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Chapter 29 – Time moves on

Bella's POV

Time flew by. It's amazing actually even when you are aware that a crazy vindictive revenge obsessed vampire is after you, time still moves on. My life had fell into a pleasant rhythm. I'd become an early riser. My yoga routine was followed by a run with Jake or Quil. Somehow they never seemed to be on patrol duty at the same time. Then my daily running buddy and I would return back to my house for a quick breakfast. Jake or Quil would head home and I would get ready for school.

Quil keeps hinting that maybe he should transfer to Forks High to challenge himself more academically or for the sports program. I just nod and smile, giving him nothing in reply but a "hmmm" or "really". It's not that I am against Quil being at school with me, it's just the protective nature of my warrior worries me in the angst filled, hormone ridden population at Forks. Since my reinvention I've become less clumsy and a lot more confident, or maybe just more comfortable in my skin. I like me. And I'm happy. Having found my true love doesn't hurt the happiness quotient either. Unfortunately for me this seems to have increased my value in the eyes of said hormone ridden boys and I am even more of the center of attention then I was when I first started at Forks. I'm still not an attention seeker, so I'm not happy about it.

Jake is still overly affectionate with me and I am forever reminding him that he was a great "friend". It doesn't really bother me, Jake and I had always been this way, and I know deep down he must understand my feelings, but it drives poor Quil insane. Oh, his patience and control are incredible. He does his best to hide his jealousy from me, but I can see it, feel the tension. So I do my very best to keep the two apart.

Quil is so big, now. I mean he was already broad and muscular, with his growth spurt I think he might now be taller than Jake. I feel so small next to him sometimes. But I never feel inadequate; he has this way of making me feel cherished and protected, while still feeling respected and valued. He needs me and isn't shy about letting me know it. It makes me love him even more.

It's my favorite time of day. I'm on my way home, where Quil will be waiting for me, with a big heartbreaking smile plastered on his face, leaning against his car, back pack on his right shoulder, legs crossed in front of him. I'm turning the corner and 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…. "Ahhhh" I sigh, feeling my body begin to relax as he saunters over to my truck opening my door. He takes my face in his big hands, so gently, and stares into my eyes before bending down to kiss me. He kisses me softly, sweetly and it's so full of love that it makes my knees weak and gives me butterflies. He gently releases my lips, only to bring his lips to my ear and I feel his hot breath on my skin as he says, "Hello beautiful, I missed you."

I try to calm my accelerated heart beat, and slow my rapid breathing before responding, "Hello my handsome warrior, I missed you too."

Then Quil helps me out of the truck reaches over and pulls my back pack on top of his on his shoulder , taking my hand as I shut my door and head to the house.

This comfortable routine continues as I prepare us an after school snack and he sets us up at the kitchen table for homework. We don't discuss it, we just work around each other like some kind of choreographed dance. We have our snack and begin our homework, stealing glances at one another across the table, both our left hands extended and meeting on my side of the middle. We gently caress each other's hand or fore arm, while we do the work required. Somehow this sweet gentle touching, centers each of us enough to concentrate on the work at hand.

When we finish our homework Quil says, "Hey how about we reward our studious behavior with a little TV?"

"Sounds like a plan." I say handing him the remote and watching with a chuckle as he carefully surfs the channels before settling on the same show we watch every day. Well, watch would be a very loose term, we mostly snuggle and kiss while talking about whatever happened in school that day, or on patrol the night before.

"So spring break is coming up next week," Quil starts.

"Did you have plans?" I ask.

"Mom wants to have you and Charlie over for a cook out on Friday, and Sam and Emily are hosting a Bon Fire on Tuesday Night, but other than that I thought maybe we would hang out at the beach, maybe take in a movie or go window shopping in Port Angelis. Did you have anything in mind?" Quil rattles off.

"Not really. Although I do want to finish up my junior project. And I was thinking if it we got a decent day of going on a hike."

"Baby? A hike?" Quil looked at me with pain in his eyes. "You do realize there is a lunatic vampire hunting you, don't you?"

"You know, sometimes, I just feel so safe with you and j…" I stumble over my words, trying to recover quickly, "the guys that I do forget."

I see Quil flinch when I started Jake's name, but his eyes soften quickly as I finish. He pulls me close kissing the top of my head. "I promise you Bella, you will be safe. I will get rid of her once and for all. I'll always protect you beautiful, always."

I tilt my head to look up and look into his sincere eyes, blazing with love and concern for me, as he lowers his lips to mine brushing softly at first before placing his hand under my hair at the base of my neck and pulling me closer and closer to him. We were both drawing for breath when we were shocked apart by the jarring ring of the kitchen telephone.

Quil reached behind him with his long arms and grabbed the phone handing it to me. "Hello." I answer.

"Hi Bella!" Jacob crows.

Quil rolls his eyes.

"Hi Jake." I respond tentatively.

"What's up?"

"Have you started dinner yet?" Jake asks.


"Great. Your Dad called up here and Billy invited you two over for Pizza, but he said we would have to check with you because he didn't want to mess with your plans if you already started cooking, but since you haven't you can come up and have dinner with us!"

"Well, Quil was planning on staying for Dinner, so…" I didn't know what to say.

I looked at Quil. His one hand was resting securely on my waste, while the other absent mindedly was twirling a piece of my hair through his fingers. He was trying to act nonchalant, unaffected, but I could see the tension set in his jaw, and put my hand there, gently massaging it.

Jake interrupted, " oh, yeah…well, um, yeah he could come with you I guess. Yeah, invite him along."

"Okay, Jake, see you in a bit." I hung up.

"So, dinner with the Black's. Is that okay?"

He stared at me for a long moment, before replying. "Yea, baby, dinner with the Blacks will be fine."

"Come on, beautiful, I'll drive. That way you can come back with your Dad."

Jacob's POV

"Ugghhh, why is he always with her, I can never get any time alone with her anymore. How is she going to realize I'm the one for her if she is always with him? I mean I know she is his imprint but that just means he has to be what she needs. If she knew she loved me, she would only need him as a friend. And then, I could be her man, and he could be the devoted brotherly friend. I still have time. They haven't sealed the imprint. He hasn't claimed her, marked her. And if I know Bella that won't be happening without a ring on her finger. My sweet Bella."

I stop my internal tirade for a mini fantasy about Bella as Beyonce shaking her sexy little body in one of those body suits and high heels. Singing… If you like it than you shoulda put a ring on it. Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh…. Hmmm nice, back to my tirade.

"I have time but how am I going to get him away from her. Maybe I should just claim my Alpha position. If I challenged Sam he would give it to me, everyone knows my Dad was acting as chief until Sam phased. I am the rightful heir. If I were Alpha, I could set the patrol schedules. I could secure the kind of time with Bella that I need to convince her of what she should already know. She loves me, not him."


"No, Harry, he's not ready. He has just begun phasing. Does Sam know about my son?"

"No" Harry replies, "he believes that Ephraim was the last Alpha. No one knows about your son's phasing other than you, Billy, me, and his imprint. A one wolf pack doesn't leave anyone to pass stories on to when tragedy strikes. And Billy likes the notoriety, he never got over the fact that he and I didn't phase. I guess one wolf was enough to handle the occasional nomad vampire. But I know he hasn't even told Jacob." He replied in hushed tones.

"Let's keep it that way. I'll let Quil know when the time is right. He's only 17. He's doesn't need that kind of responsibility yet, it's enough that he's a protector, and that his imprint has a target on her back. He doesn't need this yet."