And Nigh, The End It Cometh.

Summary. . . . . . . . . Lucifer's free and hell bent on getting what he wanted all along. An AU of what I think could happen in season 5.

Disclaimer. . . . . . . Even though I ask nicely everyday, they still belong to Kripkie.

We run from the convent as the walls start trembling around us and century old masonry crumbles and falls to the crack riddled tiles on the floor. I can't believe I'm back at this place and that he's here. He's finally here, after all this time, after all these months we're about to meet up again; meet up for a battle I'm sure one of us will never come back from. I think back to everything that has happened as I race to get out before the whole place falls down around us. How did I let it get this far? Why didn't I stop this when I had the chance? But I know how, and I know why. I just wasn't strong enough, wasn't willing enough to do that to him.

I bounce off the solid oak door as it refuses to budge, it's iron locks set firmly into place preventing our escape. I pound at the mass in my need to do something, I have to get us out of here, I have to meet him on a more even ground. Not here. Not this place where it all started. This place where it all began to go so desperately wrong. I flinch away as a strong hand pushes me to one side, at least one of us has kept his head tonight, the hand soon leaving me and making quick work of the lock; why didn't I think of doing that? But I know why, my mind isn't on the game, my mind is focused on him. I want to see him again, want to see what has become of him, but at the same time I want to run, want to remember him as he was, and not how he is now. As we bound through the now open doorway we falter, we've been tricked, the object we have been racing from is standing right before us, and for the first time in six months I finally get to see him.

Six Months Previous.

I tried to tell him that this was a waste of time, that there was nothing here that could help us, but he had pleaded asking me for once to trust him, and I remembered the last time he had asked that of me, and how I had failed to do that and how badly that had turned out, and I had given in because at least this way we would be together and I could keep an eye on him. But somehow we weren't together, somehow we had gotten separated, and somehow I knew this was gonna turn out bad. I rushed down the aisle, past all the pews where people knelt in prayer, heads popping up from bent positions as I race by. I wonder if they would still worship their God if they knew what his servants had done and what was coming their way? I crash through the wooden doors and freeze. He is there, but he's not alone.

I open my mouth to speak, only to hesitate. It's so quiet. Absolutely nothing is stirring, not even the wind is moving. I snap out of my freeze and start to take a step that would bring me closer to the one I swore never to leave alone again, as the stranger brings up a hand and places it against my brother's chest. A blinding flash of white bursts free, a flash so bright it blackens all around it. It's quickly followed by a wind so strong it turns over cars, blasts out windows, and throws me back against the unforgiving hardness of the churches doors, the wood splintering easily as though rotten, even though I know they aren't. Chaos surrounds me as the people in the church start to panic and rush for other ways out, but it's too late, a shadow is moving from within the light and I've seen it so many times before I immediately know who it is. The hallowed ground is no match for his power now, the chosen one and the master have combined and hell is about to runneth over.

They don't have time to scream as a quick wave of his hand sends them crashing through the stained glass windows, prisms of color flaring against all surfaces as the glass is caught in the light as it tumbles to the ground. He sends the alter hurtling into people trying to find sanctuary in the rectory, the heavy timber cross goes flying into others that try to sneak back out of the front doors. Within seconds there's only me and him left, and winded as I am I feel as though my time is about to end also. He steps closer his obsidian eyes sparkling with malice, his hand rising poised ready to strike, and I can't help but cringe from the power I can feel thrumming like electricity. But he stops, something prevents him from finishing me off. He glares at me and tries again, only to receive the same response. I think I have a chance and will myself to move, but whilst he can't finish me off, he can still hurt me as I find out as I'm flung into pulpit unconsciousness starting to claim me before I have even hit the floor, Sam's stolen form stalking angrily away, and the brief glimmer of hope that my brother is still there and fighting the last things I remember before I finally succumb.

A.N. . . . . . . . . . . Okay so for a long time now, I've had this feeling that Lucifer will take Sam as his meat puppet and I've wanted to do a fic about it. I saw an extended trailer for the new season this morning and that feeling has, if anything, increased. So I put fingers to keyboard and typed up some of my ideas, I hope that you enjoyed chapter 1, more coming your way soon. Thanks for reading, Peanut x