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Happy – Saving Jane

Lassiter grinned as he hung up the phone, still beaming as he typed up his latest report. Juliet glanced over at him, concerned. Her partner had been grinning all day, every day for the past week, and frankly it was scaring her. She caught sight of McNab hovering around the corner watching his mentor with a similarly freaked-out expression, and hurried over to talk to him.

"Is Detective Lassiter okay?" Was the first thing out of Buzz's mouth, his innocent concern killing her laugh before it was born. "I'm not sure, Buzz. I mean, he seems happy," They both paused as Lassiter gave them the same bright smile. "But it just doesn't seem right." She finished. Buzz's soft hum of agreement made her sigh.

The station door opened, and Juliet's eyes brightened as Gus walked in. When he responded to her smile with a sad shake of the head, she frowned at him, confused. A few seconds later, she got her answer as Shawn Spencer walked in.

This was not the man she'd worked with for three years. This Shawn was a sad imitation, a ghost of the man she knew. Shawn quietly slipped into the Chief's office, exchanged a few quiet words, and slipped back out. No theatrics, no antics, nothing. He started to head back toward the door, but froze as someone called out his name. "Spencer! Wait up!" Lassiter had caught sight of him, and was moving towards him. Shawn flinched before turning to face the head detective.

"Yes, Detective?" The psychic asked softly, not meeting the taller man's eyes.

"I just wanted to thank you. If you hadn't given me that idea, I wouldn't have won Vicky back. So, thanks, Spencer." Lassiter kept grinning, oblivious to the way Shawn cringed at his words.

"Yeah, of course. You're welcome. And, congratulations, Detective." Lassiter just beamed, not noticing the tightness of the younger man's smile nor the tears shining in his eyes. He didn't hear the catch in Shawn's breath as he turned away, nor the sob the psychic partially let out once Lassiter was back at his desk.

Shawn turned and dragged himself out the door, mumbling something about walking to Gus before he left. Juliet and Buzz watched Gus dash out after his friend, their hearts aching for their friend.

They were startled by Vick throwing her door open. "Where's Spencer?" She demanded. "He just left. Something wrong, Chief?" Lassiter asked, still smiling.

"He just gave me a letter terminating his services - he's leaving."

The smile finally dropped from Lassiter's face.

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