A/N: I love thee, I love thee with a love that shall not die,' till the sun grows cold. And the stars grow old. –Shakespeare.

Chapter 1

Bella's point of view.

I have to get out of here. I hear footsteps coming towards me. I hide in the nearby closet trying to muffle my sobs. They come near the door but then they leave. I stay put in the small closet I'm in, careful not to make a sound. All sounds of movement have stopped but I know better than to leave. I stayed in that closet for who knows how long. I hear footsteps again coming closer and closer. Finally he jingles the door and it finally opens revealing me to him.

I woke up screaming at the top of my lungs and tears pouring down my cheeks. Emmet busted through the door and turned on the light. When he saw me he rushed to my side and wrapped his arms around me but when I stiffened he pulled away knowing I didn't like people touching me since the incident. I laid back down and Emmet left, slowly I drifted to sleep.





Ugh, stupid alarm clock. I tapped my hand on the alarm clock and it immediately shut off. I decided to take a shower. I started thinking about the incident, If that stupid day never would have happened my mom would still be alive. I now have to live with Charlie my dad and Emmet my big overprotective brother. I don't mind living with them but I miss my mom. At the thought of my mom I started to cry. I got out of the shower dried off and then got dressed in a T-shirt and jeans. Once I had my regular clothes on I walked out of the bathroom and pulled my hoodie on. I grabbed my backpack off my bed and trudged down the stairs to get make breakfast. I made chocolate chip pancakes which were Emmet's favorite. I had been living with Charlie and Emmet for about a week now and about two days ago I learned that Charlie or Emmet couldn't cook at all. Emmet gladly let me cook for him but Charlie didn't budge until he tried my cooking.

"Bella is that Chocolate Chip pancakes I smell?" Emmet asked.

"Mm hm." I mumbled while setting him down a big plate of pancakes.

"Did.. dad.. already.. leave for work?" He asked through his food.

"Yes." I replied.

"Well are you going to take your truck or do you want to ride with me when Rosalie picks me up since it's your first day of school here?"

I forgot Charlie had gotten me a truck as my homecoming gift.

"I think I will take my truck instead." I told him honestly.


"Okay but you're sitting with me today, your going to love my friends." He enthused.

I didn't say anything I was dreading my first day at forks high school. We finished the rest of our breakfast in silence. When Rosalie pulled up she honked and Emmet ran out the door while saying goodbye. I left to my truck when Emmet was out of sight. I took time to admire the inside of it but I remembered about school and with a sigh I started the truck. It was really loud but I liked it, it had personality. I drove to school thinking of the many things that could happen. When I got to the school I parked and got out heading to the office. I don't know why but I had a bad feeling about today. I kept walking till I reached the offices main door to inside the building. I sighed and with shaky fingers I walked inside.

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