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Akira's eyebrow twitched violently. The healed wound was being a bitch, on top of that, Shirogane still hadn't revealed any information whatsoever on what those damn shadow thing were, or why the hell, he was roped up into the bloody damn mess.

The said shadow was following him, with a stupid, fake, smile, plastered on his face, one that Akira wanted to wipe off so dearly.

For god's sake, didn't that stalker ever portray his real emotions?

The teenage was on his bed, fuming, head tilted, elbow on his knee and hand curled slightly into a fist under his chin. Shirogane stood a few paces from him, leaning against the bookshelf, all sparkly and flowery, not even remotely showing signs of discomfort from the dark glares coming from a certain boy.

The silence continued, broken only by a bird tweeting and the clock ticking.

Tick, tick, tick…

Akira continued glaring at Shirogane.

Shirogane smiled back.

It was like a contest, a tug – of – war of feelings and stubborn pride, seeing who would break first.

Akira lost, miserably.

"DAMN YOU SHIROGANE, SAY SOMETHING!!" screamed the teen internally, but on the outside he said,

"Bastard, aren't you going to tell me?"

"Hmm…Akira, tell you what?" Shirogane asked innocently, pleased to win the game.

Akira gritted his teeth, there it was again, is internal disgust and loathing of that fake smile welled up inside, threatening to spill. Admittedly, he was distrusting and a little bit scared of this Shadow. But not like he would ever show it; Shirogane would be straight before that happened.

"Stop playing stupid, just tell me what the hell is going on." muttered Akira, his fists clenching and unclenching.

Shirogane took notice of that and tilted his hat so his eyes were shadowed. He smirked, a satisfied curve of those luscious lips. His eyes were a glittering dark cornflower blue with intention in their very depths.

Oh yes, Shirogane knew that Akira was wary of him and was uncomfortable in his presence.

The sadistic shin was pleased, in a deep dark, twisted place inside him, he claimed Akira for himself.

On that thought, with plots forming in his head, Shirogane chuckled lightly, a deep sound, throaty, that made Akira shiver slightly.

Why did the teen…feel a sudden apprehension?

It was a tingling feeling…a jump of pulse…a dart of tongue….the spark of something

"Mou, Akira, nothing is free. Everything has a price." Shirogane said, as he stalked toward the shounen, bending slightly over the teen. Those suggestive words were whispered into Akira's ear, with the older man's hands on either side of Akira's thighs. The cane was abandoned, left lying there on the floor, forgotten.

As Shirogane's breath ghosted over Akira's deliciously tan skin, the teenager had a light tint of shell pink blush.

Making contact with Shiroganes' eyes, he felt suffocated, as if he couldn't seem to tear away his stormy grey eyes from the dangerous sinful blue abysses.

Controlling him…commanding him…compelling him…to be his

Akira finally snapped to reality and pushed against the older man, albeit rather weakly.

"B – baka Shirogane, I already paid a price"

Shirogane straightened up abruptly,

"If that's the way you want it, Akira, then I can't help you." and the older man looked at Akira through delicate long eyelashes with a menacing aura

Dangerous…beautiful…alluring…daring…to take a chance

Akira snarled internally, as he weighed the options.

There really was no choice wasn't there: he would have to submit to Shirogane and his whims.

"Fine what's your price," spat Akira as he flashed his defiant stormy ocean – kissed eyes.

For the second time, Shirogane smirked. This was why he desired Akira: such pride, such an urge to live that burned in the veins of the shounen.

Shirogane was of the shadow world, where everything was cold and dark, where a single teardrop of warmth was nowhere to be found. It was no wonder why the Shin King wanted to feel what it was like to be engulfed in that passion that Akira possessed.

Fiery heat… moaning screams… quiet gasps…pure agony

What he wanted, he always got it.

Observing the dark aura that was coming off Shirogane, Akira visibly swallowed and tensed. The carnal desires wafted through the air, alighting on everything it could touch…so much heat…

But then again…Akira was…relaxed? No, glad? He couldn't describe this flower of gratification that was blooming…This was the real Shirogane, not that cheesy salesman that was trying to con trust out of him.


That one simple answer made Akira jolt, his body rigid and stiff…That single word made Akira's stomach flutter gently like butterfly kisses of need…

Tempting…challenging…teasing…begin game

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