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No! No! Megane's

Chapter 1: False Megane, Oshitari

Inui flipped through his green notebook. He looked up at Oshitari and smirked. "You just wear glasses to look smart."

"It's not only that," Oshitari fixes his glasses. "I look so good in them too!"

"Hmm…this will be good data…"

Can Oshitari really be considered one of the Megane's?

"Ok, Megane's, ten laps!" Tezuka called as he ran along side Inui. When he saw Oshitari not running, he demanded to know what he was doing.

"I left my glasses at home today," he softly smiled.

"Glasses or not, start running!"

Sometimes Oshitari tries to get out of things by "forgetting" his glasses. Most of the time it would work…unless he's around Tezuka.

"Inui-san, how about we eat lunch together?" Oshitari questioned his fellow Megane.

"I'm eating with Tezuka today," Inui replied.

"Even better. I'll join you."

"You can't."

"Why not?"

Inui pointed to a line of males. They all stood there wearing glasses. "We're searching for a new member."

"Oh, I can help," Oshitari decided.

"He'll be replacing you."


"You're just not cut out to be one of the Megane's."

Even Inui and Tezuka have their doubts about Oshitari being one of the Megane's…

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