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Summary: Twenty questions that Sam has asked Dean. One for every day until my birthday. Birthday challenge for myself--20!!

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Twenty Questions

One: First Word

Sam Winchester's first word was a question. Figures, right?

Dean was watching Batman get the bad guy while keeping one eye and an ear on his baby brother.

Sammy lay on a blanket on the motel floor happily sucking on his toes. He caught his big brother watching him. He waved at him and babbled.

Dean plopped onto the floor next to baby Sammy. Sammy hauled himself up and tottered over. "Dee?" He patted Dean's nose with a drool-covered hand. "Dee?"

Dean's mouth dropped open in surprise. He grinned. "Daddy!" he hollered at the closed bathroom door. "Sammy just said his first word!"

John burst out of the bathroom, dripping wet and dressed in hastily donned jeans. Tensed muscles relaxed when he finally grasped what his elder son had said. "Sammy talked?"

He knelt down beside his two boys. "Uh-huh." Dean nodded happily. "Sammy, say it again."

Sammy blew a spit bubble. It popped and dribbled down his chin.

Dean patiently wiped the drool away with the blanket. "Sammy, come on. Say it again for Daddy."

"What did he say?" John asked.

"He said, 'Dee.' " Dean said happily. "I was trying to teach him how to say, 'Daddy' yesterday."

They waited for several more minutes but Sammy wasn't talking.

That night, John heard muffled giggles and Dean's whispers coming from the boys' bed. Then, "Dee!! Dee. Nuuu."

Dean's head popped up from under the covers. Mussed blond hair stuck up in all different directions. "Daddy, did you hear it this time? He said, 'Daddy.' " A big grin split his face.

John went over to sit on the edge of the bed. Sammy blinked up at him curiously. "I dunno. Sounded more like 'Dean' to me, buddy."

Dean's eyes grew round. "You think? Really? He said, 'Dean'?"

"Dee?" Sammy questioned. He didn't look sleepy anymore.

Dean's grin got bigger. "Sammy, didja say my name?"

"Dee!!" Sammy squealed. "Deedeedeedeedeedee!!" His hand hit Dean's chest.

Dean caught the little hand and kissed it. Sammy laughed and yawned. "Sleepy, Sammy?" Dean asked.

"Nuu-nu," little Sammy said. 'No' was Sam's second word. He used it a lot. But he still used 'Dean' more.