Choices Matter; but Timing is Everything

A/N – "My Twi-World" – just a few changes in cannon to be aware of while reading this twilight fan fiction. In My "Twi-World" Bella enters Forks as a 16 year old sophomore. Quill and Bella are in the same grade. Jacob and Embry a year behind them and Alice and Edward a year ahead of them. Quill has a thing for Bella from their very first "almost encounter" during the Beach day in Twilight, but respects his best friend's interest in her. This book is set in New Moon, but has flashbacks to events during Twilight from Quil's unique point of view. Other than that I'll be sticking to the story, until I totally veer into "My Twi-world" after Bella gets the brush off from Jake and the pack. I hope you'll like it. I'm psyched! And so … on with it

Chapter 1 – Quil Ateara

Quil is a lucky guy. He has two great friends, Jacob Black and Embry Call. They've been friends since grade school. They spend their weekends, evenings and summers hanging out, laughing to loud and having a lot of fun at the beach, on dirt bikes, and in the woods of the La Push Rez. Quil is one grade ahead of his best friends in school, stupid August Birthday, but it's cool with him. At least he doesn't have Jake and Embry to distract him during classes like they do each other. It has probably really helped his GPA a lot over the past few years. Of course now there are other things to distract him.

Last summer Quil started running and lifting, just for something to do when he was bored. But it turned out he really liked working out and Mother Nature helped him out by throwing a little growth spurt his way at the same time. His Mom even let him take the building out behind the store he and his family owned, and lived above to set up a great hang out spot and work out space. So, though Quil left his sophomore year looking like kid, he came back to school as a junior looking a whole lot more like a man. And he was kind of proud of his new look, he sure worked hard enough for it. Something that took him by surprise though was the way the girls changed in their behavior toward him. The very same girls who hadn't thrown him a second glance last year when he was trying to gain their attention, he began to catch looking at him a little bit too long. These girls were now looking for reasons to talk with him, get in mock fights with him, and began giggling madly at even the slightest remark he made. Why do girls giggle? With all this new attention you could say girls have become a bit of a distraction for Quil. Of course girls had been a distraction for Quil before; it's just that now they were practically conspiring against him in the art of distraction. This fact did not go unnoticed by Jake and Embry, so they teased him unmercifully at the slightest opportunity. This teasing was always met by the appropriate level of violence in response.

So, as you might guess, Quil dates, quite a bit actually, but he hasn't really ever had a serious girlfriend. He loves all the attention he is getting, I mean who wouldn't? But he has never found a girl he found it worth putting in all that effort for. Being a boyfriend is time consuming, and limiting. He preferred instead to date around, with the occasional hook up.

Well, there was one girl who sparked Quil's curiosity. Isabella Swan. She moved to Forks, a connecting suburb with the La Push Rez, last year when her Mom remarried. Her Dad, Charlie Swan is the police chief in Forks.

******flash back************ at First Beach in La Push last March *****************************

Quil's POV

"Jake, Hey Jake", "Embry and I called.

"In here" Jacob called out to us from his family room.

"Oh, hi-a Jake", I said as we arrived in his humble but comfortable living room.

"Hi guys, he slurred out his reply with a final swig from a can of coke.

"Jake, dude, Embry and I got an eyeful of two carloads of kids from Forks, setting up for a day of fun on the beach. What do you say we go make their day even more enjoyable," was Quil's quick inquiry.

"Sure, sure… just let me go ask my Dad. " Jacob mumbled.

We waited. Jacob let his Dad know where we were going, and his Dad stopped him.

"Jake," he said, "Keep an eye out for Bella, Charlie's daughter. He said she and some friends were headed up to the beach today."

"Sure, sure," came Jake's signature reply. And with that we were off to the beach.

When we got to the beach, I noticed her right away. I mean I didn't know it was her, but my eyes drifted to the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. She was sitting at the edge of a bonfire, talking with a girl I recognized but couldn't name. As she conversed with her friend the most dazzling smile came across her face and her cheeks blushed the most delicate and beautiful shade of pink. Her beautiful long brown hair was braided and pulled back to reveal a pair of beautiful chocolate brown eyes.

As her conversation with her friend was ending, a blond guy, did everything in his power to get her to pay attention to him, but she was not having it. I could see that from the other side of the bonfire. I began to give some serious thought into how I could get an introduction to this girl, when I noticed that I knew two of the guys in her group, Ben and Tyler, were their names. I led as Jake and Embry followed me toward Ben and Tyler, so I was taken a little off guard when Jake veered to the left and headed straight for her.

Jake walked right over to her and began to jabber away about his Dad's old truck. Oh, this must be the family friend Billy had asked Jake to look for. Phew, that was close, I thought. It was then that I caught the expression on Jake's face. The look in his eyes as he talked to her was worshipful. Man, Jake was crushing on this girl big time too. And he not only already knew her but had got there to talk to her before me. Now I had to wait it out, friggen guy code. Oh well, most girls don't go for younger guys anyway. I had overheard him ask her what grade she was in, and her question to him on the same topic.

As I was screwing up the courage to come and interrupt their conversation, in order to at least get an introduction, they were off for a walk down the beach. I don't know what he was saying but she was hanging on his every word. Lucky Jake.

**************end flash back******************