Extra Happiness Color

Fandom: One Piece

Genre: Humor-Friendship-Romance

Rating: T/15+ (probably up on future chapters)

Pairings/Characters: SanLu, ZoLu, KiddLu…, eventual ZoSan (later chaps)/ possibly all will come up

Disclaimer: Odachi owns One Piece and the characters

Warning: AU, hints of shounen ai, highschool things, possibly oOC (especially Eustass Kidd, because he's so hard to write! DX—but I will try my best to make them all IC)

Summary: Bermuda Triangle, that's how everyone in One Piece Academy calls a set of the foul-mouthed Sanji, the scary-violent Zoro and the tricky-moody Kid. Still, no one could actually see the real them. No one, except this new boy who just transferred to their high school…

A/N: I realized fully that I shouldn't probably do this, but…this plot had haunted my mind for a week that last night I even dreamed about it T_T I can't take it anymore… I just have to write it down or I won't be able to think properly for the plot of my other stories… Well, bear with me for awhile, okay? I purely want to please you guys…with this story…and I'm sure I will have a lot of fun writing this actually ^__^. Anyway, give it a try for the first chapter. Enjoy!

Extra Happiness Color

Chapter 1: The New Guy is a Mascot!?

It was a fine morning day at the middle of autumn. The second half of semester of high schools had begun for a month. The maple leaves had been dyed by orange-yellow-red color of the season; some even had been falling and lying around, stacked on the ground here and there.

A slender young boy, not older than sixteen, with short messy black hair under a worn-looking straw-hat ran down a fine asphalted street, hurrying to a certain building. He wore an untidy white long shirt under a red fest with knee-length dark blue jeans.

"Uwaaah, hope I'm not late for my first day in a new school!" The boy said noisily while panting and grinning widely. A faint long scar under his left eye was visible. He was sprinting to the main gate of a certain school area in flaming spirit.

One Piece Academy, nicknamed The Jewels of Grand Jipanggu, was the biggest and the most prestigious senior high school in Grand Line City, Grand Jipanggu. This prominent high school only accepted the best of the best students from all over the nation. They are prodigies, students with certain skills at sports or at culture. Thus the school raised them all to be the best of the bests in society. This school had connections with all of the big universities, the giant companies and even the government of Grand Jipanggu itself.

It was very hard to enter One Piece Academy. Students without invitation or recommendation from the directors of this school wouldn't be able to join the entrance exam. For students who were invited or recommended, as a trade of all their hard work in studying and passing the written exam and the interview, One Piece Academy freed their obligation to pay the school fees. This school was already rich (more than rich actually) from the donation of Grand Jipanggu's Government and all those big companies. They didn't even need the students' money anymore. The school had only one explicit purpose: to raise skillful excellent human resources to serve their countries and nation.

One Piece Academy had been known for their explicit purpose for so long. However, people kept forgetting that aside the explicit purpose, the school had an implicit purpose as well. The implicit purpose was actually the most important thing for the students who spent their time three years learning in that high school. Unlike the explicit one, the implicit purpose could not be achieved by academic learning alone.

Because many people, especially teachers and students, seemed having forgotten or just simply not realizing the importance of this implicit purpose, the principal of the school decided to call a specialist to revive their awareness about that matter.

"Oops…is it the Directors' Lounge?" The ebony haired boys said as he stopped to take off his hat and hang it on his neck behind his back. While trying to pace and control his breaths, he smiled an ear-mouth splitting grin as he knocked at the elegant red wooden door.

Yep, it was him; the boy who had himself run hurriedly to the main building of One Piece Academy to complete his registration at the Directors' Lounge, though this said boy didn't actually realize it himself that he had such capability. For that reason alone, he was invited to join this dangerous-looking high school.

What kind of craziness would happen here, at this kind of unusual high school?

—One Piece Academy, Director's Lounge—

"So, you're the new student that transferred in our school in an off season, eh?" The official founder, the owner, as well as the principal of One Piece Academy, a man with messy neck-length black hair and thick black mustache named Gol D. Roger, said while looking at the young boy expectantly.

"Actually, principle, you're the one who called me!" The innocent boy said so care-freely with a wide cheery grin on his face. "Well, Monkey D. Luffy is at your service, Sir!" Luffy, the cute innocent boy said in full spirit. His wide black coal eyes stared back at the principal without any doubt and fear despite being under the gaze of the most important person in the school itself.

Seeing the confidence and the personality, the Principal Roger immediately grinned widely himself. "Okay, I'll call your class leader immediately and you can start to interact with all of my precious students," Roger said surely. "Roughe, please call the class president of 1-D from the intercom." The man then turned his head at his assistant, a very beautiful lady with long wavy black hair.

"Yes, immediately," she responded quickly with a happy smile on her face. She stood and walked out the room.

While waiting for the lady to come back with his class president, Luffy couldn't stop himself from bouncing around, inspecting the room itself with such an excited look while Roger was watching him with full of interest.

Not long after that the lady came back with a very tall blond boy. He had a fairer skin compared to Luffy and even though his body was not as slender as his, he had a feminine line of his masculine feature. Still, his legs were really long. He wore a long orange shirt, tucked neatly under a blue vest, and long blue pants. His expression was calm and cool.

"Oh, here he comes," Luffy said as he stared at the beautiful masculine boy.

"May I know why I was called again?" The blond boy asked with the most attractive voice Luffy had ever heard. It was a low baritone with a hint of sexiness. It was hard to describe, but Luffy found his voice gorgeous.

"Ah, this is Monkey D. Luffy. He will join your class starting today," Roger informed the class president of 1-D and he nodded. "Luffy, this is your class president Blackleg Sanji." The principle continued, but now looking at Luffy.

As Luffy didn't want to waste time, he suddenly approached the blond boy with curious eyes. The boy then turned his face at Luffy so the black haired boy could pay more attention to his face. Part of the blond boy's hair covered his left eye, but from one that was visible, Luffy saw a pool of aquamarine.

"You have a very pretty eyes color!" Luffy said suddenly with an innocent wide smile at the boy in front of him. Sanji widened his eyes instantly at the childish attitude Luffy suddenly gave him. "Nice to meet you, Sanji!" he continued, still in happy cheery tone. It gave Sanji a slight strike in his heart and his mind.

Sanji still didn't say a thing and he looked at Roger in 'is it real?' kind of expression, with sweats breaking from his entire face. Roger just grinned at him surely.

"Seriously…?" Sanji could only cover his mouth a bit, confused and surprised, as he looked at the black haired boy again. Luffy was still smiling cutely at him and he couldn't help smiling back, with slight blush on his cheeks.

"Nice to meet you too," Sanji said a bit groggily. Well, despite his cool appearance, Sanji was actually very weak against something cute, especially women. Still, his criteria of cute were: wide eyes, cheery personality, slender body frame, and innocent smile… Well, in this case, the worst part was…those things were definitely owned by this boy.

Moreover…that long scar under his left eye… it doesn't ruin his feature at all, more like… giving a hive of rascal type, so fucking cute—! Sanji couldn't help thinking as he checked out the cute boy in front of him. He felt a bit dizzy suddenly and had to lean a bit on the wall or his knees would give in and he would collapse.

Don't be kidding me! He's nothing like a high school boy! More like… a very cute elementary kid! Why does a guy like this come to our school? I mean…it's an off season for transferring, and isn't it very-very hard to come here via transferring? So…how come? Is it his face? His face is the keyword here? That's not fair…! There are only few girls here and this boy is as cute…no, he's cuter than those angels!—Sanji thought further, a bit panicked of this impossible thing.

Or, probably Sanji was panicked because he felt like being thrown into heaven somehow by the sudden excited feeling that rushed inside his body for knowing that this very cute little boy would join his class.

"Ah, are you okay?" Luffy asked and looked up at Sanji's quite troubled face with a hint of concern in his expression and in his tone. "Did you feel sick or something? Do you need help?" the cute boy asked more as he touched Sanji's arm a bit.

Sanji then centered his eyes on Luffy's shoulders, and his hand gripping at the hem of Sanji's clothes lightly.

His shoulders are round and his hand is so small like girls'! And the way he grips at the clothes…!—Sanji thought, almost passing out from the too much excitement. Too frigging CUTE—! Sanji almost couldn't control himself he had to punch the wall to calm his rising excitement down.

"Sanji?" Luffy called the blond boy again, startling him and bringing him back from his train of thought.

In the midst of panicky, Sanji accidentally yelled "C-class is almost starting!" informing the cute boy using unnecessary tense voice, surprising Luffy a bit. "Let's just go to class," he continued, trying to shoot down his own secret pleasure. His expression was a mix of shame and annoyance because he almost lost himself just now. His surprisingly funny curly eyebrows furrowed a bit, but the blush was still evident on his cheeks somehow.

Luffy smiled again seeing Sanji's funny expression. "Sanji, you're funny," he said innocently, doubling his cute beam attacking Sanji's heart in a striking love-arrow.

Sanji wouldn't mind dying right now, though he had to cover his nose to prevent a nosebleed.

Roger widened his grin as he looked at his two students' interesting interaction before they excused themselves from Directors' Lounge. "Treat your youth well, my precious students," he said slowly as the door closed.

Roughe giggled from her desk. "Oh they will, since the specialist of color is here," the lady said surely.


—One Piece Academy, 1-D Classroom—

The students in the class were chattering in the I-D class before a teacher came inside, followed by Sanji and an unfamiliar small boy. Well, not too small, but compared to Sanji whose height was almost 180 cm, the boy looked small indeed.

All the students including Sanji then sat down on their seats. The unfamiliar boy stayed in front of the class with the teacher. "Okay, class," the teacher, Mr. Dracule Mihawk, began as the chattering died down in silence upon hearing his cool voice. "I'd like to inform that you got a new friend," he turned his face at the unfamiliar smiling boy for awhile before he looked back at the class residents once again. "His name is Monkey D. Luffy. Say hello to him and be friends," he added more.

There were few murmurs like: "Seriously?" "Isn't that an elementary kid?" "Is he really a high school boy?" "Isn't that a girl?" "What's with the straw-hat?" and many more on those lines.

Well, you're free to freak out, friends. This is not a joke—Sanji thought in a still dazed mind. He perfectly understood their friends, mostly the male ones because in his class there were only three girls, the rest were boys who -just like Sanji- was thirsty of something beautiful and cute to be drooled at.

"Do you want to say something before we start our class today, Luffy?" Mihawk asked Luffy then.

"Oh, yeah!" the unfamiliar boy, Luffy, answered immediately in excitement, earning a handful of attention from the entire class because his voice was quite high and loud despite his small and slender feature. "Monkey D. Luffy is at your service! Let's color our high school with adventure and LOVE!" Luffy brought his hands to the sky as he spouted those embarrassing lines.

There was a brief silence before the entire class blew up in hard laughter.

"Oh my GOD! Did he just say 'adventure and LOVE'?!"

"T-that's just awesomely ridiculous!"

"And what kind of service did he mention before!?"

"We've got a clown on our class!"

"That's too funny! So innocent! So cuuute!"

Thus colorful comments which praised how interesting Luffy was came one and another from each student, well, except maybe from the strict ones that probably thought it was absurd and silly. Sanji couldn't help covering his mouth at that as well, trying to conceal his own laughter and maintain his expression. This boy was really something. He only just began his life in this school and he had already won the popularity seat in his class.

In a split second, Luffy met Sanji's eyes and he grinned. "Sanji!" The boy called and waved his hands at him cheerily, surprising Sanji and most of the students.


"Does he mean that Blackleg…our class president?"

Few murmurs in a disbelieving tone were heard again; and now Sanji was forced to glare at those who gossiped him behind his back even though he was exceptionally happy with Luffy's attention to him. He had to look at another way and pretend that he wasn't happy.

Luffy was throwing his head aside, a bit confused with the sudden cold treatment.

Well, leaving Sanji's odd reaction to him earlier, it didn't need a long time. With the most interesting lines of Luffy's greeting, the cute boy became a mascot of the class, 1-D, in One Piece Academy. "Nice to meet you!" he smiled happily at his new friends who began to blush and moan at his cuteness as well.


When a lunch break came, Luffy was immediately crowded around by most of the male students as well as the three girls in his class, leaving no room for Sanji to ask the boy out to the canteen. Well, he couldn't do it openly though, minding his image so much, plus he had to go to the teacher lounge to collect the result of this morning quiz from Mr. Mihawk, so he just silently exited the class without everyone noticing.

"Hey, hey, are you really a high school student?" one of the boys asked him.

"As you can see, I am right here, so I am a high school student," Luffy responded with a small smile.

"Still, you're so slender and small. You must often be mistaken for a girl a lot before!" another boy asked him with an eager look.

"Ahaha, I hope I wasn't actually, but yeah, many people said I do look like a girl sometimes. Not that I appreciate that…," Luffy said while chuckling sheepishly.

So cuuute~! Those boys really were captivated by Luffy's charm.

"Ah, right. As a consideration of being our new interesting friend, let us give you this important and valuable information as well," another different boy said while remembering something. "There are three people in this class you should be alerted of," he informed.

"Huh?" Luffy threw his head aside, not really understanding it.

"I don't want to jinx people or to say bad things about them, but you should be careful when you're around them. Or, plainly just ignore them and let them be," the boy continued.

"Who are you talking about?" Luffy asked.

"The first is our class president, Blackleg Sanji, the second one is Eustass Kid, the most moody kid in our class, and the third is Roronoa Zoro, our class infamous delinquent. They're the living legends named Bermuda Triangle of Class 1-D in One Piece Academy," he informed.

There was a brief silence before Luffy grinned widely. "You know, being told like that, I reaaally want to call them and get close to them instead," he said in excitement.

"Oi, oi, just give up, Luffy. They're dangerous." One of his new friends said; sweat dropping seeing Luffy's excitement.

"Aww, but shunning people is not good. I don't like that. I'd like us to be friends, all of us," Luffy pouted cutely.

"Well, yeah, but trust us in this Luffy! There have been many victims here. Everyone who tries to mess with them always loses their selves. Some quitted school, some got sick and some even were sent to hospitals because of them!" The girls also followed the boys, beginning to tell Luffy about some of their rather dangerous friends in the class.

"Anyway, they're so individual with strange personality. They like to stay alone, so just let them be," they said again. "It's for your own good."

Well… if they like to be alone... but, is that really the case?—Somehow, Luffy could not really believe this information. No one likes being alone, that's why…— He'd rather believe in his own experience than some strange rumors.

"So…shall we give them a test?" Luffy then grinned again widely. His friends around him paled visibly seeing Luffy's naughty grin.

His mission to bring out the consciousness of One Piece Academy implicit purpose had just begun.

End of Chapter 1


A/N: I know it's short, but this is just the first chapter. Just treat it like a prologue ^__^. Well, how do you think, the prospect of this story's idea? This will be filled with lots of student's problems both in academy and adolescence! XD And hopefully, I can bring out all characters fine in this fic. That's why; I need your comments, so I will gain more inspiration to write this story till the end! Well?

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