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Yumichika leans his head against Ikkaku's clothed chest. He is out like a lantern but no one is surprised. He is always the first to boast of his drinking skill and is also the first to pass out (usually on Ikkaku). So tonight is no different, no mind is paid when his feeble hands clenches onto Ikkaku's clothes and wonders off into sleep. His lover looks down at him and wraps a warm arm around him. He always made sure to keep him warm in his drunken slumber episodes. Yumichika is prone to sickness and it would be just his luck to catch a cold. Ikkaku looks back at the wide eyed Renji who sits across from him

"Take the body and the heart will follow. In the meantime we'll be going. Gotta get him to bed." Ikkaku sweeps Yumichika off his feet and carries him bride-style to their living quarters. All that drinking and it still has no effect on him. Ikkaku's tolerance for alcohol is beginning to grow stronger by the minute. He looks down at the sound asleep Yumichika and grins. He is always all talk and no action when it comes to sake. He use's his foot to slide their door open then use's it to close it. Yumichika is still resting with light snore when Ikkaku sits him in a chair and readies their double futon.

Ikkaku wanders back over to his lover undresses him, redresses him in night clothing and places him neatly into his side of the bed. He raises the covers to Yumichika's shoulders just when he starts wobbling and speaking in his sleep. Ikkaku leans in forward to try and make out the words he is saying. Yumichika's hand unconsciously reaches out and strokes Ikkaku's face. "Ikkaku, Ikk-" he begins to murmur louder while still asleep. His eyes begin to shift open slightly. His vision is still blurry due to all the sake he consumed just a few hours earlier tonight. "Ikkaku..." He still manages to search for him.

"I'm right here feather brain." Ikkaku grabs his hand and kisses the fingertips. He didn't know what in the world Yumichika is dreaming about but it is stirring him the wrong way. He kisses the back of Yumichika's hand before letting it go. Ikkaku comes to one knee in an attempt to rise from the futon. He takes another look at the heaving Yumichika. Perhaps he should find a dry cloth to rub away the sweat beads that are spreading fast across his love ones forehead he thought.

"Wait!" Yumichika nearly jumps out of his skin to grab onto Ikkaku. "Don't leave me!" Yumichika confides. Ikkaku chuckles at his needy face.

"Where would I go without you?" Ikkaku caresses his cheek until he blushes. "Sleep now, I'm gonna see you in the morning" Ikkaku retrieves his hand. Yumichika grips him tighter.

"Can we?...maybe....you know?" Yumichika is embarrassed to ask for such a request. Ikkaku usually just jumps his bones and he accepts. Not tonight though, the sake is coursing through him like an aphrodisiac.

"No need to ask." Ikkaku disrobes himself and slides in next to Yumichika on the futon. He starts off with a simple but love filled kiss on the lips.

"Mmm...more." Yumichika cries he needed more. He takes matters into his own hands and climbs on top of Ikkaku (getting in the 69 position). His mouth eagerly searches for Ikkaku's erection. A shiver shoots up his spine when he feels Ikkaku's tongue lick his anal entrance. He looks over his shoulder to eye Ikkaku. Ikkaku starts to prepare him for what's to come as he sucks on his love sack and rotates his fingers inside Yumichika.

"Aaah do it again." Yumichika huffs out and takes all of Ikkaku's cock into his mouth. Ikkaku rubs his prostate again giving him a sensation that sends him to heaven and back. Yumichika licks the head of Ikkaku's member and then stops and adores it. "Beautiful." Ikkaku removes his tongue and fingers from the hole of Yumichika as he slides from underneath him. Yumichika wags his tail in front of him like a female animal in heat. Ikkaku pins him to the futon, stretching Yumichika's legs far apart . Ikkaku raises one of his own legs for balance and enters the dripping wet area.

"aahh...mmm." Yumichika is so grateful for this moment. Ikkaku's member thrusts itself fiercely against Yumichika's anal walls. He picks up the pace as he continues to pump all of his cock into the smaller man. He leans on top of Yumichika and rotates his face around so he can taste those savory thin lips. The surging pleasure forces Yumichika to let go and muffle his moans in the pillow. Ikkaku lifts Yumichika's upper half closer to him. He wants to smell the intoxicating scent that emanates from the back of Yumichika's neck but no such luck. Yumichika is determined to keep his moans hidden inside the pillow.

Ikkaku pulls all the way out and rams his thick member deep within the man. Yumichika finally releases as Ikkaku begins to hoist him into the air. Grinding himself into the love hole, Yumichika wraps both arms around the back of Ikkaku's neck and holds him tightly making sure not to interrupt the rhythm between them. He then catches a glimpse of himself in their wall mirror. He squints his eyes and watches as he slides up and down on Ikkaku's man hood. Ikkaku holding the back of his thighs while keeping him in the air nudges his head in between Ikkaku's shoulder and neck.

Ikkaku then slides one finger into the already filled hole, soon another follows. Yumichika's voice nearly turns into a scream. Ikkaku is stretching him to his limit with just his cock but now two fingers were rimming the edges of his small hole. This is all too much but damn did it feel so good Yumichika thought. A little pain and a lot of pleasure was always the recipe to their love making. Yumichika releases Ikkaku's neck falling back onto his hands and knees. He is on the verge of exploding. "Aaah." He lets out a whimper.

Ikkaku knows what the signal means. He corners Yumichika between the futon and Ikkaku's masculine body. He nips at his lovers ear as he gets one good thrust into him. Yumichika not being able to hold out anymore cums on the sheets. Ikkaku digs himself in deeper and shoots his load into Yumichika. Yumichika curves his back and bears it all before collapsing. Ikkaku leans in on top of him.

"Had enough?" He nips at the top of his ear once more.

"Yes. That was beautiful. I can't even move to the bath." He pushes back his hair.

"Want me like to carry you?" Ikkaku's deep voice vibrates within Yumichika's ears.

"Would you? You're such good lover." Ikkaku pulls out and carries him off to the bath to bathe his sweet little drunker.