A Future Awry

Hey everyone. This one's a little experimental. I'm trying for slightly "different" tone. It's based on a challenge given to me by BellaVision and takes place post-NFA, blatantly ignores most of the comics, and requires a small leap of faith. I'm basing the chapters on songs I've been listening too, so yeah, it's going to be a bit different. Hope you enjoy the craziness that will be this tale.

Challenge: Buffy is a Vampire and her game face will be from Season 1 in the episode "Nightmares." In this challenge, Buffy's going to get a magic and an odd looking stone that transforms her into a vampire's body and the stone will be smashed by the demon so that her magical turning will be permanent. When she begins to drink blood packages, her new change will be even more permanent. (Post-NFA).

Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy or Spike or any part of what has come to be known as the Whedon-verse. Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy own it. No one said I can't play with it though.

The chapter title "Electric Demons in Love" is borrowed from the Electric Six song by the same name. The story behind the "electric demon" – kinda borrowed from the song too… go ahead and listen to it. It's a fun one.

Chapter One: Electric Demons in Love

It didn't look like the sort of thing that would change a life. The girl in question was strolling around a park after nightfall when she found it. Stubbed the toe of her black leather boot against it really. Ostensibly she was patrolling, though the word had lost some of its former connotations. There were hundreds of Slayers out there, perhaps thousands, and she was just one. She wasn't even stationed at a Hellmouth. This was her retirement: a small town far from where she had seen her greatest moments (and her worst, though she'll never tell – not anymore). In fact, Buffy Summers hadn't seen a demon in months. They didn't have a whole lot of them in small mountain towns, apparently.

So when she stubbed her toe against the rock, no larger than the size of her fist, she didn't think twice about picking it up. In fact, she'd had every intention of throwing it away, clearing the path so no early morning jogger would trip over it. "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," one could hear her murmur under her breath, "Saving the world from sprained ankles, one rock at a time." She was twenty-five. One couldn't blame her for feeling restless and useless. Similar-aged people in the town were working on their careers and their families (a solid half were married or engaged). She didn't even have the excuse that she was saving the world anymore.

The rock held her attention for a brief moment as she prepared herself to use her wasted Slayer strength to hurl the defenseless rock into the dense woods. It sparkled. Last time she checked, dull looking black rocks did not sparkle. In fact, being dull, sparkling was not something they should be capable of. Especially not when it continued to do it. And the sparkles? Not so much sparkles as… electric currents running over the rock?

"Okay…. So this is Giles-worthy," the young woman muttered under her breath, tossing the rock in the air and catching it, a small smile playing on her lips. "Guess things are finally going to get interesting in this little town."

At first, the rock did nothing but sit on her dresser sparkling and sparking, electric currents traveling over its surface every now and then. It was a little mesmerizing, if Buffy was to be honest with herself, and it was kinda nice to have something supernatural in her life again. "Can't hurt to hold onto it for a few days, right?" She asked the worn-out stuffed pig that sat on a shelf above her bed. "I mean, Giles doesn't need to know right away, right?"

The pig stared at her through worn glassy eyes. It didn't give her an audible answer, but the Slayer seemed content with whatever she had seen in its stillness.

The days went by, a monotony of waking whenever the urge to leave the bed struck, eating whatever hadn't gone bad in the refrigerator, lounging around the Watcher-approved-and-payed-for apartment, and the waiting, waiting for the sun to go down. Without her sister (who had gotten into Oxford, who would've thought after the disaster that had been her early high school years?), she was becoming a creature of the night. The only one in her town.

The rock sat on her dresser. It waited. It was patient. It's owner would find it eventually. It had faith.

Buffy was rubbing her hair dry with a towel the day it all changed. Her doorbell was ringing (it never rang) and she was hustling towards it, dodging the coffee table with a fluid ease. "Uh, hi! Can I help you?" She asked brightly as she opened the door, finding herself face to face with a woman in a long trench coat and a fedora. And rubber boots. The strangeness of it wasn't so strange to Buffy. Not after years on the Hellmouth. Though she should have known something odd was happening in her small mountain town.

"I certainly hope so," the woman's voice was strange too. It sounded like the electronically remixed voices of pop singers in techno remixes. Buffy didn't notice. "I lost something a few days ago. It's very important to me. I was hoping you had seen it? Or picked it up? I could feel its power nearby."

"Feel its power?" Buffy echoed, looking stunned, suddenly taking in the yellow eyes that were gazing at her from below the fedora and the dark, dark skin that framed them.

"Yes. It looks a little like a rock. But its electric?"

Obviously, Buffy knew it was the rock. Just as Buffy now knew it was a demon standing on her doorstep. Her Slayer senses were off the charts, as if an electric charge were pouring through her. "Uh, no. Haven't seen anything like it." She said quickly, closing her door rapidly and wondering how on earth one killed an electric demon. Wishing she had called Giles earlier, Buffy moved away from the door. The demon was knocking on her door increasingly rapidly and heavily.

"Please? It's very important to me." The demon was saying, her strange and melodic voice echoing like a bad techno recording. "And it's very powerful." Her voice took on a sad tone, a techno ballad, "My… someone very special gave it to me. Before he died."

Inside, Buffy felt a wave of compassion rise up. She'd lost someone very special too. Not so long ago really. He'd been a demon too. A demon with a soul. She wondered how much it had really mattered, in the end. And for a moment she was tempted to open the door and give the demon the rock. Then she recalled every other powerful magical artifact she had ever known of. No one who wanted them ever had pleasant intentions for their use.

In fact, she couldn't recall a powerful magical artifact that had ever brought happiness to her life. The last one, that had taken the man (or vampire) who she had finally accepted into the tortured spaces of her heart. Taken him and replaced him with dust and a crater. She ran to her bedroom and stared at the rock. Could this too take someone she loved and reduce them to a pile of dust and a crater? It was hardly worth finding out, was it? With thoughts of her lost vampire lover racing through her mind, her heart insistent on the fact she had loved him, even if just for that moment that she too had seen his soul, she grabbed hold of the rock.

An electric shock ran through her. Buffy Summers screamed. Her world went dark.

"Are you alright?" The melodic electronic voice was back, nearer than ever, and Buffy scrambled to her feet, adrenaline running through her veins.

"Get back!" she growled. "Whatever you are, I'm warning you."

The demon backed up, her rubber boots clumping heavily on the floor beneath her feet as a hard crushing sound filled the room. The demon and Buffy both looked to the boots. The demon raised one foot to expose a chalky red powder, crumbled bits of stone clinging to the rubber treads and the cracks in the hardwood floor beneath them. "Oh dear," the demon murmured, anxious electric eyes gazing at Buffy, "I'm guessing you weren't a vampire before you touched the rock just now?"

Buffy stared at the demon for a long moment, "A wha?" Tentative fingers rose to her face, ran across the ridges on her forehead and cheekbones, traveled down the length of her extended canines, and froze as the stillness of an unbeating heart penetrated the young woman's consciousness.

"Umm, you see, it was a changing stone. I wasn't always a demon," the electric demon raised sensitive yellow eyes. "I just fell in love with one." Her voice was sorrowful as she continued, "He got me this changing stone. We thought we could always be together. I… I used it and it was so good. We thought we would live forever. Electric demons in love. I didn't care about the evil. We would go dancing. We lit up the place. We… we started a fire. There was a Slayer."

Buffy was emotionless as she watched the demon cry tears that crackled in her bedroom. "And how do I become human again?" she interrupted finally, her voice trembling slightly with a dawning fear.

The demon gave her a watery smile. "The stone changes shape and form when it's used. Electric when I used it. Redder and apparently softer when you used it." She gestured at the chalky red mess beneath her boot. "It's useless now."

Buffy stared at the demon with a growing fury. "You mean I'm stuck as a vampire?" she asked gruffly, her voice sounding strange as she spoke around the fangs that seemed to overfill her mouth.

"Look on the bright side, honey," the demon smiled, "At least you can be with the one you love forever."

"He's dead."

"Oh dear," the electric demon said again, wringing her rubber gloved hands.

It was not the best week in Buffy Summers life.