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When Tanya and I started to get tipsy, she called Emmett, and soon he and Rosalie had joined our little private party. I laughed with them, but still felt a little miserable and down inside. When my eye lids started to droop, I called it a night, and got up to go to my own dorm.

My footsteps echoed on the stone tiles in the corridor. I have to admit, with the blue-ish moonlight coming in from the high windows, this place was a little creepy at night. I tried to walk straight as well as getting rid of the depressing thoughts floating around in my head. I was pulled out of my own little world when I heard a gasp. I froze. Fuck, this place is creepy.

Slowly I turned to see where the sound came from. Surprise flooded through me when I saw Bella standing there against the wall. Her skin looked deadly pale and the dark of her hair and her eyes, combined with the blue moonlight emphasized that image.

"Edward? What are you doing here?" She whispered.

"I, I-…" Overwhelmed, I let out an idiotic stutter. "I was just on my way to my dorm," I finally choked out. "What are you doing here?" I returned her question. My voice a little stronger this time.

"I… I woke up, I-… needed a little bit of air," she said stammering. Bella looked down at the floor, and it was only then that I realized I had taken a step closer to her. My eyes had developed their own brains at that moment and started roaming over her body. Bella looked up and coughed as she caught me staring. She was wearing pyjama's. Really short pyjama's. Fuck this isn't helping. Nervously I shifted on my feet. I kept staring at her and she stared right back. It was only making me more nervous and I felt so crappy that I was afraid that if this went on any longer my eye would start twitching or something.

Suddenly a thud came from her dorm, followed by a grunt. It sounded as if somebody fell out of a bed. My eyes snapped to the door. I knew for a fact that Angela was staying with Ben tonight, and that grunt sounded too masculine to ever come from her anyway. An anger started to built inside me when I thought back on that guy with his arm around Bella.

"Well, I… uh… I should get back in." Bella said suddenly.

"Yeah, of course…" I said.

"Yeah… so um.. see you later then…" She pushed herself of the wall.

"Yeah, see you later,… good night." I responded.

"Good night." She said finally and went inside. After the slightest moment of hesitation I shook my head and walked over to the staircase.

I never made it into my bed. I didn't bother changing and just passed out on the couch, which made me wake up later with a stiff neck.

I roamed around in my dorm all day, feeling a little lost. My head was pounding from last nights activities and my stomach was churning slightly every now and then. I wasn't sure on what I should do, because the only thing I really wanted to do was go and see Bella. But the thought of somebody else with her had me holding back and just stay in my dorm to let my misery eat myself up from the inside.

That is, until Alice arrived on my doorstep.

"Oh come on Edward, please?" She pouted.

"Alice," I whined.

"Edward," She whined right back.

I groaned loudly and huffed and puffed and sighed and finally gave in. "Okay, I'll come up to you later, you can start without me."

"That won't do, you should come now."



"Fine." I fully surrendered. I let her drag me to her dorm so she could have her precious movie night.

Turns out, it wasn't as dreading as I anticipated it to be. Especially not when Tanya, the little drunk, magically materialized with two bottles of vodka. Ooh this was going to be fun.

Blood and slaughter was going on on the tv screen, but none of us could've cared. Rosalie was a giggling mess in Emmetts lap, Tanya's nose had turned a little red and her eyes a little watery. And Alice… Hmm, where was Alice…?

When my eyes found her little form, I saw she was on the other side of the room, gushing into her phone.

"Alice, little Alice, ma petite sœur. Qu'est-ce que tu a fais?" I sang as I got op and swayed over to where she was huddled on the ground. Yeah, I go French whenever I'm a little drunk. I leaned down to her height, trying to listen to her conversation. She pushed me away which made me stumble and eventually I fell on her, squashing her weight into the ground. I chuckled as Alice screeched at me to get off.

"Bella?" She panted into the phone, once she managed to get me off of her. "I'll talk to you Tomorrow. Or Monday. Soon anyway! Need to go, bye!"

"Bella?" I asked happily. She was talking to my sweet Bella. How nice. I want to talk to Bella.

"Alice! Give me the phone!" I demanded.

"No!" She shouted and tried to get up. I wouldn't let her. I wrestled with her for a good 5 minutes under the encouragement of Emmett and Tanya. Jasper was just an amused onlooker and Rose still couldn't control her giggles.

"Gimme the phone."




"I'm going to tickle you so hard you'll cry! Give me the phone!"

"Nooo!" Alice shouted and bit down in my cheek. Hard. As I was momentarily distracted, she grabbed her chance and leaped of the ground into the safety of Jaspers arms.

Sort of. With a kiss and a quick set of fingers, he stole the phone from her and threw it at me.

"Jasperrr! Why? Why would you do that?" She demanded an answer from him.

He mumbled something in her ear and kissed the button of her nose.

Bella, Bella, Bella, was the only thing going through my mind right now.

I looked into Alice's last calls and recognized Bella's name at the top of the list.

I was quick to save the number in my phone and started texting her.

I don't remember exactly what I wrote, as my short term memory was momentarily gone. But, all I could think of, as I lay in bed later at night, were her cherry red lips I wanted so bad.

And I decided that I was going to have them. One day, I would kiss Isabella Swan. And she would be kissing back.

Because I am Edward Cullen et je suis la bombe.

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