WARNING: NC-17, Slash (M/M), Xeno, Language

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A/N: Lemon chapter. Mature readers only.

Part VI-

When they reached the shanty, Christopher carried Wikus over the threshold and laid him down on the bedding. Wikus met his eyes and then rolled over onto his side, curled in the fetal position.

"May I go play outside?" Oliver clicked quietly. Christopher sighed and stroked his antennae.

"No, son. It's too dangerous now. I need you to pack a small bag with clothes and other things, in case we have to leave," Christopher said. Oliver looked up at him wide-eyed.
"Why would we have to leave?" he asked.

"We won't," Wikus murmured from the bedding, "The MNU won't give two shits that you killed that prawn, Christopher. Especially not a trouble making toe-rag like Isaac. He was giving us trouble when I... when I was... you know..." Christopher frowned.

"Wikus, Jeremy will contact the MNU, and he will tell them where you are hiding. Our only choice is to-"

"I'm turning myself in, Christopher," Wikus snapped. Christopher stared at the smaller prawn in shock.

"Oliver, go down to the lab. Check the specimens for me," Christopher said quietly. Oliver had the good sense not to argue. He scurried from the room and down into the lab. "You cannot turn yourself in, Wikus. Don't you realize what they will-"

Wikus growled angrily. "Of course I know what they'll do to me! I'm not fucking daft!"
"Then why would you turn yourself in? That is not an option, Wikus!"

Wikus sat up, eyes blazing. "Then what would you have me do? I can't stay here! I can't drag the fucking kid into this! It's too dangerous!"

"And do you think we can stay? I have killed one of my own kind! Jeremy will be out for blood! I have killed his mate! There will be no stopping him now! We must leave! Tonight!" Christopher cried. Wikus snorted.

"Jeremy? That little shit is nothing! You can take him! And his posse! You're protecting me, and I have no fucking idea why! I'm nothing to you!" Christopher snatched Wikus up by the arms.

"You are everything to me, human... as much as I loathe to say it," he hissed, "You and Oliver are my world now. Why can't you understand that!" Wikus' eyes were wide in shock. Christopher felt him go limp in his arms.

"Just kill me, Christopher," Wikus whimpered, "They're going to find me, no matter where I run... I can't do it anymore, please..." Christopher growled and smashed their mouths together, tenticles entwining. Wikus allowed himself to be devoured, lying in Christopher's arms, limp as a rag doll.

Christopher pushed them back into the bedding, and spreading himself over Wikus. Wikus whined and clung to Christopher like a lifeline. "I grow tiresome of your pleading for death, Wikus," Christopher growled, pressing him into the blankets and rocking their hips. Wikus squealed and arched up trying to get closer.

He felt Wikus' hard arousal pressed between their bodies. He felt his own begin to descend from it's protective sheath. Christopher raised himself up a bit and began to mouth his way down Wikus' body.

Wikus was falling apart by the time Christopher reached his abdomen. Christopher kissed and stroked his soft belly, smirking when Wikus' erection dug into his neck.

"God! Jesus fucking C-christ! Mmm more please, ohh Christ!" Wikus moaned a litany of curses and whines before Christopher finally turned his attention to Wikus' dick. He wrapped his tentacles around the appendage squeezing lightly and nuzzling his groin. When that wasn't enough to make the little prawn orgasm, he stuffed two fingers into his tight, wet body.

Wikus came instantly, writhing against Christopher's hand. Christoher pulled his fingers out and sat up, bringing Wikus to sit in his lap. Christopher leaned back against the wall and spread his knees, positioning Wikus over his dick. He lowered the prawn down slowly.

They both groaned in unison when the head pushed inside the first few inches. Wikus eased him off and back on again. After a few more shallow thrusts, Christopher tilted his hips and slammed up inside him. Wikus gasped and buried his face in Christopher's neck, wrapping his arms around him tightly.

Christopher grunted and thrust up into him rapidly. Wikus panted and mewled in his ear. Feeling the impending orgasm building, Christopher yanked him up off his dick and turned him around, slamming him back down. Wikus was all but sobbing now, moaning and begging for completion. Christopher wrapped a hand around Wikus' throbbing penis.

Three quick tugs, and that was the end of Wikus. Christopher groaned and spilled himself deep inside Wikus' body. Cum gushed past Christopher's still buried cock and ran down their thighs and into the blankets. Panting, Christopher let himself slip out of Wikus' body and watched as another flood of semen rushed out. The sight was nearly enough to get him hard again.

Wikus whimpered as Christopher continued to stroke him slowly. "C-Christopher? Did you mean what you said? About... me being your... your..." Christopher shushed him, releasing his spent penis and petting his belly gently.

"If that is what you wish," he rumbled. Wikus shivered and closed his eyes.