The wedding night was just beginning when my desire to want to be back in his arms and inter-mixing was done at breakneck speed since we were already on the bed.
My Prince Charming was found by the simple fact of nature is without my having had to seek, to which seemed to me at the time my new husband took me out
my trance when I sprinkled tiny fucked but both equally appealing.

"Before you, Rosalyn, my life were a moonless and starless. Very black, although there were stars-points of light and reason ... And
suddenly you crossed my sky like a sunrise. Suddenly, everything shone, everything was beautiful, you struck me as an extraordinary phenomenon that
suddenly became and finally gave meaning to my life.
- Very beautiful poem proved your love once more!
- Yes I know ... what do you do now?
- Well we can of course ... heum not let them.
- Want formed a small family right?
- Yes, but you never want so ...
- Who told you to is not that I want more!

He did not argue about them, but any time a flamèche ensued. I can not say that our hearts beat harder as I was the only one to have one, beating faster
certe but not least, every day spent with him getting closer to my advantage sole purpose of being immortal one hundred percent. I never voullu be what I am
but I desire poutassou beaucouop, giving something to someone you love is perhaps the best way to say I love you without being shown to him in every way.
I never give relevance to how this adventure would end or continue, but I knew deep within myself that whatever happens I
Jane will always Rosalyn Pattisson Marciano. Se evening we made love for the second time and it became intance when I felt his teeth digging into my
neck, I thought at first that he wanted me trouble but made it just wanted me to be like him. Se was not so hellish than this to complete my transformation although
I never believe my stinking love to do it by himself, I still think that this is ferrais after the honeymoon because we were on the same
wave which obviously was similar to that moment.

Prince of the night life forever and kiss the most powerful but mortal shell that is not. I read and reread to pass on a website for a search
the vampire though I am one, my history teacher had us give this area of study and it was not clear on was that I could answer all the
question by mortals, had no meaning. As we were in the summer, we planned to spent their honeymoon since we could
we abscentés before the holiday period.

- We should go swimming in warm water! he said.
- Well I do not think I can because I lost a lot of strength yesterday during my transformation.
- Very well watched the film then?
- Ok ... going to the movies! I said coldly almost indirectly.

We began with a typical American film, The underworld 1. Then the film finished I suddenly so hungry that I ate all the stink taillaule * that
Marietta brought us the woman who cleaned the house vacant island where we were. We were not the only on this island with exciting colors.
I wanted to know the favorite song of my groom and I think he also longed to discover more about his beloved.

- Which song do you prefer to get ahead of me there?
- Well, the song that I love is''People get ready.''
- For now!
- The song I could listen to Length of Journnées is''Knock on wood.''

It was a short silence and we continued our discussion as its last all night and at sunrise that suddenly blinded the entire room and our eyes sensitive to such
thing, were not really about to close as an oyster do so under the water for any movement close to a human. One thing I kept was the days is that
you can always count on those who love you and are always there for you.
(n.f. Switzerland. sort of bread pudding) *

The villa was very quiet on this beautiful day, or we hear the birds whistled, which is just beginning, I knew my lover prépaprait something because he felt
in his suitcase and then tell me to shut my eyes telling me not to shut. He knelt before me and took my hands to close to him and held me a box
well covered, I was not sure what m'attandre but to me it seemed a heavy. I opened my eyes when he asked me, I saw in my hands a box of thirty
centimeters, inside was something that would make me happy. Finally I opened the box by detaching the red ribbon and pink maintanance it securely closed.
It always made me smile when my Yannik looking in one direction for a while, I knew from that moment when one thought and that is what I
m'aprètais to discourse.

I loved her so that nothing can change what happens between her and me if I was dead I never left it to not ever.
I find her always with me what warms my mind somewhat. Even if I see while I am alone, ready to do what I always seem suicidal for her.
Beautiful angel or I know, I see you my eyes lounging young but not all is doing. My flower golden sun do I compromise with you if I want to have you
forever by my side. Yes, not sure how I felt but I know I love you so much, perhaps too much. My beloved every day in your arms will be a marvel, but certainly
not a disappointment. Love forever with you you forever.

Now I knew what he was thinking whenever the moon, and of course it is for me but above all do not want to lose, so I will do that to never disappoint him.
The fine was made no concern for her husband who thought of her even when it was pasted on his beloved forever.

They had rented a boat cruise went visited Za''Gotti,''which they are really special because they are magical waters therein relaxes muscles and more
still as beautiful skin. The soucits that someone "could have a vanishing instentanément. My family was so happy to know that our trip had gone so
well they decided to make their holiday too but with us, which to me appeared a good idea and so sudden. Yannik ragarda to me reproachfully when I
told my mother that everything was correct to spend a few days on the island. Of course I suggested he rented a small house as we did, which relaxed Yannik
somewhat. We received more phone dce day, but three days later we received a phone from one of the villas on the island. Well understood I was the first
answer, it was our two families who had arrived at their villa. They invited us to visit them and see the villas and this time is was my lover who took the déscision,
Each person we went to the villa of our respective families then exchanged thereafter and finally back together in the house we louiions.

- Yannik thinks you make me small children? asked his father.
- Surely as Rosalyn and I talked about it but we just played.
- Very good boy but descidas you quickly because I'm looking forward to being a grandfather, he replied in turn.
- And you Rosalyn, are you proud to be in our family?
- Yes I'm happy I said in answering his question a little odd.
- Although in this case we would like you to be the damsel nonneur marriage of Sophia.
- And I accept without thinking.

The two families seemed very happy with themselves that they had heard, but listened to my mother she beckoned me to join her in the kitchen. But I do not stumble, because
This seemed important to how my mother asked me to follow. She left two wine-cup and opened the fridge to take the bottle and she saw this
poured everything. I looked a little ruefully, but she began to talk, she asked me if I was really happy with Yannik and if we really expected to have
children enssemble since it too is only waiting times to be spoiled her grandchildren. We chatted for thirty minutes of future children and after
we returned to the salon with others and during that time, I announced that I will be happy to be the lady of honor of my beautiful sister Sophia. She
so much for me during my wedding so i had decided with Yannik of marriage held here on the island, a great friend Sophia short time but had a good family
already organized our wedding and our honeymoon, I thought prévilégiées to know she wanted me to be a lady of honor for his marriage and I had Yannik
chosen to make such a good marriage as she had done but this time even more enchanting than she had done what caused us any problems except perhaps one, tickets
aircraft for all guests. The marriage aproche and we were almost all ready well understood that everyone except me to derrinière days before the wedding'd do everything fried
lights above the dance floor. Sophia had my dress with her fingers but I had decided to bring a stylist hearsay and best world hairstylists
and makeup for the bride and the maidens of honor, which I value a lot of money and the security of all I do come straight from forks Edward and Bella
daughter Renesmee. Inviting family and especially away another story made the appeal even stronger view that we Pattisson, the Cullen family she was present
my marriage but in this day and during his most strongest and best to protect us was them but that does not displease me it instead appealed to me.

- Good going everyone in place for a respite before the wedding.
- Yes, it would not make a wrong practice "said Edward to the intension of all.
- Oh you adopt replied Bella.

Preparations was almost finished when I felt a little weird, I left my job where I did the lights to go to the toilets. Edward's mother felt my distress
and came to my rancontre when I was entering the bathroom. She began with Carlisle, who examined me called A to Z and let me go pee, then when I exit
Toilets, I looked very strange. While talking with a cousin near Carlisle, the latter informed me that it might well be that I become mom, but was not
really certain of it. Esmée eyeing us with a smile that looked like very well to that of Edward. My mother had prévut, if it had not married to this that Bella
I love so much of organized an arranged marriage with him, at first the first time she told me I was approved without debate as the Cullen family is one of the most important
all. I began by sit down and calmed me to digested the news, Dr. Cullen advised me not to speak to Yannik yet while the symptoms of
pregnancies will not be visible.

I knew he was preparing something inside of me but be a mother at the age of 19 years was very strange to feel as prévilégiée. I took a few breaths and me
ensuitte regrouping to join the others. They asked me if everything went well and I replied that yes, after all, I was not sick I was just pregnant. Four days passed
hormmonales without evidence, but sometimes I could feel the baby move but just I was so surprised that I was pregnant that I stink at that time expressed the
my joy that today I'm in complete discretion. The fifth day was the wedding of my step-sister, Sophia, they exchanged their vows of fidelity and embraced in total,
had got a very nice successful marriage. After the ceremony, I decided to returned to our house because I wanted to regain strength in me based festivities. Shortly
later I felt a warmth on my face was my husband coming home for the feast was over. I finally got up and started to Yannik spoken with, all I wanted to Dabord
announced my pregnancy but I decided to tell him later, but reportedly said he already knew.

We decided to extend our vacation because they were wonderful, we had to leave after three weeks but after all the wonderful things that we do, we
stayed seven days longer. The size of my belly had not grown but I still felt a little stretching and weight on me. My decision were taken
I went to say three before our departure that we would be parents forever. Meanwhile, I continued my activitées, but especially the things I do the usual
routine from three weeks in this time does not seem to die.

- My love, could you come your sweet shoes women?
- Oh yes! Pleasure whatever you desire.

I'm finally at ease in what I considaire for a while my house. Darling had gone to spend the day with her parents and me with my own view they
were on the island. Nothing made me happier than to see my parents but after a while you come that people around you no longer enough when loneliness is
often your quoting so I decided to say goodbye to my parents and I went to the holiday villa of parents to my husband.

- My love! Yannik said when he saw me coming
- Good day everyone, I am so sorry not to be staying longer than that marriage but I was not feeling too well
so I thought it best to relax alone.
- Do not do tent we conpress all this when we saw you from the race to your home.

The time was perhaps not the best but I came to sit down coterie Yannik and he took me in her arms that gave me comfort that I do not know why.
I felt inside of myself that things would perhaps not like that if I had not met Yannik the beautiful boy who pretended to be
not me making eyes at the necks we were together.