Thank you all for reading. This is the end and I am sad that it isn't a happy ending for this couple but I always wanted it to be a summer love that didn't last. As always you thoughts and constructive crisicism are welcome. Thanks again.
Epilogue: Awakening

Yuna lay in the soft green grass and felt as calm as she had ever felt in her entire life. She smiled softly to herself knowing that it was here that so many summoners had given up their pilgramage, and she understood why, it would be hard to leave the peace of this place and go to her certain death. She knew her resolve was strong, and had only only been strengthened by the evnts of her journey. Yuna closed her eyes and began to picture her loved one in her mind, a favorite exercise of hers so that she would never forget exactly how they looked when she could no longer be with them. She pictured Tidus first, her love for him had made him all the more beautiful with his soft golden hair and crystal blue eyes. Then there was Lulu with her deep brown locks and her sharp smirk. She pictured them all one by one making their face a clear picture in her mind.

She hesistated imperceptibly before Wakka, she always did now, knowing that she wasn't strong enough to keep the memories at bay. She saw his vibrant red hair and pictured grabbing it and pulling his mouth to hers. Yuna sucked in her breath as she felt arousal seeping into her veins. She conjured forth his eyes and saw them a deep choclate and his pleasure written clearly witin them. She was sinking deeper into the fantasy, seeing him now above her his muscles glistening with perspiration as he thrust into her. Her stomach muscles clenched as she remembered the incredible pressure and friction of him moving within her. Yuna was gasping softly, unable to tear her mind away from her terribile thoughts, she allowed her mind to take its own corse and her thoughts became even more graphic, delving into things she had only dreamed of and never done. Her imagination placed them in endless situations, but they always took place in that small ragged tent in the Sanubia desert. She knew it was not meant to be. When they had rescued her from Seymour she had still entertained ideas of telling the others that she was in love with Wakka. However she had quickly come to realize that it would never work out. How fair would it be to give Wakka only the short time she had left when Lulu could give him a lifetime. She had to accept that what they had was fleeting and in her sadness she had pulled away from him, causing her pain to be even deeper for she feared that they would not even be friends anymore. Then Tidus had come and filled that void with his eager love and his belief that he could find a way to save her from the final Aeon. She hadn't wanted to love anyone but his persistence had won him the empty space in her heart. As she was healing she had reached out to Wakka and they had again become like brother and sister. Occasionally she did wonder what it would be like to be with Wakka again, and in her heart of hearts she knew she still held out some hope.

Wakka came out of the inn and inhaled deeply, feeling the warm air sliding over his skin and helping to wake him up. These nights in the Calm lands had helped them all recouperate from the trials in Bevelle and from the heat of the Sanubia desert and Home. Yuna seemed to have gotten back to herself after her kidnapping by Seymour, after he had tried to force her to marry him. Wakka clenced his fists as his anger boiled over when he thought about that horrible worm. Wakka knew that things between him and Yuna were better now then they had been. She had been distant with him when they had first been reunited but after her relationship with Tidus had blossomed they had once again slipped into the familial relationship that they had had before.

Wakka decided to go for a walk before the others awoke. He began meandering through the plains when caught sight of Yunas deep blue skirt against the green of the grass. Yuna was laying back in the grass with her eyes closed and a thoughtfull look settled over her delicate features. Wakka walked over and leaned over his summoner, his brow wrinkling with concern.

Yuna was so deep in her dream that she almost didn't notice the shadow that came over her. She opened her eyes and felt a deep blush come over her features when she saw Wakka soft gaze staring above her.

Wakka, umm hello. Yuna sat up abruptly feeling embaressed that the very man she was thinking about was now staring at her with a peculiar look in his eyes.

Y una, you okay? What are you doing out here all by yourself? Wakka smiled at her, seeing that she was uncomfortable.

I'm fine. I like to come out here and just rest before the day really begins. What are you doing up so early? Yuna asked. She was normally up at least an hour before any of her companions, she liked the time she had to herself in the morning and had not been prepaired to be interuppted.

I got up hoping to take a walk, Wakka replied, settling down in the grass next to his summoner. He looked over at her face watching the sunlight drift over her eyelashes and kiss the tops of her cheeks.

Well I don't want to keep you from your walk, I'll be fine here until the others wake up. I promise not to go wandering off, Yuna joked flashing him a dazzling smile.

Yuna, are you happy? Wakka asked his face turning serious. He watched her stiffen at his question before turning to face him a deep sadness visible in her eyes. He just had to know had to be sure this was what she really wanted.

Wakka there was a time when I would have given up everything and ran away with you, but that was a childs dream, and I had to grow up. Yuna grabbed his hand knowing that she was going to have to let him go forever, that this would be then end of her hope that their love might find a way. Wakka you belong with Lulu, and I have a duty. I would hate to love you only to have to place the hopes of our people before you. I'm not going to give up, I am going to summon the Final Aeon, I'm going to die. What we shared was beautiful but it was just a dream. Yuna wiped away the tears that had spilled over the brims of her eyes. She stood up and pulled her guardian up with her.

Wakka felt the pain of her words much more deeply than he would have liked to admit. He knew that it was doomed from the moment they had started in the desert, but he hadn't realized that his foolish heart was still holding out hope. Yuna leaned in close and he couldn't help but close the distance between their lips. The kiss was sweet and strangely sad as they both drank each other deep for the last time. Finally the need for oxygen drove them apart and he stood there staring at her not quite sure of what to say.

Yuna, I... His voice trailed off , his words having no purpose other than to grasp at the fading strands of intimacy left dangling between them.

Wakka, don't say anything. It's ok, I'm awake now, Yuna answered softly before turning and walking back to the inn.