The Master was dead. That was the only thought that permeated the Doctors mind, breaking through every reserve of control he had. He blinked once, and Lord Voldemort looked at him.

"I'll repeat the question," he said, snarling. "Where is the prophecy?!"

"I'm the Doctor," the Doctor replied, slowly, deliberately, looking at Voldemort with cold dead eyes that seemed to have the weight of millenia in them.

"I don't care who you are..." Voldemort began, but the Doctor cut him off.

"I am a Time Lord, from the planet Gallifrey. I am over nine hundred years old." He fixed his eyes on Voldemort's, and smiled. "And I'm going to destroy you."

Voldemort looked at him, as if trying to decide whether to laugh, but the Doctor didn't care about the laughter of a stupid ape

And then he blinked once, and smiled.

"Actually," he said, "I'm not going to kill you."

"Oh, really," Voldemort said, condescension dripping from his voice.

"No, I'm not," the Doctor smiled. "He is."

He stepped back, and allowed Voldemort to see the man stepping out of the TARDIS; gasping in pain, pale, but determined. There was a massive gash in his face; remnants of the failure of the curse. And then he smiled.

"I am the Master…" he said, slowly. "Reborn."

And then he threw his hands out, his head up, and a burning energy burst out, flying out of his cuffs, his frock coat waving a little. The Doctor closed his eyes. Voldemort looked at the spectacle in a mixture of shock and amazement. And then, the energy died down, and the Master blinked. There were gasps from the audience – lets face it, the Doctor thought, that's what they are, now. He was younger, now, and his eyes were brown, as was his hair, and he looked up at the Doctor and winked, before looking at Voldemort with a mixture of disdain and disgust.

"Hello, I'm the Master," he said. "Ooh, new voice. Hello," he said, deep. "Hello," again, this time lightly, and then he looked at Voldemort again. "Hello. I'm the bloke you've just tried to kill. Hope you enjoyed life, 'cos it's about to end!"

Voldemort stared at him in amazement.

"What magic is this? How can you survive the Avada Kedavra?" he asks, his confusion evident. The Doctor and the humans were now staring at the two evil beings, the Doctor not even sure which one was the one he wanted to win; obviously, he still grudgingly respected the Master, but he was evil, still.

"I'm a Time Lord," the Master told Voldemort. "Death is an irritation at worst for us."

The Doctor smiled. The Master was being lyrical, as usual. Voldemortblinked, then snarled, and aimed his wand at the Master.

"Don't try that spell again," the Master said, sounding bored as hell. "It won't even make me regenerate if you hit me again."

"What are you...?" Voldemort hissed. The Master blinked at him, and locked eyes with him, and smiled.

"Let me show you."

He ran forward before Voldemort could stop him, and grabbed his head, staring deep into his eyes. The Doctor knew what he was doing as soon as he had spoken; he was going to show his soul to the Dark Lord.

Voldemort's eyes widened, and then, to the shock of every person there, he stepped back, face marble white, sweating, shaken.

"Oh my..." he said, before Disapparating. The Master laughed, and turned to the Doctor with a grin.

"These humans have no imagination," he said. "I show him a little power, and he runs off. Really."

"Who are you?" came a young mans voice, suddenly. Harry Potter was staring at the Master with wide eyes, shocked. "The Doctor was fighting Yana, then he was hugging him, then he died, then he stood up, and your here, and Voldemort's gone, and now I'm all confused..."

"I am the Master. You do not need to know any more then that," the Master said, then he turned to everyone else, and spoke in a commanding voice. "I'm afraid to say, me and the Doctor have unfinished business!" he called out. "Would you all go away, somewhere?"

Every single person in the room, from Albus Dumbledore to Sirius Black to Bellatrix Lestrange to Lucius Malfoy widened their eyes, and walked out in a daze.

"So now what?" the Doctor asked the Master as soon as everyone had gone. "Are we friends or foes?"

"Foes, like we've always been Doctor," the Master replied, "but neither ever ending the other. A war across the stars, 'til the end of time, or the end of you. Whichever comes first."

"What about the end of you?" the Doctor asked wryly.

"Nah," the Master laughed. "The whole universe knows I'm indestructible."

He pulled his screwdriver out of his pocket, and held it up for the Doctor's examination. "Laser screwdriver," he said. "Compared to this baby, who'd take sonic? I built after I was restored, found a spare sonic in your ship."

"Why didn't you just take my ship?" the Doctor asked. "You could have."

"Because mine is still around," the Master grinned. He held up his screwdriver, He presses a button, and a gold statue of - himself, appeared next to him with a wheezing groaning.

"Who resurrected you?" the Doctor asked, the question brought to his lips before he could stop it.

"That tale will have to wait," the MAster smiled at him. "I have a date with the universe."

Then he ran into his ship, and it vanished with the same trumpeting noise.

The Doctor sighed. It was over. I've done what I needed to do. The TARDIS couldn't stand me being alone, so it brought me to where he was going to be, to await the other last Time Lord.

He looked briefly at the door through which the others had gone. There was a bit of commotion happening, but this was the end for him. He had finished his task.

"Goodbye," he said, and then he walked into the police box,and it vanished.


About half an hour later, when the Death Eaters had either been captured or had escaped, qand Albus Dumbledore ws busy getting Sirius Black off of the hook as it were, Harry, Ron and Hermione came looking for the Doctor and the man who had been Yana. Both were gone. Hermione looked around, almost as if shocked, and it was with a quiver in her voice that she spoke at last.

"He never even said goodbye..."


When Harry, Ron and Hermione heard the sound outside, they ran, straight for it. They had heard it only once before, but that once was enough to etch it in memory forever... and they simply had to see him again. Because the Doctor was back.

The TARDIS was standing right there, by Hagrids hut. And so was the Doctor, grinning, hands in pockets, blue suit, coat...

"Hello!" he called when they were close enough to hear him. "I thought you'd never get here!"

"Hello," said Harry, grinning, as he sloed to a halt.

"Hi, mate," said Ron.

"Hi," said Hermione, breathlessly.

The Doctor smiled at them. "Well, I thought I'd pop back for three reasons," he said grandly, bowing to each of them in turn. "Firstly, Mr Potter!"

He threw Harry a tin whistle, which the yooung seeker caught deftly. Harry looked at it, then up at the Doctor in puzzlement.

"That is a Stattenheim Summoner," said the Doctor, his voice going posh in an effort to make the tin whistle seem more grandiose (a wildly transparent attempt that failed upon it's embarkation). "When you blow on that, the TARDIS will be drawn to your point in time and space. If ever you need me, just whistle."

He smiled, then turned to Ron.

"Mr Weasley!" he yelled, his voice back to normal. "A present for the next time Draco Malfoy gets out of hand."

He threw him a box, which Ron fumbled slightly. Harry grimaced; Ron's performance as a Keeper was still not the best.

"Azurian mark 2299 stink bombs," the Doctor said, smiling. "That will lock on to the target and spray him with the most unbelievable smell you can imagine, which will only affect him. I already primed it to Malfoy DNA so it will go off next time you see him. Good luck, and tell Snape I gave it to you if he catches you."

He shuddered slightly. He didn't like Snape at all; he was rude and unpleasant to know. And then he turned to Hermione, and gifted her with the biggest grin yet.

"And you, Miss Granger," he said softly. "The only one who didn't laugh when I said I'd been outside the solar system. The one who twigged I wasn't a wizard. The only person who didn't boggle at the TARDIS. I have something special for you."

He drew a breath, as if steeling himself.

"D'you want to come with us?" he asked quickly.

Hermione latched onto the last bit first, which was typical of her, and indeed of the British, really.

"'Us'?" she asked.

"Yeah," the Doctor nodded inside, and then, to all their shock, the Master's voice called out.

"Hello, apes!" he yelled. "I'm not here out of choice, before you even start."

The others turned a questioning look to the Doctor, who shrugged.

"Lot of water under the bridge since we met," he said. "Something to do with him becoming Prime Minister, and a heckuva lot of Spheres. An' a year that never was. Don't vote Saxon."

He grinned at them.

"Anyway, you didn't answer my question, Hermione!" he said. "Do you want to travel in the TARDIS?"

She looked at the others, who both looked suitably encouraging, if a bit jealous.

"Er, can they?" she asked. The Doctor shook his head.

"One person only," he said. "Having more than two people aboard as well as me makes everything irritating. I can have you back in ten seconds, though. Literally."

She looked at the TARDIS, then at Harry and Ron, then at the TARDIS. And then she ran inside.

"Magnificent" the Doctor exclaimed, and he shut the door on the two boys. The TARDIS's lamp lit up, and the wheezing groaning started up, and the box vanished into thin air.

"Well," Ron said.

"Blimey," Harry replied.

The two boys barely had time to register that Hermione was gone, before the TARDIS reappeared. Hermione strolled out the door, followed by the Doctor. She was wearing her uniform still, but it was slightly shorter on her now, and she wore a pair of shades and a hat with strange alien writing on it.

"Bye, Koschei!" she called inside.

"My name is the Master!" came a yell from within. The voice was still the same - he hadn't changed.

The Doctor and Hermione shared a grin, and looked at the two boys.

"Like I said," the Doctor explained, "ten seconds!"

He got back in the TARDIS, and the box dematerialised wih the usual cacophony.

"Hermione, what's going on?" asked Ron, with a befuddled look. She grinned at him; a dazzling thing that made the two boys smile.

"Daleks, Cybermen, Woman Wept, giant flies, mad dictators, New York, Cardiff and a lot of running," she said, laughing and putting an arm around each of their shoulders. Harry looked up at the sky.

"D'you think he'll ever come back?" he asked at length, still a bit confused.

"Whenever we need him," replied Hermione, pointing to the Stattenheim Summoner. "Now boys, we've a lot of catching up to do. From my perspective, I haven't seen you for six months..."


For the tale of Hermione's time with the Doctor, see "Six Months In Ten Seconds, Ultimate Edition."

The story will continue in; "The Master Ascendant."