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A year has past since Soraand his friends returned home. But after a small bottle land on the beach of their sunny and beautiful Island, the trio find that their journey isn't quite over just yet. When Sora's strange nightmares that include weird new creatures that are called 'Ghosts', strange new powers for himself, a dieing world, a world withing worlds, large gates, a man dressed in black and an old evil sorcerer who goes by'The Unnamed One' start to become a reality, Sora begins to put his sanity into question once again. After horrific and strange happenings engulf the worlds, Sora, Riku and Kairi are set out to begin their next journey. But after a sudden and unexplainable accident occurs whilst on the Gummi ship, the trio along with, Donald, Goofy and King Mikey are propelled into a realm, the Broken Kingdom that Sora had been dreaming about. Separated and with no transportation, they are forced to journey into the worlds by many of the mysterious golden portals that appear at random times in the world.

The one thing that consists is the same poster that they all find in the world is a wanted note of Sora that had a $1 000 000 000 reward on it. But another thing that the Ghosts are the most deadly and brutal creatures that have ever come into existence. When they find that they only person who can vanquish these horribly creatures and that the survival of the entire universe are in the hands on one being named 'The Twilight Prince', they all set with the hardest task ever: to find this Prince, stand by him and protect him til the very end. But the main problem is, that this Prince wont even know that he is the legendary Twilight Prince.

Even with the help of new friends and new abilities to make the job easier, will they be able to carry out their mission and find the Twilight Prince before it's too late?

The silence was defining. A dim candle light that was threatening to extinguish any moment was the only thing that lit the dark room. The walls were chipped, the windows were broken, the once possibly white tiles dusty and black with age, and the large black door that gives entrance and exit to the small room hung wide open, as if preparing to greet someone that were to walk right through them at any second. Outside the lightning roared as it ran across the night sky, and the rain was pounding against the roof, banging, screaming, shooting down against the wooden ceiling and practically trying to brake a hole through into the dimly lit room, wanting shelter for itself.

Lingering in the middle of the room was a figure that was desperately trying his hardest to focus on his studies and not get distracted by the ear-splitting screaming outside. The man had been sitting in the darkness for hours on end with the same thought running through his head. The thought had been with him for days now, lingering inside his bottled up mind, banging and yelling at him every time he let his consentration slip. Outside the creatures of the dark slithered across the surface of the tortured land. They were of every shape, size, and kind. And they certainly didn't help the man one bit. In fact, all they did was make the torture worse, because they reminded the man. Reminded him of his past, what is to come in the future, and all that he had done wrong.

In a cry of frustration the man let go of the papers that he was studying, threw them to the wall and buried his face in his hands. He found enough strength and sanity for the moment to think one straight sentence. ...they are restless tonight, much more then usual...

It could have been either mere coincidence or impeccable timing, because right after the man finished thinking that sentence, the baning increased and the screaming grew louder. It always did when something was wrong, or near, or something had offended them. But, they coulden't possibly had heard him from this distance, could they? They creatures of the dark are strange and fascinating things, but all in all the most dangerous things in all of the universe, and in all the realm. The man then became awareof the soft muffled pounds of footsteps on tiles, walking quite fast to the small dark room that he made his study.

The approaching figure stride into the room with quite and angry waltz as he pushed the already wide doors out even more. The new figure mad his way over to the man and then huffed an angry breath and walked around the table surprisingly slowly for his mood and took his place at the foot of the table, opposite the sitting man. As if expecting that he would have to talk first, the man lifted his face out of his hands and asked, "Any news, Professor?"

"None, Master, it's just all the same as before." The figure known at this point of time as 'The Proffecor' answered him, causing the man—The Master—to only retake his original pose of when he walked in.

"Progress cant get any slower..." he murmured into his hands.

"I still don't understand why we need him, many up until this point have tried to rid of this boy forever. Yet, here we are, trying to obtain him and protect him. Keep him alive." The Professor argued and The Master slowly lifted his head to look The Professor straight in the eye and said in an almost warning tone, "We need him alive. We need him on our side."

"I try to understand, my Master, but what I don't understand is: what is so special about this one boy?"

"He is the Keblade Master." The Master simply said.

"He is a nuisance. Despite our best efforts, he won't be easy to capture, not without all those other wielders, the wizard, the knight, and the insignificant rodent that calls himself a King guarding him." The Professor pointed out.

"I do not deny that his capture will be difficult. After all, she was also difficult." The master responded and the Professor frowned on annoyance.

"Yes," he said, "Everything here has been quite slow after the escape of our latest prototype." The Professor almost growled. The Master turned his head angrily back to his papers up by the wall. The Professor seemed to notice this and went over to lift them up in his tight grasp. He flipped through the pages quickly before turning back to The Master, his face expressionless.

"So, the rumor is true then. The gates have opened up." The Master only nodded. "That's the first time they have unsealed them selves in one thousand years."

Right after The Professor finished that sentence the screams came again and the pounding was louder than before. "What about them?" he asked.

"What about them?" The Master responded in an angry tone.

"We can't keep this from them for much longer. Sooner or later they will find out. And they'll get angry."

"So let them!" The Master yelled back in an angry and defending tone. The Professor didn't even bat an eye.

"You of all people, Master, should know what will happen when they get aggravated. You know who they will go after, and that they will not stop until they get their prize."

They master turned his head to the floor, and after a long moment of just standing there, he added, "They arn't our only worries," but it was only a whisper. The Professor nodded and spoke in a loud knowing voice. "Yes, you are right, Master. Creatures and assassins of all shapes and sizes will be after him when word gets out. There isn't really much we can do about that."

The Master turned his head over to a small lamp table where the candle was sitting. After what seemed like an eternity, The Master got out of his debilitated chair and slowly stalked over into the dim candle light, coming out of the darkness for the first time. He waved his hand over the yellow flame, running it through, over, around and under it, feeling its warmth on his cold and pale skin. His hand then drifted to a faded piece of paper laying face down on the table. The Master then straightened up and turned his head to look The Professor straight in the eyes. The darkest blue you could ever imagine, a dark Sapphire, that were the colour of this mysterious mans eyes. They were dark and cold, almost like ice, and he had a long scar running down the right side of his face and over his eyelid so that it passed over one of his dark eyes.

With a deep breath he said, "It is only a matter of days, so we need to work fast. I do not deny that this would be much faster if we still had the experiment." and handed the faded piece of paper to The Professor. He scanned the paper closely a few times before asking, "How many and where?"

"Everywhere. And as for how many...I'll let you decide that." He answered.

"Yes, Master."

"Oh, everywhere but Disney Castle and the Islands. The last thing we need is the rat being on to us and what we are trying to do." The Professor nodded.

"But wait, surly he would know by now, wouldn't he?"

"Yes," Said The Master, "I have no doubt that he knows. Which is exactly why we need to take the strictest of precautions. Remember, we need him alive."

The Professor nodded once again before making his way to the doors but stopped for a moment when he hared his Master repeat again,

"We need him alive."

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