Hi all :) I don't have much to say except that these bits were inspired by songs. I'll be adding more as time goes on.

Obviously, lyrics (in italics and bold) belong to the artists.

I own nothing.

Your Love is the Place I Come From

*Teenage Fanclub*

I can't slip away when I see your face
I lose my confusion
Your Love Is The Place Where I Come From
When I'm on my own I'm lost in space
My freedom's a delusion
Your Love Is The Place Where I Come From


The Doctor couldn't understand how his life could have changed so quickly…so drastically.

He remembered how he had felt before…lonely, destroying and above all, very empty.

And then all that had changed.

Rose wasn't supposed to be who she was.

He was supposed to save her and move on without looking back.

And not only had he looked back…he did it twice!

Somehow, this ordinary human had become his hope, his salvation…

his everything.

Hope you liked :)

Let me know if there are any songs I should listen to…I'm always up for inspiration.

Again, credit to elvespiratesandcowboysohmy because she unknowingly inspired me to post these :)

Thanks for reading :)