A/N: Shi being related to Yugito is not canon.

Bluish Shade

He has a photo of her at home. Sometimes, when he talks to it, he feels that she's listening. But this is a bit beyond that.

She hovers in a corner as he moves around the room he'll share with Darui. It has a door connecting it to the Raikage's room for easy access in case of trouble.

"You know, I never believed the stories about the Nekomata's jinchuuriki becoming ghosts."

She shrugs.

"I didn't either if it helps."

He tests the window. It'll be easy to booby-trap.

"Why here?"

"It's important. Something's going to happen."

There's a brief look of confusion mixed with irritation on her face.

"But you don't know what?"


Silence falls. He thinks back to lazy afternoons as a child on his mother's lap, being steeped in the legends of their clan. Given that every jinchuuriki of the Nekomata has been a member of his family, it was no surprise that most of them had revolved around the bijuu.

"Your mother passed away recently."

She's quiet for a moment.

"She was a good woman."

He nods, inspecting the floor for soundness. Not for the first time, he understands why others see the Nii clan as otherworldly and why those members who don't become shinobi end up in the service of various temples.

She's moved over to the window and her back is to him as she looks out of it. Her next words are a warning.

"Keep close to Raikage-sama. Whatever will happen involves him."

Her form flickers at the edges, acquiring a blue tinge. It reminds him of the one time he'd seen her call on the Nekomata's power. It was always a rare occurrence due to there being few opponents that could challenge her at that level. She'd been sparring with Kirabi-sama and he stopped to watch. It was then that he realised just how powerful they both were as they tore up the training ground they were in. Kirabi-sama said something and she responded by letting thick blue chakra leak out, coating herself in a layer of the stuff. He had to leave at that point but he never forgot the sight.

"I have stayed too long."

She fades quickly like a stone dropped into a reflection in a pond, ripples spreading outwards and blurring the image. Her parting words linger.

"Be careful, cousin."

Shi totally looks like a male clone of Yugito (or the love-child of Sai and Yugito). I decided that they must be related and this was born. Somehow.