This is one Ed, Edd, Eddy Fan-fiction that showed the things might happen during 21st December 2012, the possible doomsday for mankind and the other species on this Earth. According to the Mayan Calendar, the world will coming to the end every 2000 years. Historians had discovered that the Maya Empire collapsed and disappeared into the thin air somewhere year 12 AD.

Conspiracy theories circulate around this date because some says this is the possible beginnings of the New World Order, but who cares? According to my understandings, every religion on Earth warns us about the end of the world but did it really happen? I think it had already happened, the stock market collapse at the beginnings of 2009, the swine flu outbreak during the mid-2009 that infects almost every country on Earth and causing thousands of deaths and thousands more infected.

Or there is something else?

Some says that this day might mark the beginning of a spiritual world: Where religion takes hold of everything in our lives, but I do not believe about this. Whatever the outcomes, this century will be a very bumpy ride, if the swine flu outbreak continues, if the sun released a huge solar wind that havoc on our everyday lives that might catapult us back to pre-electricity age at 2011. This will be a very bumpy ride for everyone on this planet.