A/N: Just something that pop in my head.

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My sister was mad! She was going around and spreading madness so, I decided to put an end on this. I wrote:

20 Things Jane Cannot Do:

1. Whistle everytime Athenodora passes by.

2. Singing 'Thug Story' by Taylor swift.

3. Hide Aro's cloak and tell him Marcus stole it.

4. Braiding Marcus' hair.

5. Nor Cauis'.

6. Spend Volturi's money to shop (Yes, since she saw Alice wearing a jimmy choo high heels, she start shopping.)

7. Shop online.

8. Play spit ball in the throne room and blaim Giana for spitting at the thrones.

9. Force Aro, Cauis and Marcus to watch Gossip Girl with her everynight.

10. Scream everytime she sees Chace Crawford.

11. Dying Demetri's hair electric blue.

12. Painting Felix's room pink.

13. nor Afton's.

14. Stalking the Jonas Brothers

15. Stop stalking Robert Pattinson.

16. Wearing `Team Carlisle' shirts.

17. Tie Sulpicia on the top of the clock tower.

18. Burp the alphabet every time Cauis tries to speak.

19. Asking people if they have met their match and then tackle them.

20. Tell everyone she's Hermione and challenge Aro to a dwell.

Finally, I finished the list.

I posted the list up and it's other copies inside the palace.

"Hey Alec!" Demetri's voice was full of struggle.

The I heard it. Jane was singing 'Nobody, Nobody' by wonder girls!

"I want nobody, nobody but you!" I entered the throne room to see my twin on the throne dancing at the tune of what she was singing.

I ran out of the throne room and put a number twenty-one on the list. When I reached the last five copies, Aro, Marcus and Cauis was already writing

'21. Singing 'Nobody, Nobody' by Wondergirls or imitating them.

Well, that was all. I hope you like it. :)