Naru Uzumaki,a working-class girl,attends an elite escalator school Konoha high. populated by children and older youths from rich,high-society is the "weed"of the school,surrounded by all the rich kids, including the"Flower Four" F4



"The F4 Consists of the sons of four of the richest and most influential
families in the country that

attend Konoha High School, the most prestigious school in all of Japan,"
Naru said as she rolled her eyes.

The F4 walked their way into the big lobby of the school.

Girls at the sidelines squealed and giggled as they gawked at the boys.

Shikamaru Nara is arguably the kindest and most mature member of F4. His
family is very powerful in Japan. He keeps his cool and rarely loses his
temper, although he is one of the group's two playboys. He tends to go after
older women. He is also the only F4 member who only uses cash.

Gaara Sabaku is another member of F4. Gaara is quiet and very interested in
tea ceremony, which is his family's business. For the most part, he and
Shikamaru usually work to keep the peace within the group and follow in the
footsteps of their so-called leader, that bastard…

Neji Hyuuga ,the violist, is Sasuke's best friend. He is generally quiet and
apathetic and he never talks to anyone except his friends in the F4. To me,
his character seems a bit complex but…I still like him more than the three
other boys in F4.

And last ,but not least, is the most arrogant, hot-headed and insolent. The
worst bully of them all...and the biggest bastard.

Sasuke Uchiha is the leader of the F4. He is my worst enemy because he gave
me a red card and he randomly bullies innocent students. He is the heir to
Uchiha Enterprises and his family is extremely rich. They own various houses
around the world, including an actual island, a house in Canada and a house in
New York where his parents live most of the year.

"Talk about Rich, huh," Karin said innocently.

she blurted her anger to Karin, her first friend since she started school at
Konoha High.

"You talk as if they were your life-long enemies Naru-chan," Karin said.

"Yep, because I HATE BULLIES! They act as if they're gods in this school."
Naru said.

"Don't worry. One more year and we will have graduated and poof! NO F4!
Right Naru?

"Yea you're right Karin. Um...you want some ice cream?" Naru asked.

"Um...ok…my treat."

"No. My treat this time, ok?" Naru said as she winked at her so-called



The F4 is taking a walk across the grounds of Konoha High.

"Where is Neji?" Sasuke asked as he walked with his two playboy friends.

"Well, he's probably in his own little world right now." Shikamaru said

"His phone is off. I can't contact him." Gaara said as he motioned to his
cell phone inside his pocket.

"Never mind." Sasuke said uncaringly.

"So, what will you doing during summer vacation?" Karin said as she walked
without looking where she was going.

"Karin sto- ," Naru shouted.

"What is it Naru?" Karin turned to her friend. Then…'bump'.

She spilled her ice cream all over Sasuke's coat.

"Ah jeez," Gaara said under his breath.

"…Well that was cold," Sasuke said as he glared at Karin.

"This definitely means trouble..."

"I'm sorry! I'm so sorry! I-I'll buy you a new coat!" Karin stammered
as she averted her eyes from the frightening boy.

"Are you serious? You know, this coat was made by Armani especially for me!
And you ruined it!" Sasuke shouted at the intimidated girl.

Naru clenched her fists.

"Your money is not enough. Do you even know who you are dealing with?"
Sasuke said arrogantly.

"I'm really sorry! I-"

"You should prepare yourself. Because tomorrow, you're dead!" Sasuke said

Shikamaru gave a thumbs down. The boys then turned around and began to

"Hey...wait!" Naru shouted all of the sudden.

Sasuke looked back at the blonde girl standing beside the red-head.


"She said she was sorry...isn't that enough?!" Naru said as she stepped
closer to Sasuke.

"W-What did you just say?" No one had ever talk to him like that before.

"This girl is just asking for trouble..." Gaara said under his breath.

"How troublesome..." muttered Shikamaru.

"She said sorry already. Isn't that enough for you? Even your coat is
made by Armani,

it still just a stupid coat! I'm sure you have more than enough money to
get another one." Naru said bravely.

Sasuke just stared at the girl for a moment in shock before he regained his
composure and stepped closer to her.

"Well now…you're pretty brave, standing up for your friend like that.
Lets see if your friend here will do the same for you, Blondie." Sasuke said
as he cupped Naru's chin in his hand.

"Let go of me you jerk!" Naru yelled as she shoved Sasuke off of her.

Shikamaru and Gaara just watched the situation unfold from the sidelines,
both of them looking quite amused.

Sasuke lost his balance, fell backwards onto the floor and glared up at the
blonde, who was glaring back at him just as hard. He quickly stood back up,
brushed off his clothes and walked angrily up to Naru, standing about four
inches from her face.

"What do you think your doing commoner?!" Sasuke shouted.

"Don't look down on us! You don't even earn the money you have so just
back off, you spoiled rich kid! Don't underestimate us!" Naru shouted at

Sasuke glared at her. "You better remember this, Blondie. You're going to
regret it."

"Just bring it on..." Naru retorted.

"You just wait and see..." Sasuke smirked as he walked away. "Let's go

Gaara and Shikamaru follow Sasuke's lead.

The two girls stood there in silence until Karin ran away with her hands
covering her face.

"Hey wait Karin!" Naru shouted after her. But Karin was already gone.

Naru stood there for a moment as the realization of what she had just done
sank into her.

"Oh my god what I have done? I'll be dead tomorrow! …No. I won't give
into them! I am Naru Uzumaki and I never back down!"

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