This also takes place before CoE. Thank DF for this chapter.

I Choose You!


The phone rang.

Wait. That is backwards.

The phone rang.

The number was not a familiar one, but Alfred did not care. He thought it might be Kiku's, but he was not going to put money on it or anything. Considering everyone in this town and how fast some of them went through phones (or just numbers) he never bothered to screen his calls. Plus, he was the town doctor. That would be kind of stupid.



Alfred blinked. "What was that?"

"Pika pikachu!"

"Kiku?" Alfred asked, confused. Then he realized what a stupid idea that was. "Nice try, Maddox. Kiku can do that a lot better."

Then he hung up.

Elsewhere, Maddox hung up the phone. And he had spent so much time trying to perfect that.

"Did not work?" Vash asked wryly.

"I tried so hard," Maddox said, pretending to pretend to affect some sort of disappointment.

Vash actually reached over and patted his shoulder. Then he smacked him in the arm. "You deserve that for prank calling, you idiot!"

"And here I thought you cared."

"Oh, grow up."

"I failed at pretending to be iLudo," iMarcus sighed in disappointment.

"You grow up too."


This chapter would have done so much better as a short comic. Unfortunately, I do not draw (very well).