Jenna Delaney was annoyed.

No...not annoyed.


She was so angry she could barely speak, she just stared at her parents, looking from her mom to her dad and back and forth again.

"Sorry," She said. "I'm having trouble understanding you here. Did you say: 'moving'?"

Mom looked nervous. Jenna was known for her fits of titanic rage.

And Jenna looked like the kind of person that would be known for fits of titanic rage as well.

She had dark copper hair and wild fire green eyes and porcelain skin that was now flushed with anger. Not the beauty that her elder sister was but few were. And she was attractive in her own way if she kept her mouth shut.

"Well, yes. But it's not quite moving. You see, your father and I want to...reaffirm our marriage a bit and so we've decided to go on a second honeymoon, you see. We can't really go on a honeymoon whilst you and your sister are here. So you and she are going to stay with some relatives until we can get things sorted out. But you're very nice people- you'll like them."

"Don't worry, mother. I understand- even if Jenna doesn't."

Jenna turned to glare at her elder sister who had just come down the stairs.

Althea Delaney. Beautiful with long chestnut hair and such wide gold eyes and perfect sun-kissed skin, she looked like she belonged on the covers of beauty magazines not to mention being wonderfully intelligent and the angel of hope for her family.

And then there was Jenna. Her grades weren't bad, but her maths needed serious work, she was pretty when she smiled and...that was about it.

"Oh, of course you understand, Althea." Muttered Jenna. "You're just a little ray of sunshine, aren't you?"

"When you get Althea's flawless grades you can talk, Jenna." Snapped Dad.

Althea laughed prettily. "Oh, don't blame Jenny, Dad. She can't help being useless."

Jenna's eyes narrowed. "Its people like you that give people like me a complex."

"Don't be so overdramatic, Jenna." Sighed her mother. "Ms. Everton is such a kind woman and she has a son and a daughter for you to be friends with."

"A son?" Althea perked up.

"What about school?" Jenna clung onto her one hope. Maybe they'd let her stay at one of her friend's houses.

"When have you cared about school?" Demanded Dad.

"What? Can't I show an interest now?"

"It's all taken care of." Her mom told her. "After all, the Everton children are home-schooled."

"Home-schooled?" One part of Jenna screamed: Yes! I don't have to be the new kid at a weird school and I can probably get away with anything with this Everton woman. On the other hand...I'll be spending all day with her two freakish kids.

"Yes, mother. So moving on: What about a son?" Althea asked.

"He's seventeen," Her mother said doubtfully.

"I'm sixteen!" Beamed Althea.

"Fifteen." Said Jenna, just in case somebody cared.

"What does he look like?" Althea continued.

"I've never met him." Her mother said. "But they're a very secretive family and quite eccentric I hear as well and yet they have old-fashioned values. I think it's a wonderful place for you and Jenna to spend the next two months. You'll love it."

"I know I will." Sighed Althea. "And I just know I'll finally be appreciated there, for who I am."

"Well that all depends," Said Jenna. "Do you want them to accept you or do you want them to like you?"

"You know what, Jenna? You're so selfish, always jealous of me. Why don't you try to see things from my point of view?"

"Sorry, Althea, but I can't seem to get my head that far up my ass."

"Jenna!" Yelled Dad. "I heard that! Room. Now."

Althea waved as Jenna walked up the stairs.

Why did I have to get a sister whose one goal is to make sure I have self-esteem issues in my childhood?

Jenna sat on her bed and found herself looking straight into the mirror. At her light green eyes- they weren't really what you would call 'beautiful' they were more...interesting and once upon a time in second grade a boy had said she had nice hair.

Whether it was for a dare or not, Jenna still couldn't be sure.

It's normal for a girl who's not a model-like beauty like Althea or intelligent like Althea or as downright perfect as Althea to wish that she could be better?

So what if sometimes Jenna wished she had more hauntingly brilliant eyes or more lustrous hair or a better, curvier figure?

After all no one's perfect.

But was it possible that someone as hot-headed as Jenna could be happy?

"Jace!" Yelled Sierra. "When are you going to come off of the roof?"

"When it falls in."


"Okay, okay!" Jace leapt up lightly to his feet and dropped to the ground neatly off of the roof of a four-storey building.

"You show-off." His little sister, Chloe accused.

"What?" Blinked Jace innocently.

Sierra Everton sighed. "Alright children, enough. I have news. It's big news."

"Poppy and James are visiting??" Beamed Chloe.

"Rashel accidently killed Quinn?" Suggested Jace.

"Mary-Lynette and Ash are getting married??"

"Don't tell me," Sighed Jace. "I have to endure another of Thierry and Hannah's tea parties. All they do is stare longingly into each other's eyes. Coming up with a conversation topic is hell."

"You both fail." Said Sierra. "And Jace, don't be rude. Once you find your soulmate you'll know."

"How romantic." Sighed Chloe.

"Yeah right." Muttered Jace.

"Be nice." Snapped Sierra. "Anyways, we're going to all have to put on a happy face because the daughters of a friend of mine are coming to stay with us."

"Daughters?! Really? That's so cool! It'll be like having sisters!" Chloe glanced resentfully at Jace. "All I got was a stupid brother."

"It's not like I had a choice." Muttered Jace.

Chloe sighed. She didn't need or want to point out what kind of brother Jace was. Not only was he viciously over protective but he believed the the Earth, the stars and the sun and the solar system revolved around Jace Everton. He was completely selfish and only cared about looking after himself, never giving a thought to others.

In other words, she felt sorry for any girl who got herself caught up with him. And many did.

Jace discarded his girlfriends like they were yesterday's news, he played with their minds and dumped them like broken dolls.

Most of them went insane. Seriously.

The guy himself looked at Sierra. "Daughters, hmm? Vampires? Witches? God no, please don't tell me they're werewolves."

"Humans." Said Sierra.

"Yay!" Cried Chloe.

"Even worse." Said Jace.

"What are you? A Redfern? We like humans." Sierra reminded him.

"With ketchup."

"Jace!" Cried Chloe.

"Well somebody had to say it. Anyway, isn't it going to be difficult living with humans whilst being vampires? It'll be like a bad sitcom."

"We'll hunt whilst they're asleep. They'll never know, but, Jace, at least try to put on a nice human front so it's halfway believable."


"I can, Sierra!" Chloe smiled.

"Oh and one more thing: try to call me 'mom' whilst they're here."


"Jace, this is your own personal rule,"


"No biting."

Jace flashed her a demonic smile that made them both shiver inwardly.

"As if I would."