Bella's POV:

After a long day of school, I was ready to just finally get home. Unfortunately I still had eighth period left. Biology with Edward. And it just so happens that we're lab partners...for everything. But instead of complaining about it, I decided to be optimistic. Its only an hour long class. Most of the time Mr. Banner ends up lecturing us the entire period anyway.

So, just like any other day I walked into biology and headed for my seat by the window. Of course Edward was already there. As usual he looked up slightly to give me a small nod. Before I could settle into my seat, there was a tap on my shoulder. "Hey Bella." My upper body spun around slowly. Angela was inches away from my face, which caused me to flinch back. "Sorry." She muttered quietly.

I shook my head slowly. "No, it's okay. What's up?" Angela started to play with her palms as I tried to wait patiently for an answer. "It's nothing really." She started. "Jessica and I were just wondering if we could come over tonight and see Nessie." I had to admit I was suprised. The last time Angela was over was last Christmas Eve, so we could make cards.

"Um... that sounds great. Really it does." I tried to assure her, kindly. "But Alice asked if she could take her for the night." Angela's face fell. A plunge of sorrow hit my stomach. It seems like I never have enough time for friends anymore. She opened her mouth to speak, but was interrupted quickly by Mr. Banner's entrance. He cleared his throat once, causing each of us to redirect our attentions.

Mr. Banner clasped his hands together in one swift motion. "Alright everyone. Side conversations can stop long enough for me to explain today's activity stream." He didn't wait for an answer. "Today we're going to being removing the DNA of a banana." I rolled my eyes, wishing that we didn't have to work with partners. The last thing I wanted to do was make small talk with Edward. But willingly, I glanced over in his direction. Before Mr. Banner had even finished explaining, Edward was starting. Such a nerd.

He gave me a sly grin when he noticed I was staring. Quickly I blinked back to my senses. "Bella. Can you handle pouring a tablespoon of salt?" Look, I know I'm pretty clumsy, but does he always have to rub it in? Sighing I gripped the salt in one hand and the tablespoon in the other. "Of course I can handle it." I muttered, which caused him to chuckle.

Behind us Mike and Eric were flinging spoonfuls of salt at each other. How mature. Though I did laugh slightly once I saw it annoyed Edward. Before I could do anything reckless with the spoon of salt, I passed it off to Edward. He poured it in so gracefully, that it actually made me some what jealous. Hopefully Renesmee inherits his gracefullness.

Edward's eyebrows pulled together as he turned in his chair to face me. Oh great. He's going to start a conversation. "Bella, my family wants you to join us for dinner tonight." His voice was so low, I could barely understand him. He smiled slighlty. "Feel free to decline."

I snorted softly. It's not that Edward and I dislike each other, its do I explain this? Everytime Edward and I are at his house, his family tries to set us up together. Carlisle and Esme feels its improper for Renesmee to being growing up without her parents together. Alice doesn't help much either. She looks for the perfect chance to leave us alone in a room.

"Well Nessie will be over tonight anyway, right?" I paused to clear my throat. "And Charlie really needs a break from both of us. So sorry, but it looks like I won't be declining this time." His mouth pressed into a small grin at my answer. I opened my mouth to say more, but he cut me off. "Got it!" In his hand was a plastic spoon and on the spoon was a tiny piece of banana DNA.

Mr. Banner clapped his hands together happily. "Wonderful! Wonderful! Mr. Cullen and Miss. Swan have done it again!" He placed his hands on either of our shoulders, pushing us closer to each other. I could feel Edward shift uncomfortably, as did I. "You do really do make a great team!" He reached out and took the spoon from Edward's hand.

I waited until Mr. Banner took our supplies before glancing at the clock. Only 15 minutes of class was left. Well I guess that leaves me with either two choices. Read. Or think about tonight's dinner. I think I'll go with the first choice.


Alice agreed to go pick Nessie up from daycare and then pick me up afterwards. I have to say, Alice has always been the most helpful one. Charile too, of course. Well most of the time he is anyway. "Mom!" My seat went forward slightly. Rolling my eyes, I turned around to look at Nessie in her car seat. "Yes?" She held up a book in her hands. "Wow that's a pretty neat looking book." I said, before turning back around.

"How has her speech been?" Alice asked, as she scoweled at Nessie through the rear view mirror. She hates when Nessie kicks the perfectly polished leather seats.

"Good." I replied. "Of course she only says a few words though. Mostly mom, dad and pop. It all just depends."

Alice nodded. "That's good."

I nodded, relieved that we had arrived at the house. Esme ran out the front door, heading straight for Nessie. I had to step back quick or else she would've trampled me. "Nessie!" She pulled her up into her arms and hugged her tightly. I couldn't help, but smile. Beside me, Alice was go through her purse. "Found it!" She declared. In her hand was a black camera. "Oh Bella! I forgot to tell you! We're making Nessie a scrapbook full of memories. It's my next project." I nodded, happy that her next project didn't include me.

"Dinner's ready!" Carlisle yelled out of a second story window.

"Already?" I questioned.

Esme came up beside me while we started to go inside. "I started it early so there would be more time to visit and socialize." She scooted past me, to the porch. "Great." I whispered, shrugging.

Some how I was the last one inside out of everyone. Alice is really starting to get fast. "Here take Renesmee." I looked up to see Esme passing Nessie off to Edward. He smiled brightly at her, as she hugged his neck. Slowly, I made my way over to Edward's side. He smiled down at me. "Hi Bella." I smiled back, while reaching out to touch Renesmee's cheek. When I glanced around I realized that we were the only three in the room. Wonderful. They're already starting their little schemes. From the doorway I could hear whispering. Probably Alice. Edward cleared his throat, which brought me back to reality. "Well, we better be heading upstairs to dinner."

Renesmee reached for me, so I took her willingly. Edward put his arm up allowing me to go up the steps first. Half way up the steps I went to grab the railing, but Nessie grabbed my hair at the same time. I could feel myself losing balance. "Nessie, no!" I yelled, but she didn't let go. Instead she gripped tighter and started to cry. My whole body started swaying. "Bella?!" Edward wasn't behind me anymore?

I tried to turn around, but I lost my balance and fell backwards. I pulled Nessie closer to me, hoping to protect her. The back of my legs hit the stairs hard. I winced in pain, before feeling a cool arm wrap around my body. My body continued to fall back, landing on top of Edward. Nessie continued to cry, even louder now. But all I could do was laugh. "Bella? Are you okay?" I looked down at him. I really did land on top of him.

"Yeah." I laughed, even harder now.

"Then why are you laughing?" He asked, confused.

I rolled over beside him. His arm still wrapped around me. "I have no idea."

He grinned, before he too broke out into laughter. "Are you guys okay?! There was a loud..." Looking up, Alice was above us. She stopped suddenly. Her worrying turning into a tight smile. I could tell she was getting the wrong idea.

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