Here's some more-sorry for the shortness of it, but there's more coming soon. It'll be action-packed! Maybe moar sexx! lol.

Kinnamara awoke nestled against Skwisgaar, who was naked as the day he was born. Which wasn't anything unusual, he was nude more than was comfortable for the rest of the guys in the band, but they had learned to ignore it. It didn't bother her, since in the Amazonian heat her people spent most of their time naked. The girl slid out of bed and stretched like a cat, her muscles rippling under supple skin. When she glanced at the white-clad bed Skwisgaar's dark blue eyes were watching her. "You moves like him," he observed.

"You meen my fatherr?," she asked, yawning.

"Ja. Is skexxy on yous, though." He sat up and stretched, completely unself-conscious like her.

She smiled. "I thank you for letting me get good night of sleeping. I go have the morrning meal now."

"Ja. Breakfasts."

"Brreck-fasts," she mimics, and exits the room.

The Swede looks down..damn. "I has de hornies now. Downs, boy! Dammits. Hottest chick heres and she doesn't wants to skexx me." He got out of bed and is torn between jacking off to rid himself of his morning wood, and going to breakfast to see Kinnamara. Hm. Maybe it wouldn't take too long to rub one out.

The CFO was on his second cup of coffee when he entered the dining area to see Skwisgaar up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. Laughing with his daughter seated beside him.
The look on Ofdensen's face was priceless, yet he sat down, with all his normal dignity, in silence. "So everything went ok last night?," he asked Kinnamara placidly.

"Yes, Fatherr," she answered innocently, picking through her eggs and bacon.

"And Skwisgaar didn't do anything…unwanted?"

The Swede paled. How did that man always seem to know everything?

"No, he deedn't," the girl replied. She shifted uncomfortably in her chair before meeting her father's eyes. Then she burst out laughing.

"I fail to see what's so humorous," he snorted.

"The look on yourr face," she tells him. "You are the serious, all of the time. You had that much in common weeth my Motherr."

Skwisgaar chuckled.

Toki came in with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. "Ja ifs she ams immoons to Skwisgaar's charms den she has some tastes!," he declared, then took a bite.

"Tokis, go fucks youskelf," snapped Skwisgaar, frowning.

"Well, ya know what they say, masturbation is safe sex with someone you love," came Nathan's growly voice as he came into the room. He too had a cup of Duncan Hills coffee in his custom mug.

"Ja I bets you loves youskelf a lots," snorted Skwisgaar, going back to his pickled herring.

Nathan sat down heavily, dark circles under his eyes. Another night of little to no sleep, and he did look haggard. Murderface slouched in, grumbling but saying nothing, and ordered some cereal and milk.

"Well, guys," Ofdensen remarked, breaking the quiet that had descended in the room. "The morning band meeting will be at 10:00 AM, and it's imperative you're all there. You'll have to let me know your decision on what we've previously discussed."

"Aw, God," complained the bassist. "It'sch too early in the damn morning to be worried about that schit. Ain't you got schome toashter to be fucking or schomething?" The other guys snickered.

Ofdensen counted to ten. Then he counted to fifty