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I can't believe she followed me out here. Wait a minute, scratch that. Chloe was always wandering into danger, so I guess this whole situation should have been expected by me. I'm dissapointed that Chloe followed me out into the woods alone, not stopping to think about what could happen to herself again. I should have thought to tell her to stay around the house. She might have listened.

She released a deep sigh and I looked down at her, keeping my face straight when I felt the worries start to sink in. Was her ankle broken? No, she would've been in more pain than what she was showing. Not even Chloe would have been able to hide it that well. I watched her eyes, searching the deep blue for some hint as to what she was feeling, what might be going on in her head. She didn't look in pain. Instead she looked..content. I guess that's the word I'm looking for. It was odd that this was her reaction to a big, hideous werewolf carrying her bridal style through the woods. But anyways, her eyes were truly something, always lively and bright, the depths of blue providing hope when all seems lost. It's really quite tiring to awlways have everyone look to me when they don't know what to do. I don't know much more than they do most of the time, even if I do come off as a bit of a know-it-all. When I just felt like giving up on taking risks and calling the shots, just glancing at Chloe' hopeful expression motivated me to keep going. Tori keeps making rude and irritating comments about her abundance of perkiness. Well, the rest of us sure as hell don't know how to cope with all of the doom and gloom and end up lashing out on eachother. Thank god for peace keeper Chloe, or I might have strangled a few people.

I quit staring at her like an idiot when she turned away, a blush spreading over her cheeks. I must have been looking at her with a little too much intensity, too much thought. I brought my head back up to watch were I was going. The trees dwindled and I saw the house up ahead in all its gothic gloriness. It was a creepy place, but it was safe. I could hear their voices clear enough now to be able to tel breakfast hadn't been served yet. The smell of eggs and bacon drifted my way, causing my stomach to rumble loudly. Chloe giggled softly and I felt a tad embarrased.

"Is your ankle hurting you?" I asked her quickly. A cold gust of wind blew through the thinning trees and she shivered.

"Not really." I translated this too yes, a little bit, Derek, in my head and picked up the pace a little.

I walked up the porch steps and pushed open the screen with my elbow. I felt Chloe squirm a little to look around, seeing what was going on. I walked down the hall a bit and turned into the living room, where Andrew, and elderly witch named Gwen, and a half-demon whose name I kept on forgetting sat whispering. The room was a light tan color with old photos and tacky furniture. It was a fairly simple, comfortable living room, and not to cheery like the Lyle house. They'd been talking about what to do about Tori and Simon before I'd walked in with a wet Chloe.

"Dear, what happened?" the witch asked, rising to her feet at the same time as the other two in the room. All of them looked shocked, and I could practically hear their assumptions running through their head. No doubt they blamed me for this. Before I could speak Chloe answered.

"I fell," she told them, then probably realized that what she said was suspisiously vague and continued, "I-I", deep breath ,"Was g-going for a walk and I started crossing a creek, but the rocks were more slippery than I thought.." She trailed off and smiled meekly. I ignored the searching eyes and finished for her.

"Her ankle might be sprained. She couldn't walk on it, so I carried her back here," I explained flatly, shaifting my weight uncommfortably, wondering where I should put Chloe down. Andrew nodded slowly, still taking in the sight of us.

"Alright, Derek, would you please take Chloe up to her room? I'll get Laney to come up and take a look," Andrew told me, and then left the room in search of Laney, the only shaman here. Shamans were naturally healers of illness caused by evil spirits, but Laney was also fairly educated in the normal kind of medicine and sort of played Doctor to the building. She never used aspirin or pain meds and believed in home-made, from the earth medicine. I always made sure to be locked up in my room or in the shower when she insisted on practicing her acupuncture on one of us.

I nodded, giving a parting glance to the other women in the room before going and starting up the stairs. Chloe's room was 4 doors down from mine, right next to the bathroom. She reached out and opened the door for me. She was sharing a room with Tori (poor Chloe) and I could tell they that already made bed was hers. Both by her scent and the fact that Tori didn't seem likely to make her bed in the morning. I walked over and gingerly placed her on the bed, grabbing her extra pillow and placing it under her foot. I was hit by a brief fantasy of her lying in bed, but I quickly shut it out and wiped my face of emotion. No matter how much I try not to have feelngs for, the animal side of me comes back, wanting me to tend to her every need.

"Laney should be up here in a minute," I informed her, hearing Andrew talking to Laney downstairs.

"Thanks Derek," she replied with a smile that threatened to bring a smile to my face too. She pushed herself up on her elbows, wincing when she moved her ankle, "I really hope Laney doesn't make her shaman soup for me though." She made a face, her nose wrinkling in distaste. Shaman soup was a concoction that reduced pain, but unfortunately tasted like old gym socks and grass. I chuckled and shook my head, a good five feet away now, pressed against the wall beside the window.

"What's worse? The pain of your ankle or the pain of her crazy meds?" I aked, shoving my hands in my pockets. She looked thoughtful for a moment.

"Her meds," she replied with a wide grin that brightened the dullness of the room and my mood. I allowed myself to smile at that, eeth and all, just as Laney walked in. She looked surprised at my grin, and looked between me and Chloe before the corner of her lip upturned.

"Well what have we here?" she moved to Chloe and slowly pushed up her pant leg a bit. Her ankle was swollen. My smile fell quickly. She made a few tsking noises and then turned to me, "Derek, hon, please go get me some ice. Oh, and some tape puh-lease." She began unlacing Chloe's shoe when I left, asking her to explain what happened. I listened to a slightly longer version of the story we'd told Andrew as I headed down the stairs. I stepped into the kitchen and saw most of the house's inhabitants grabbing plates and serving themselves.

"Hey bro," Simon greeted, filling his plate with eggs, "How's it hanging?" Simon glanced up at me and raised a brow at my expression. I guess he saw the concern there.

"What happened?" he asked lowly, grabbing a fork. I walked past him, grabbed a plastic ziploc bag, then opened the freezer.

"Chloe fell," I said, feeling Andrew's eyes on me from the table, "Laney asked me to get ice." I peered at Simon over my shoulder as I dumped the ice from the ice trays into the bag. He looked ready to ditch his breakfast and go up there to see her. Not on my watch.

"Relax, Simon. She's fine. Laney's got it under control," I grumbled, trying to convince him and myself. This was all my fault... I grabbed the first aid kit under the sink.

Before Simon could argue I headed back to the stairs, not having much trouble getting through since the others pretty much cleared the way. Just because I'm a werewolf doesn't mean I'm going to rip their heads off if they're standing in my way. Sheesh. People.

I silently slipped back into the room as Laney was talking to Chloe about how she nearly fell off a cliff following some boy. Maybe Laney was teaching Chloe some life lessons. Do not follow people into a dangerous enviroment unles you know where you're going. I kind of liked Laney. She wasn't afraid of me and didn't assume the worst of me. It doesn't take much to be on my good side really. Shame I didn't have many people on my good side.

When Laney and Chloe had failed to see me come in I gave the ice bag a little shake. Chloe jumped and looked at me and Laney just held out a hand, holding in a laugh. I shook my head. Chloe was so jumpy. Placing the ice bag in Laney's hand and the first aid kit on the bed, I took a few steps back. I waited and when I didn't get an update from Laney I decided to say something.

"So.." I left it hanging, waiting to be filled in.

"Just a simple sprain, Derek," Laney informed me, setting the bag on Chloe's ankle. Choe seemed a little relieved and relaxed a bit, "One more thing Derek, could you head downstairs and grab us some food? Grab yourself a plate too. Chloe could use some more company than me." I wondered why she was asking me to be company. I wasn't much at all. I didn't say much and people didn't usually like me around. Still I nodded and went downstairs to grab more food and she started taping up the foot.

I balanced three plates up the stairs and down the hall,pushing open the ajar door with my side. I was starving, and carrying this much food in front of my nose wasn't helping much.

"Well doesn't that look delicious! Bacon, eggs, sausage...and..ooh hashbrowns too!" Laney squealed when I gave her a plate, "Jenny has outdone herself today." I piled all the plates high, probably more than they could eat, but I knew that none of it would go to waste with my stomach in the room too. I handed Chloe her a plate too and her eyes widened a bit at all the food. I couldn't help a small chuckle and headed back against the wall with my own plate, shovelng some eggs nto my mouth. Finally. Food at last.

"It' a good thing you found Chloe. If you hadn't, she probably would have sat there by the creek til sundown and given herself hypothermia," Laney said, taking a small bite of her bacon. I swallowed.

"I have no doubt that she would have," I replied quietly, watching a shade of pink creep across Chloe's cheeks. I rather liked it when she blushed, the color making her face seem so.. Shut up, Derek. I shoved more food down my throat. We ate in silence for a few more minutes, giving me enough time to clear my plate while the other two had just barely started. Slow eaters. Chloe turned attention from her plate to me and stifled a laugh.

"What?" I snapped, setting my plate on nightstand. She poked her eggs and looked at me with a shrug.

"I've never seen anyone clear a plate that fast," Laney said, looking startled. Chloe was probably used to it by now.

"Get used to it, Laney, because mealtimes are always going to be like this," Chloe giggled, taking another bite. She chewed slowly and swallowed, looking down at her half full plate pitifully, "Are you still hungry, Derek?" The look on her face told me she already knew the answer, which was rather obvious. A guy like me needed a lot of food to be content. I snorted in response.

"You want the rest of mine? You really gave me too much," Chloe said, holding up her plate. At first I told her to try and eat a little more, that maybe she'd grow (only teasing), and she wouldn't have it, so naturally I ended up taking the rest and wolfing it down (no pun intended). And then later the rest of Laney's. After eating the shaman turned back to Chloe and began to tape up her ankle, the swelling down a bit.

"Well okie dokie artichokies, everything is fine now. Don't walk on your ankle too much sweetie, okay?" Laney waited for Chloe to nod before patting her arm and sliding off the bed. She walked towards the door and paused by me

"You both are so fortunate to have eachother," she commented, implying more than a friendship I believed. It was obvious in her tone. When we both looked shocked b her statement she waltzed out of the room, taking our empty plates with her. I cleared my throat and Chloe bit her lip.

"Laney doesn't know what she's talking about," I reassured Chloe. She just kept biting her lip and patted the bed like she had down by the creek. Maye she had something else bugging her, something she wanted to get off her chest. I thought about the cons of sitting next to her again and figured they weren't much compared to the pros, so I moved and settle at the foot of her be, he sprained ankle by my hip. I looked down at it hesitantly, hoping it didn't hurt, then began to think of how small her feet were. Probably no bigger than my hand.

"It doesn't hurt much anymore. The ice really helps. Thanks," she told me when se saw me looking. I turned my attention to her face and she smiled.

You're sitting in the same bed with her and she smiles! the animal in me shirped exciedly. I told it to shut up and rested my hand on her bed post, looking out the window. I felt a little uncomfortble with the feeling I was getting sitting in bed with her.

"I'm glad," I said in response to her comment. I felt her eyes on my face and calmly asked her 'what?'.

"I've noticed that y-you've been looking...b-better lately.." she breathed and I heard her hearrt flutter nervously. What was she nervous about? She continued, "Do you think that you'll change all the way next time?" At that I stared at her. Maybe she did have a valid point there. My puberty smackdown seemed to be letting up, so maybe that means I was close to maturity in wolf form too...

"There's a possibility," I said, sounding distant. I was a little afraid of changing completely. What if I lost control? She leaned forward with those hopeful blue eyes, watching me.

"What's wrong?" she asked me softly. I grumbled a nothing, but she kept looking at me with those eyes...gah!

"It's the change.. What if I'm not in control? What if I hurt someone?" I said, scowling at the weakness in my voice. I cleared my throat and looked out the window again. Chloe was shocked, probably at the fact that I seemd to be afraid of something. I was afraid of a lot of things, but I hated showing it,especially in front of Chloe. I felt something small and warm rest on my forearm. Chloe's hand.

"Derek, don't worry. I'll be there with you," she reassured me. I turned to her, fixing an intense stare on Chloe.

"No, Chloe, you can't come to this one. It could be dangerous," I warned her, my voice low. She gained a fiery, stubborn look. Here it comes.. an argument.

"I know you're worried, Derek, but I'm not afriad of you. I know you won't hurt me," she insisted, and I scoffed.

"And what makes you so sure?"

"Because I know one. Better than he might think." With that she gave a little smug smile, daring me to keep arguing. I knew that I wouldn't be able to sway her thoughts. She could be so stubborn sometimes. I was kind of touched with the way she thought of me though. I rolled my eyes at her and stood.

"Fine," I agreed reluctantly, making a goofy face at her, which surprised me. Being around Chloe and her non-judgemental ways alllowed me freedom to be my own person who laughs and smiles and has fun. Chloe never once let a special stupid expression or laugh with me go unnoticed. She was just like that, and I lov--liked that about her.

A small angelic laugh filled my ears and then she looked at me with such an intensity I felt I would burst with my emotions I worked so hard to keep at bay. I felt like a deer in headlights. A pair of gorgeous, alluring cerulean headlights.

"Derek, I care about you..a lot," she said softly out of the blue. And that did it. My common sense left the building and let my feelings took the reigns. I stepped towards her in one swift moment and bent over her, bringing my lips down to hers at an agonizingly slow pace, trying to stop myself. And to my surprise she brought her lips forward and met mine in a gentle kiss. I felt my senses come alive, her unique scent filling my nostrils, wrapping around my brain. The quickened pace of her heart, pounding against her ribs. And with what I was feeling, I knew my heart was too. It was amazing, everything that I kept buried expressed by setting my mouth against her warm lips. What made it exceptionally perfect was the fact that she was kissing me back.

I reluctantly pulled my head back a little, barely parting a centimeter actually. Her breathe tickled my chin. I was so surprised. She wasn't disgusted or afraid, but seemed like she enjoyed it just as much.

"You have no idea how long I've been wanting to do that," I breathed, "You know, I really care about you too. I don't mean to be a jerk to you, or to try and control what you do. You worry me and infuriate me and I yell at you because... I'm afraid of losing you, Chloe. But that's still not an excuse--" She stopped me with a peck on the lips once more before wrapping her smll arms around my neck in a hug. I complied and wrapped my arms around her waist.

"I'm not going anywhere, Derek. Well, not that I could with my ankle messed up and all." I laughed. She was finally mine.

Your mate, my wolf side told me. For once, I decided the animal in me was right.

My mate.

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