Hola! So, here I'm trying to give you a little insight on what's going on in Edwards mind in La vie de Bella. Some chapters may equal the length of the chapters in La vie de Bella, and say may be short, like this one. It just depends on how important or how fun it is to know what Edward is thinking at certain points in the story. Also! I might add extra different points of view here and there, just for the fun of it. In that case, I'll let you know who's point of view it is. When I don't mention anything, you can just assume that it's Edward's. Enjoy! xx

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Quick summary: Bella is going to boarding school, Edward is the jock player around there and finds an interest in the pretty new girl. Bella is totally attracted to him but doesn't want him to know. Eventually they'll end up together, DUHH, but there's going to be a lot of teasing and fluffy stuff. And of course, of course there will be sexy stuff too (not too lemony though).

The story is All Human. Pairings will be the same as in the series (no crazy JasperxBella or RosaliexEdward, eww). Edward is kind off Out Of Character, since he's a jock and everything, but the Edward we all know is in there too. Bella is not too much Out Of Character. She just loosen up a little more around the people she's familiar with.

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For now, enjoy the story



Getting Acquainted

I freshened myself up a bit in the shower, before I went over to Angela's to pick up Ben.

On my way there, I remembered Ben telling me something about Angela getting a new roommate. I wondered when she would arrive. I always like new faces.

When I arrived at Angela's, I knocked on the door. I heard a muffled voice and then some fumbling with the doorknob. The door opened slowly and revealed a petite brunette with large brown eyes. Her fair skin was a tad paler then mine – I didn't think that was possible – and stood in deep contrast with the colour with the beautiful long brown hair that was cascading down her back in loose curls. Her dark jeans gently accentuated her hips like her shirt did to the curves of her chest. My eyes travelled towards her plump lips as she began to speak. "Uhm… Hi…" she said uncertain. I was unable to reply. Her soft soothing voice had me mesmerized. It was as if she was custom made, just for me. Finally, I managed to form a reply, "Hello." Oh, hello indeed. I just needed to kiss her and stroke her porcelain skin. I wondered how it would feel under my fingertips. Would it really feel as soft and smooth as it looked?

"Uhm… Can I help you?" she asked again in that uncertain, but oh so lovely voice, while she shifted on her feet. "I think you can." I told her. She most definitely could. Her face flushed a beautiful shade of pink as I started to lean into her. As I came closer, I could smell a scent of strawberries and freesia's infiltrating my nose. She smelled good too.

Our noses were almost touching, and it would only take me about an inch, to get our lips attached. Her breath started to become shallower. It made me smile.

Her blush deepened and suddenly she seemed to pull herself out of a daze and took a step backwards.

My hands shot out to steady her as she stumbled backwards. The clumsiness and incoherency were quite cute. My hands lingered on her waist. She felt perfect. Holding her, I leaned in again, giving in to the urge to feel her lips upon mine.

Again, she pulled herself together. "What are you doing?", I heard her say. I was too focused on the way her lips moved, to actually pay attention to what she was saying.

She looked at where my hands were resting on her waist, and then back to my face. She was crimson red by now. I loved it. I wanted to tell her that, but before I could say anything, Ben half-laughed from behind the computer, "Behave yourself Cullen."

At hearing his voice, I realized where I was and what my original plan was. I straightened up and reluctantly released pretty girl's waist.

She immediately took another few steps back. Successful this time.

I finally moved my attention over to Ben. "You ready to go Cheney?" I asked him.

"Yeah, just a minute." Ben answered as he walked up to the bathroom door. He knocked softly, "Hey Ang, I'm heading out, you sure you don't want to come?" Angela opened the door. The shirt she was wearing was too big for her, and seeing Ben's goofy grin, it must have been his. "Yeah, I'm sure. Have fun though.", she smiled at him. "Ok, but you'll be missing out on a totally awesome Japanese killer movie", Ben said and he gave her a peck on the lips.

"Yeah, yeah, whatever, just go", she said laughing as she shooed him to the door. He laughed and kissed her cheek one more time before pushing himself past me through the door. "See ya later!" he called over his shoulder. I smirked down at the pretty brown eyed girl and winked to both her and Angela. I said a very smooth, "Bye ladies," before I followed Ben down the hall.

"So you've met Bella," Ben grinned as we walked down to the parking lot.

"Her name is Bella?" I asked. "Yep." Ben replied. Hmm. Bella. It soothed her well. She was very bella indeed.

"Cullen, don't mess her up." Ben warned as he saw me getting lost in my thoughts.

"Shut up." I nudged him.

"I'm serious!" Ben said.

"Yeah, yeah, whatever, I promise to behave."

As we finally arrived at the movies, I find that I just couldn't really concentrate on the movie. Images of that girl with her dark hair, fair skin, plump lips and deep brown eyes just kept on infiltrating my mind. And to be honest, I didn't mind. I didn't mind at all. Because life is good and the girls are gorgeous. Oh yes, the girls are definitely gorgeous. I let my thoughts linger on the images of Bella's exquisite face.


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