Title: What If...?
Timeline: Bobby Goren after 'Do you love her?' asked by Dr. Paula Gyson. – 10 x 05 Trophy Wine
Flavor: Criminal Intent
Characters: Bobby Goren + Dr. Paula Gyson
Rating: K+
Word Count: 170
A/N: With beta help of Sandi.

"Do you love her?" Dr. Gyson asked the Detective after he talked about his partner and how much he respected her.

Bobby fell silent, his eyes wide open. He was always good in responding to direct questions and attacks but this took him off guard. He needed to lean back.

"That wasn't a trick question, Detective. You're safe."

"I...I admire her. She has my respect."

"I know, you said this," Paula answered, and leaned closer. "Do you love Alexandra?"

"Alex," Bobby corrected her.

"Do you love Alex?"

"The last thing she would need is for me to hit on her," Bobby whispered.

"I didn't ask you what SHE needs."

"Yeah..." Bobby collected his thoughts. "I, I talked myself into that she is like a sister to me."


"I have romantic feelings for her," Bobby confessed, cradling his face into his hands.

"What do you fear?"

"I need our working friendship and partnership. I can't..."


"What if I destroy everything? I would fall apart."


"I feel so lonely."