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Extra Happiness Color

Chapter 5: His Wondrous Ability

"Well, well, well."

A voice that came from above startled Sanji and Luffy. Both teens quickly looked up and found a grinning red haired boy on the tree, watching them with full interest.

"Eustass!" Sanji rose from his seat to his knees and glared warily at him.

"Kidd!" Luffy smiled widely at him and waved happily.

"Wow, the way both of you welcoming me is so contrast to each other," Kidd raised one of his eyebrows, still maintaining his grin though, pretty amused seeing how different Luffy and Sanji were.

"What are you doing up there?" Sanji sounded almost hissing when he asked.

"Why does it concern you, Class leader?" Kidd asked back knowingly.

"Who won't if there is some freak like you spying on them like that!?" Sanji just glared more at him, while answering, practically growling now.

"Well, saying I was spying is a bit too much, don't you think? After all, I was here, on this tree, first." Kidd made excuse smoothly. Sanji narrowed his eyes in suspicion, not believing a single word coming from his mouth. "Then… I see you're having a feast there," Kidd added while moving his gaze to the boxes around Sanji and Luffy, and the blond widened his eyes in a surprise.

"Yeah! It's pretty awesome!" Luffy shouted while lifting both of his arms to the sky in a very excited look.

"Luffy!" Sanji looked at Luffy and shook his head, desperately trying to remind Luffy about their little secret.

Luffy turned his face at Sanji and mouthed 'Oh!' with wide eyes, and then nodded slightly at him in understanding expression. Sanji sighed slightly in relief at that.

"They seem delicious. Is it okay if I join you?" Kidd asked while swaying his legs below the branch, still smirking with that annoying smirk.

"Like hell I would—,"


Sanji snapped his head as he turned his face at Luffy again in shock hearing the carefree answer. "Oh, I don't think so, Luffy," Sanji said, almost whispering while gritting his teeth. Did Luffy seriously want to invite that tricky bastard to actually join their moment?

"Why not?" Luffy looked at Sanji in confusion.

"The secret, Luffy! Do you want to bust me out?" Sanji asked in warning whisper.

"Of course not, Sanji; I'll tell him I have my landlord make them for me, and you can have your own version with yours," Luffy whispered back while smiling, sweat dropping.

"But still! I don't want to share this (moment with you) with him!" Sanji whispered again stubbornly.

"Isn't it okay? More people, more fun, you know?" Luffy threw that sparkling puppy eyes at him again and Sanji had to hold his expression or he would blush at that. He covered his face to hide it and sighed in defeat as he realized opposing that face and cuteness would only do more damages to his dignity… and in front of Eustass Kidd for all people.

"Have you already decided that I can join? I am kind of hungry up here," Kidd said with mild interest, appearing half bored even.

Sanji looked up at Kidd with heated glare again. "Okay," he said, trying hard enough not to yell at him. "You can eat, but you'll only get half of my share since I only bring that much," he added, purposely avoiding the word make so he could save his face somehow.

"Hmm… bring, huh?" Kidd smirked again and Sanji wanted to kick his face so badly. "That will do," he said while stretching.

"Show more respect to the one who shares his food to you, asshole," Sanji narrowed his eyes as he watched Kidd jump down and land perfectly beside him. His reflex was just like a cat. How come he could do something like that with a body like that without even flinch?

"Well, thank you for your treat," Kidd said, completely unabashed as he took the box from Luffy's hands who started complaining because it was originally given to him instead of Kidd. "Hey, you said it was okay to join you," Kidd said in defense.

"I thought you brought your own food! I am still hungry!" Luffy whined.

"I'll buy you something later at the cafeteria," Kidd offered in a smile that surprised Sanji.

So he can make that kind of face as well…? Still looks shady for me, though—Sanji thought silently while raising one eyebrow. It was a bit bizarre seeing that unusual expression in Kidd's face after all. Well, he believed his eyes must have played some tricks on him though.

"Really!? Wow, thanks Kidd!" Luffy quickly beamed cheerily at the promise.

Sanji watched Kidd eating with intense gaze, trying to figure out what the red head was planning, suddenly wanting to join them. There must have been a catch or something in his unusual behavior. The red head liked doing things alone after all. Plus he liked to make other people's life miserable.

"It's delicious," Kidd said suddenly, completely throwing Sanji off of guard.

"What?" Sanji asked incredulously. This must have been a joke.

"This… is a hidden treasure, huh?" Kidd glanced at Sanji's confused expression and made a knowing expression.

Sanji felt a bad feeling about the way Kidd looked at him. It was impossible but he felt Kidd's gaze reading through him too much. "What are you talking about?" He was getting impatient with all his implying gaze and words.

"Well," Kidd raised both his eyebrows. "I believe you know best what it is."

"A treasure!" Luffy suddenly yelled, surprising both Sanji and Kidd who seemed communicating through their eyes. "If we're talking about treasure, I have one right now!" he said childishly.

"Oh, and what might that be?" Kidd asked and Sanji looked at the dark haired boy in interest now, already forgetting the more serious subject earlier.

"This is my treasure of course!" Luffy took his straw hat and put it carefully on his lap before petting it with both hands adoringly in happy grin.

Both Kidd and Sanji looked at Luffy in a dumbstruck expression.

"Um… a straw hat?" Sanji was confused and Kidd just looked at Luffy with inquiring look.

"This hat is special for me! A treasure that can't be replaced by anything," the dark haired teen said with a very soft caring smile directed at the thing on his hands that Sanji started to feel a bit jealous on that stupid hat. Well, it wasn't stupid, but still…

"A memento from someone, I guess?" Kidd asked and Luffy nodded eagerly.

Well, Sanji decided he would get jealous over the person who gave it to Luffy.

"A girl?" Kidd asked again, eyes narrowed slightly as if he were plotting something.

"Nope! It's a guy! My neighbor when I was still a kid. He's a really nice guy and I like him a lot!" Luffy said again, still pretty excited telling them the stories about the special person to him.

Luffy was so happy when he spoke about that person. Now, Sanji wanted to know the detail information about that guy, so he would know what kind of person he was and what he was to Luffy.

"I see," Kidd said as he put down the empty boxes before slowly rising up. "Thanks for the meal, Class leader and Luffy," he said before going off, and Sanji absolutely didn't want to stop him.

"Where are you going, Kidd?" Luffy asked in puzzled look.

"For your information… the bell just rang, so I'm going back to class now or I'll be late," Kidd smirked as Sanji and Luffy startled.

"Shit! I didn't hear the bell!" Sanji quickly gathered the boxes and arranged expertly and Kidd didn't miss any of that. Luffy also stood before helping Sanji; and by the time both teens ran back to class, they didn't see Kid anywhere near them.


Kidd sat down on the sofa inside the principal room near the window, one hand elbowing the windowsill while supporting his chin with the palm.

"Supporting your chin with one palm will make you look lazy," Roger said while sitting on the sofa across the red head. Kidd only sighed slightly before putting down his hand and turned his face at the principal. "So… what kind I do for you, Eustass Kidd?" he asked with a wide smile that reminded Kidd of a certain dark haired boy who smiled too damn much as well.

"I want to request a special authority," Kidd said, to the point.

"Authority to?" Roger raised one of his eyebrows.

"To use the school ground at night," Kidd said while changing his sitting position to a more comfortable one.

"And why would you need a school ground at night, Eustass?" Roger asked more, intrigued by the kid's poker face.

"To make the school more interesting," Kidd said in the point almost beaming even though his face looked passive. Roger didn't miss the glint of naughtiness in his eyes, though.

"Not a dangerous activity, is it?" Roger asked to make sure.

"Nothing of the short," Kidd ensured.

"Fine then, you can do whatever you want in this school, but it should be under surveillance, just in case," Roger approved with a smile. After all, he was a teen once, and he wanted to see what kind of mischief this kid would do.

"That will do just fine," Kidd smirked once again in plotting expression again. "Then I'll excuse myself," he asaid as he stood. "I got a class to attend," he continued while walking out the room.

"Eustass," Roger called and Kidd turned just enough to look at him. "How is the new boy doing?" he asked slightly, completely interested.

Kidd smirked at that. "He's doing great," he said before closing the door.

"Good," Roger said while grinning widely himself. It seemed it was a great idea calling that boy here. Eustass who rarely attended the school and got almost no interest in school activity now came almost every day, and now he seemed plotting something in the school as well. That was a progress. Soon after, not only the red head, every one of the students would be more… active.

Roger couldn't wait to seeing that.


"Wait, what?" Luffy almost couldn't believe in his hearing when he asked when the sport festival would be held in One Piece Academy. Every school should have one, right?

"There's no such thing in One Piece Academy," Nami said with indifferent look.

"But, WHY!? I thought an autumn sport festival is like… a national event for each school! There's no way that it's not held here as well, since it is a school!" Luffy said, protesting a bit loudly.

"Well…," Nami put her forefinger on her mouth. "I guess, this school is special… it's a private school after all," she said while shrugging lightly, not knowing the real reason of why there was no sport festival in their school.

"Unforgivable! And that's the student bonding moment too in a year!" Luffy said more, frowning deeply.

"I guess, it is because every student has their own capability," Vivi said from her seat while attracting Luffy and Nami's attention.

"You know something about it, Vivi-chan?" Nami asked.

"I don't have any concrete proof, but… I just put the information and the fact together, so I drew the conclusion by myself," Vivi spoke again with a light smile.

"Then, what's the reason?" Luffy asked, wanting to know the stupid reason of why there was no sport festival.

"For once, there are some specialists in the certain subjects of the sport, like for instance, Arlong-senpai in 2-B class, he's expert in swimming category; Belamy-san in 1 A, he's a boxing champion. If there's a sport festival, they'll surely have an advantage in their subject, right? It's not fair for everyone else, especially for people whose expertise is not in sport, let alone, in that subject," Vivi tried to explain. "Not all the students have sports as their special ability. So, in other words, I guess, to avoid any gap, the principal decided not to hold the sport festival," she stated her conclusion.

"Well, that's pretty reasonable. I myself don't really have any self confidence in sport," Nami said, nodding in understanding.

"Well, but that's weak," Luffy stated his disagreement. "Gap or something like that is a normal occurrence in any normal school. If there must be a star or two in sport, there will be more stars in culture. Sport festival in autumn is always accompanied by culture festival in spring, right? That's because the school always tries to unify the students. As for omitting the advantage of personal expertise, the schools always make a rule to count out the guys in the club that have expertise in that area. The important thing in sport is the effort to build a unity in a sport that requires team-play and the responsibility in a sport which requires individual technique. Even the supporters have their own spiritual responsibility to increase the probability of their team's winning. It shouldn't have any to do with expertise or such thing," Luffy said his argument and both Nami and Vivi could only blink at Luffy's verbal ability to actually seduce them to think that his reason was a lot more reasonable than Vivi's thought.

"You're right, Luffy… I've never thought that far before," Vivi said, a bit ashamed of the fact that she still had much to learn from other people.

"Well, if Vivi-chan went to public school, you'd know as much as I did," Luffy said in a childish smile.

"Eh?" Vivi looked surprised. "How do you know I'd never attended a public school?" she asked in inquiring gaze.

"Hm? Ah," Luffy smiled at her. "That's because—,"

However, before Luffy could finish his sentence, someone entered the classroom, and effectively cut his words and stole his attention. "Come sit on your own seats," a beautiful sexy tall woman with long jet black hair and eyes, named Boa Hancock, a teacher that taught Biology in One Piece Academy as a main subject, said while tilting her face up slightly after she put the map and the Biology books on the teacher desk.

"Wow, it's Boa-sensei!" a male student whistled boldly seeing her beautiful face.

"Aah, sensei! Please be my girlfriend!" another male student shouted as his eyes turned into hearts literally.

"Shut it, youngsters. It's a hundred years too fast for you to be standing on the same level as me," Boa pointed her finger at the students while looking down at them elegantly with her enticing onyx eyes.

"Don't be so cold, Boa-sensei!" the other males shouted except Zoro who looked completely bored and Luffy who stared at the commotion with mild interest.

"We'll die for you if you want it!"

"Sensei! Sensei!"

"Just shut up and open your text book!" Boa yelled at them in annoyance.

"Ahahaha, there's a funny teacher here," Luffy said, chuckling, and earned a glare from the long haired teacher.

"You must be the new student, your face is unfamiliar," Boa said while looking at the attendance. "Monkey D. Luffy, is it?" she asked while looking at him in scrutinizing gaze and smiling seductively that made everyone, even the girls blush, some even have nosebleed.

"Yes," Luffy smiled at her cutely, and actually surprised the woman with the cute beam counter-attack. Everyone moaned at his cuteness as well. It was actually too much for having two too charming people around them at once.

"You!" Boa pointed at Luffy in annoyed shocked look. "Do you want to steal my popularity!?" she shouted accusingly, and sweats broke from all the students faces at the stupid incredulous indictment.

"Huh?" Luffy looked confused.

"Fine, then, brat! It's a war between you and me!" She looked down on him too much until she looked up instead.

Everyone threw a ridiculous look at their Biology teacher, sweats dropping as well, of course. While Luffy only laughed at her interesting way to say hello to him. "She's weird, but is interesting!" he said innocently.

Well, it seemed Luffy made his first enemy in this school, even though the boy didn't really consider the teacher his enemy, and more like a one-sided hatred at first side from Boa's part.

"I can understand Boa-sensei's feeling though…," Nami said with a nervous look.

"Yep, Luffy is indeed so cute," Vivi agreed. "But making him her enemy just because he's cute is a bit…," Vivi chuckled slightly in weird look.

"No matters even though she's weird! Boa-sensei is still mega beautiful and gorgeous!" and the male students once again cheered in unison.

"Morons…." But of course, Zoro only sighed slightly, not interested one bit and Luffy laughed more at the event.


"That's why, Sanji! We should tell the principal to hold a sort festival this autumn!" Luffy beamed at the class leader with sparkling eyes when they changed the lesson period. There was always ten minutes break after one lesson ended until the start of next lesson, so they could actually talk to each other before the teacher came.

"Eh?" Sanji looked at him in 'what a troublesome' look.

"It's going to be fun! We will have team plays like soccer and basket ball, volley and dodge ball! As for the individual play, there should be sprint tract, swimming, and many more!" Luffy said more enthusiastically.

"Aah, but the procedure will take a long time, Luffy. We have to get a poling first from all the students, the promotion to inform them, and actual plan to arrange the events. So in short, we have to let the student council handle this since it involved all the students and a lot of funds," Sanji said.

"Then let's meet the student council guys!" Luffy looked extremely determined that Sanji couldn't even defy it.

"Okay…, I'll let you see Smoker-senpai, then," Sanji stood and Luffy eagerly followed him as he walked out the class.

"So, who is this Smoker-guy?" Luffy asked in curious expression.

"Comodore Smoker, he's our disciplinary committee president," Sanji informed.

"Oh… I haven't met any of them before," Luffy looked puzzled.

"Well of course. They're in upper class. Smoker-senpai is in the second grade," Sanji smiled. "He's quite great, actually. You're gonna like him, Luff," he continued while grinning now. However, Luffy suddenly stopped walking. Sanji had to stop to look at the dark haired boy as well, surprised with the sudden motion. "What's wrong?" He set his puzzled look when Luffy's expression turned blank for a second.

"Eh, huh?" Luffy looked startled at the question and coughed a bit. "Oh, it's nothing… I just remembered something when you called me 'Luff'." He smiled slightly.

"Err… am I not supposed to call you that?" Sanji asked a bit warily.

"It's okay if you want to call me that way. It's just… I am not used to it, that's all," Luffy said while scratching his left cheek with his forefinger.

"Well, I just should call you the usual Luffy then," Sanji said with a smile as well, even though it was still bothering why Luffy wasn't used to the nickname. He thought it was quite cute. Well, that might be the actual reason, though. Because it was cute… and sounded a bit girly. Luffy didn't like to be mistaken for a girl, remember?

Sanji berated himself for forgetting the obvious fact. It was a sensitive subject for him as well with his cooking skill. He should watch his own mouth sometimes.

"So, why is he a disciplinary committee? I thought we will visit the student council?" Luffy asked again, changing the previous subject. Sanji was a bit surprised at his thoughtfulness. He started wondering if it was his natural character or it was because he was really, like really thought about that sometimes.

"Well…," Sanji began, "For the start, there are three powers inside this school controlling the students that you should know. One is the student council; one is the disciplinary committee; and the last is treasury. Of course both the treasury and the disciplinary committee are under the student council, but they have different back up benefactor, so they have certain authority to bring each other down, and certain duty to protect each other as well." Sanji explained slowly so Luffy would understand first. Luffy nodded at that, pretty much having the description.

"So," Sanji then continued, "Every plan that will involve all the students activity must go to the disciplinary committee first to be analyzed whether the plans are safe enough to do or not. After they approve, the treasury will take over to estimate the funds which will be used and whether it's worth doing or not. Then, after they approve, the plan will go to student council desk to be read by the student council president and his vice-presidents, and if they all approve, it will go to the principal to be announced to all the students and… we can do our share of having fun after that." Sanji finished with a dot.

"Uwaaah, so troublesome…," Luffy stated, slightly pale. He was never good with those mechanism kinds of thing.

"Yes, it's really, like very troublesome. That's why; no one bothers to submit their ideas." Sanji said in a sheepish smile.

"Hnn… aren't you bored?" Luffy asked again and Sanji had to look at Luffy, a bit surprised.

"It's… not the problem of boring or not. We're here to study to be the best in our own expertise," Sanji said with unsure look. "We have a goal and a mindset when we chose this school. I mean… why would we need something else in our life aside our own ability to survive in this world?"

"Well, as for me, that's kind of cold and boring," Luffy said in a huff, catching Sanjii off guard.

"Huh?" Sanji asked, confused.

"I am here not to live a monotonic life with all those mechanical craps. If I have to spend my three years here, why don't we make it fun?" Luffy grinned and started to run.

"Hey!" Sanji was completely surprised as he saw the boy run like a wind. "Luffy! Where are you going!?" he tried to chase him after that.

"To the principal!" Luffy said with a naughty grin on his face.

"What?" Sanji was hell confused here, not understanding the boy's thought.

"I am gonna tell him myself about the plan! And after he approves, we will tell the student council! That's a lot faster than the stupid mechanism crap!"

"Eh… WHAT!?" Sanji couldn't help widening his eyes in a complete shock. "Wait a—! You can't do that, Luffy! The student council will be pissed off if you don't follow the procedure!" he practically yelled in worried look.

"That's fine! As long as Principal Roger approves, it will work out!" Luffy yelled back.

"No, it won't! Even Principal Roger can't do anything if the student council doesn't approve first!" Sanji yelled again more stubbornly.

"Oh, but they will approve!" Luffy said with a confident grin on his face. "Since we are the student council, right?" he continued, still grinning.

"Wai—, what?" Sanji was really-really confused now. He couldn't really follow what Luffy was saying.

"We are the student council, Sanji," Luffy stated again surely, "those guys on the student council room… they're our representatives. Representatives do what the head does, right?"

Sanji then blinked once and twice before he started laughing. "Oh, that's a very-very bizarre idea, Luffy!" he said between his laugh. "But somehow, that makes a crazy sense as well! I am totally in!" he grinned widely now.


Zoro yawned slightly as he was just out of the toilet. He intended to go back to class as soon as possible before the lesson started again when a blur of black and yellow appeared on the distant ahead. He looked up and before he even could react to at least stepping aside to let whoever running there pass, something caught his collar.

"Eh—!?" Zoro could only widen his eyes as he was suddenly dragged back. "WHOAAAH!"

"Come with me, Zoro!"

Zoro knew that voice. "Luffy!? What the hell!?" he screeched in shock and in confusion.

"The more, the merrier!" Sanji shouted while laughing madly just behind the over energetic black haired boy.

Oh God… his class leader had gone nuts together with the new student! Or was Sanji infected by the cute boy again and went nuts? Zoro couldn't help praying that he could get out of this-whatever they're planning to do-alive.

"We're here!" Luffy stopped just in front of the principal room as Sanji also stopped. Everyone, including Zoro who was dragged along, panted slightly.

"Whew…, we still have five minutes before the next lesson," Sanji said while chuckling, trying to pace his breaths.

"… 'Still have five minutes' my ass! What the hell are you doing… both of you!?" Zoro was still panting because he was caught off guard and couldn't really pace his breaths while running earlier.

"We're planning to hold out an autumn sport festival!" Luffy said cheerily.

"And we're gonna need your help in convincing the principal to approve for the idea," Sanji added with a proud smile.

"Aah? What in the earth is running in your mushy head, damn class leader? What makes you think I want to do that?" Zoro asked, pretty confused of why Sanji would even think about that.

"For once, because I ask you to," Zoro glared at the blond when he said that, "-and for two, you can't even do it?" Sanji threw a mocking gaze at Zoro and irked him off very much.

"Asshole! Just watch!" Zoro growled at the blond, practically falling into his trap.

"Principal Roger!" suddenly Luffy banged the door open, surprising Roger who was just about to drink his tea from his cup on the sofa.

"Luffy! At least knock first!" Sanji whispered heatedly at the boy, but Luffy just 'what?' him with his innocent cute look and Sanji melted. Zoro called him a moron and he attempted to kick the green haired thing on his head, yet of course, Zoro dodged expertly.

"Wha—, oh, what's wrong, Luffy?" Roger asked, both eyebrows raising in question as he put his teacup down, not wanting to spill anything on his suit.

"Principal Roger, I have a favor to ask!" Luffy said as he walked inside the room boldly, not even bothering asking if it was a good time or not.

Sanji and Zoro were slightly pale as Luffy just barged in like that. They prayed silently that they would not get expelled for this… meeting him without appointment, and even barging into his room without manner. Sanji could have cried if he hadn't been around Zoro or Luffy at this point.

"And… what kind favor is it?" Roger didn't seem to mind Luffy's forwardness though, and it just hit both Zoro and Sanji that the principal called Luffy with his first name, not using his family name or any suffix. Did they know each other personally?

"I want to complain because there's no autumn festival in this school!" Luffy said in a huff.

"A complain!?" both Zoro and Sanji shouted in unison, widening their eyes to the point of almost popping out from their sockets.

Roger and Luffy looked behind at those boys with inquiring look. "What?" the boy asked innocently.

"But you said you want to suggest him to hold out an autumn sport festival!" Zoro and Sanji said in unison again, faces in horror that they just witnessed their mascot just went and complained to the principal himself. Wouldn't that make him, them, the goners as well?

"Yah, every suggestion always starts with criticism, right?" Luffy asked back, pretty much confused himself of why both of his friends were so freaked out.

Roger laughed hard at Zoro and Sanji's fish-like faces. Their jaws were completely on the floor as they stared at Luffy in utter disbelief. "Well, you're breaking so many rules that's why;" Roger, still laughing hard at that, couldn't help wanting to tease as Sanji and Zoro's face went even paler than before.

"I thought that's the first authority you gave me," Luffy tilted his head aside while smiling.

"Hahaha, you're good, kid," Roger said, still chuckling and grinning madly.

"Authority?" of course both Sanji and Zoro didn't miss that. They looked at each other in a complete confusion before looking back at Luffy and Roger in more perplexed expression.

"Yep, that's the trade to call this boy in," Roger reached his big hand to Luffy's head and messed up his hair. "He has a special authority that allows him to break any rule he sees it fits to break," he continued.

"Wasn't that supposed to be a secret?" Luffy asked, raising his eyebrows and both Sanji and Zoro couldn't help widening their eyes even more if it was possible.

Authority to break any rule he sees it fits to break? Wasn't that a bit too much? Then Luffy could do what the hell ever he wanted in this school without any charge!? Was it really okay to put so much freedom in a hand of a student like him, moreover… new student!?

"That's not very fair for the others, is it, Principal Roger?" Zoro asked slowly in serious tone as Sanji snapped back to his sense and looked at Zoro in frowned brow, somewhat anxious.

"It's quite reasonable in my judgment. Moreover, Luffy has a specialty in that area," Roger said more.

"What area?" Sanji asked, intrigued.

"You'll find out soon enough," Roger said again in a wide smile before he turned once again to Luffy, hand still on the boy's head. "So, what about the autumn sport festival?" he asked the boy.

"I want you to announce that we will have the event this year! That will be a total fun!" Luffy said with an excited grin.

"We can do that much as long as it's fun and safe," Roger said. "I'll have the student council arrange this plan ASAP," he continued.

"That's almost too easy, right?" Zoro whispered slightly.

"I don't think that's the case," Sanji whispered back while sweating a bit.

"Why don't you plan out what kind of sports will be the main events and pick out the rules yourself then?" Roger suggested suddenly and Luffy beamed at the prospect.

"What!?" both Sanji and Zoro looked at their principal in disbelief again. "You want us to be in charge in the event ourselves?" That was completely unreasonable even for them.

"Why not? If you already have the rough plan in a paper, it will be a lot easier for student council, treasury, and disciplinary committee to do their job, right?" Roger added with a teasing grin on his face.

"I am totally in!" Luffy shouted cheerily with sparkling eyes. "Then we just have to talk to our classmates to decide what kind of sports will do to the festival!" he turned his face at Sanji and Zoro who still looked flabbergasted at all of this.

"Well…," Sanji sighed slightly and heard his watch beeping. "Ah, time's up," he looked at his watch and put off the alarm. "Let's go back to the class before the teacher starts yelling," he said slowly.

"Okay! We'll talk about it after school!" Luffy agreed and he bid farewell to Roger, followed by Zoro and Sanji in more polite manner, before they were back on the corridor.

"That was… WOW," Zoro could only shake his head in amazement still. So much information and so many progresses at once, he couldn't really follow it.

"Luffy," Sanji called the boy who was happily humming a tune he didn't know.

"Yeah?" Luffy looked completely satisfied with all of this.

"You realize that we will be really busy if we have to plan out everything, right?" Sanji asked, slightly concerned if the kid really knew what he was doing.

"It's called a 'bonding time' with everyone," Luffy answered with a sincere smile. "We're gonna enjoy this very much," he added softly and Sanji, once again, was conquered with that smile.

"I don't know if I can help," Zoro said, earning attention a second later from both Luffy and Sanji. "I have my own club to attend you know," he said.

"Well, you will find a damn time to help, Marimo. We can't do this with only two people," Sanji huffed in annoyance.

"Of course we won't do it just the two of us. We have all of the students to inform and to give out ideas, right?" Luffy said with a cheery smile. "Sanji, you must know all the other classes' representatives, right? You can start informing them what we will do. Let them inform their class member about the plan before we arrange a meeting for planning this out together with them. We will also have Zoro to tell the advisor and the leader of each sport club in our school to take part in our planning. We will know a lot of people more doing this!"

Both Sanji and Zoro could only look at each other, quite amazed at Luffy's bright and opened mind. He was trying to involve everyone in this event. That was a really great idea of socialization. There was no flaw in the plan of gathering all the people. Sanji could do that and as for the leaders and club advisors, Zoro had access to do that. This surprisingly could work out a lot better than they had expected.

"Did you just think that out of blue… or you run a background check first?" Zoro asked with a deadpanned look.

"What are you talking about? It's a common sense!" Luffy grinned at him while Sanji and Zoro could only sweat at that innocent answer.

Somehow… in a lot of ways, Luffy was… amazing.

"Well, let's try to work it out then," Sanji said.

"Yeah!" Luffy lifted both his arms in excitement.

"I'll do my best," Zoro said in a sure look.


And so… they tried to work it out. After school, Sanji informed the other class representatives and Zoro was in charge to inform all the sport club captains and advisors. Well, they had their own difficulties of course, since almost every class representatives were boys. And honestly; engaging them in conversation, for Sanji, was not fun. Zoro also had a difficulty in passing the message since they were all afraid of him. Damn stupid rumors. In the end, they succeeded though, and were quite pleased that all of them were pretty interested to participate in the event. They set the date for the meeting before they went back to class, to help Luffy with the rest of the 1-D class.

Luffy talked to all of his friends in 1-D class, and they seemed quite worked out as well with the plan.

"So now we're going to have an autumn spot festival!" Vivi was quite excited as it was her first time.

"Yep, we're going to do a lot of things for the preparations and practice later," Nami was also quite happy with this news.

"Yeah, but letting us to be in charge for everything… isn't that a bit too much?" Usopp asked slightly worried.

"Not quite right. We will be okay as long as we're working together," Saga said, quite in spirit. It had been awhile since he faced this kind of event, and he couldn't wait to actually participating in it.

"It's suuuupeeeer! Luffy is the best!" Franky cheered, having been so into it already.

"I guess we'll have to help Luffy in all of this, huh?" Shuraiya said with a happy grin and the others absolutely agreed with that.

"Sooo, what are we going to have in this autumn festival?" Luffy asked as the others, quickly raised one of their hands, wanting to spout out their ideas as soon as possible.

"Okay, starts from the ladies!" Sanji shouted and glares at the boys beside Luffy. "Please, Nami-swan, Vivi-chan," he then turned his face at the girl while smiling charmingly.

"Okay, I suggest for sprinting 100 meters," Nami said.

"And rally 400 meters!" Vivi added a second later.

"That's so thoughtful, Nami-swan, Vivi-chan! Individual and team play at once!" Sanji chirped happily before he glared at Zoro. "Note that down, Marimo," he said menacingly.

"Ah, why do I have to do that!?" the green haired teen protested at Sanji's bossy attitude.

"Uh…, let me handle it, Zoro," Saga offered to replace Zoro's position and Zoro only nodded and gave him the whiteboard marker before he went back to his own seat.

"Jeez, antisocial bastard," Sanji muttered and frowned in displease at that uncooperative boy's attitude. "Well, I have to use your hand instead, Saga," he shrugged after that.

"That's not the right way to ask for a help, class leader," Saga said, sweat dropping.

"So, other ideas!" Sanji ignored him and moved to the next person. "Let's just do it from the front," he picked the guy on the front corner and he stated his idea as well. From that point, a lot of interesting ideas were noted down. Everyone seemed having thought about that for some times. It was really a good idea to hold a meeting where they could actually state their ideas freely like that.

Was this what Principal Roger meant? Did Luffy make this possible? Everyone was pretty fired up after he was around, indeed.

Then, after the meeting was done and everyone, except Luffy, Sanji, Zoro and Saga, went home, Luffy suddenly spoke. "It lacks of impact."

"Huh?" Sanji and Saga who were shuffling the papers of ideas looked up at Luffy who sat on one of the chairs while reading the list of sports.

"What lacks of impact?" Zoro asked after he tidied his book and shouldered his bag.

"Well, I mean… basket ball, volley ball, soccer, dodge ball, and rally…, of course team-play sports are okay… but they don't really involve everyone. We still have some people abstain. They probably won't come to school and just lay around at the dorm or at their house," Luffy put down the paper and frowned.

"Well, you can't expect everyone to come. One or two must have their own thought in this kind of thing. Sometimes they just consider this kind of event wasting their time," Saga said in understanding.

"Yeah, like that damned red head for not even showing up in the meeting! That ass!" Sanji gritted his teeth in annoyance because Eustass Kidd once again, ruined their class team-work.

"Yeah, that too…," Luffy thought slightly before an idea popped up in his mind. "Hey, maybe we should put more appeal in this event!" he said with a sunny smile.

"Appeal?" The three other boys looked at Luffy in puzzled looks.

"Something that will make them think it's worth working hard and worth spending time! A treasure chest!" the boy clenched both his fists in front of his chest, expression so bright with excitement.

"A treasure… ah! I see!" Sanji punched his palm as he got it.

"Ah, so it's like that…," Zoro smirked at that, totally rooting for it.

"Wait a…, I don't really understand," Saga said, still completely confused.

"It's a reward system," Sanji said. "The class that becomes the general champion in every sport will get a reward. It can be anything, but more expensive the reward, more appeals will it makes," he explained in a smile.

Saga was quite surprised that Sanji could make that kind of expression, to him even. It seemed his class leader had become more and more social towards the same gender… well, since Luffy had been around, that was.

"I… I see," Saga said then, slowly.

"But we need treasury to approve something like that," Zoro brought the fact down.

"We don't need treasury for that," Luffy smirked.

"Huh?" Again, the three other boys set their inquiring looks at Luffy.

"How many students do you think in this school? If each of them contributes 1000 belies, it's more than enough to prepare a very great reward!" Luffy chirped excitedly.

"Contribution…!" Saga was struck dumb at the idea.

"Oh… because of this school system, I would have never thought about that…," Sanji was also very surprised that there was such way to get a lot of money. Since students every need was covered by the school fund, the students never had to pay for anything. That's why this idea never crossed in their mind.

"A thousand belies is affordable. I think everyone will agree. And since we have almost 400 students in every year, we will get at least 1.200.000 belies in estimate. Luffy is right. It's more than enough to give for a class, since we only have 40 students in each class," Zoro said slowly while thinking.

"Luffy's brain is really… bright, huh?" Saga was amazed of how creative Luffy could be. It might have something to do with his special ability. After all, it was still mysterious of why and how Luffy transferred into their school.

"So, with this, I am sure everyone will come!" Luffy said, "But, dealing with a lot of money will also fish some problems with cheating. That's why, we need special rules to get this reward!" he added more.

"There's more?" Really, his friends were thinking how far Luffy could go with his creativity.

"This special rule requires every class student to participate in the tournament! No one should be left behind! This will be great!" Luffy said again in enthusiasm.

"Well… that's a good idea, but it might be impossible, Luffy. Not everyone can do sport, you know?" Sanji said.

"It's not impossible."

Someone suddenly spoke, surprising the four boys in the class. They quickly centered their attention at the class door. There was Eustass Kidd, smirking at them in that almighty look.

"Eustass!" Sanji shouted and pointed at him angrily. "Where the hell are you the whole time!? And shut the fuck up! You're not even in the meeting! You don't even know what we're talking about!" he continued screeching at the red head.

"Oh come on, don't be so pansy, class leader," Kidd stared at Sanji indifferently.

"You call me WHAT!?" Sanji was about to attack when Saga and Zoro stopped him.

"Calm down, will you!" Zoro said sternly while Saga was trying to remind him that Sanji was a class leader and was not allowed to start any violence at school ground.

"Kidd, do you have any idea?" Luffy asked while smiling small, completely content with all of that.

Luffy is indeed amazing for being that calm despite all of it—his friends thought about that, slightly pale.

"Heh, what about a battle game," Kidd suggested.

"Battle game?" Luffy looked up in confused look, as well as the others.

"A game that requires team-work and individual skills at the same time. Tactician, doctor, supplier, warrior, mechanic, all in one team to reach one goal, championship," Kidd's smirk widened as he saw Luffy's widened eyes.

"Don't spout rubbish! How the hell we're gonna do it!? Fighting!?" Sanji shouted again at Kidd.

"No," Luffy said with a new surprised look. "This might do it," he said with a trembling excited body.

"What?" Sanji, Saga, and Zoro looked at Luffy in baffled looks.

"The rest is yours to think," Kidd said while closing the door, still smirking.

"Kidd!" Luffy called and Kidd turned just a bit and raised his eyebrows in 'what?' expression. "Thanks for your idea! It's a great one!" he continued while smiling so cheerily and sincerely that surprised Kidd a bit. Still, he just smiled and closed the door for real this time.

"Jeez, Luffy, why did you approve his bizarre idea!?" Sanji protested in a pout.

"Looked at every aspect, that was impossible," Saga also said with nervous look.

Zoro was quiet at that, but it didn't mean he agreed with the idea either.

"Kidd already suggested his idea; it means he is interested in this event, right? That's good enough for me," Luffy grinned. "His idea is raw, indeed, but we can work it out. Give me one night and I will plan that battle game out! It sounds really interesting!" he continued while smiling the whole time.

The other three could only look at each other in that point. Really, what in the world was running inside Luffy's head actually?

End of Chapter 5


A/N: I know you want to protest 'why the romance is so little here?' to me, since I also thought the same thing while writing it. But, no fear, my friends… it will be paid in next chapter, together with Zoro's little secret XDDD. Well, Sanji dominates almost every scene in this chapter, and I wonder why Zoro is so quiet here? *sighs* Sanji actually yells more at Eustass rather than at Zoro. Ah, well… anyway, what do you think? Suggestion about the battle games are opened ^__^. I'll try to look around and make the best out of everything… ehehe XD