rubbed furiously at his eyes with the heels of his hands, praying what he was seeing wasn't real. This had to be an effect of Sin's toxin, Macalania was nowhere near a desert. Slowly he peeked out from behind his hands but that damn sand was still there glistening and mocking him.

" Ahh man, I can't believe this is happening. Give me a break ya!" he growled climbing to his feet and stretching out his sore limbs. His body hurt. However he had gotten here, he hadn't been treated gently by any means. He wasted a few minutes pretending he could get his bearing in this lifeless expanse of sand. He wandered around a little looking for signs of the others or of any life in general. Just more sand no matter which way he looked.

"Well I am not getting anywhere just goofing off like this." He muttered and decided to head west, following the sun as it raced across the sky


After hours trudging through the sand Wakka was exhausted, thirsty, and just plain pissed off. His headache had been getting progressively worse and now the pain at the back of his eyes was white hot. He hadn't seen a sign of Yuna, Lu or anyone else, hell he hadn't even seen signs of civilization except the occasional hunk of abandoned machina.

After seeing the first bits of it he had been on alert, it would be just like those filthy Al-Bhed to try and steal Yuna again while he was unconscious and could do nothing to protect her. A sudden image of Rikku's smiling face fluttered to the surface but he pushed it back down, he may not like what she was but he cared about Rikku, and her being Al-Bhed wouldn't change that.

Another vital thing was still missing, water. Wakka had been unable as of yet to locate so much as a damp patch of sand let alone anything worth drinking. Wakka forced down the panic beginning to bubble in his stomach and tried to think logically. Wakka sighed dejectedly and pulled at the leather of his vest, the sweat drenching his body was causing the fabric to stick uncomfortably to his skin.

He wished he could at least find Yuna, there were fiends lurking all around the sand dunes and Wakka was frightened for her. He was angry with his inability to protect her, this was no place for a summoner to be without her guardians. He also knew he had to find some water soon or dehydration was going to kill him before the fiends could.

He pulled his vest off and stood up wiping the moisture from his chest and headed up and over the next sand dune. After he crested the dune a metallic shine caught his eyes causing him to wince slightly. Wakka squinted and looked over and his heart leapt at the sight of a dilapidated Al-Bhed tent nestled in the small valley made by several sand dunes.

" Oh yes!" Wakka exclaimed excitedly and hurriedly slid down the hill toward the structure. Once he got underneath the folds of fabric and felt that the air was cooler he let out a sigh of relief. He took a moment to relax and then began exploring the supplies that had been left by the tent's previous occupant. He was elated to find a canteen of water hanging against the back side of the small tent, but it was only half full and since he might be out here for a very long time that could be a problem. He would have to ration it carefully.

After sorting through the rest of the supplies in the tent he was feeling slightly better about his situation, he settled down on the floor and allowed himself a moment to relax. The exhaustion he had been fighting off was finally washing over him and Wakka's whole being felt tired, he laid heavily down onto the mat lining the floor. All of a sudden his worries couldn't seem to pierce the fog descending on him as he slowly drifted to sleep.