Ch. 4: It's Not A Contest Without Atobe

Oshitari sat outside under a tree with a small book in his hand. He let out a sigh and placed his glasses to the side.

"Have you admitted defeat yet?" Yagyuu walked up from behind the tree and picked up Oshitari's glasses. Looking through them, he laughed. "They really are all for show. Why would you just wear glasses when you don't have to?"

"I prefer having them," Oshitari focused on his book.

"You look better without them though."

This time, Oshitari turned his attention to the boy who stood next to him. "This isn't a boys' love story."

"What are you talking about?"

"This novel is actually about a female who is in a rather bad place in life. Her boyfriend has left her, and now she i―"

"Why are you telling me this?" Yagyuu swung Oshitari's glasses in the air.

"Are you not interested?"

He shook his head and threw the glasses at the boy sitting in front of him. "Now I think I understand why Tezuka and Inui no longer want you as one of the Megane's. Oshitari-kun, you are a strange one."

"Don't think you've won my spot yet."

Laughing at what Oshitari had said, Yagyuu walked away.

A few feet away, Atobe stood in the grass and listened to the conversation Yagyuu and Oshitari were having.

"Hmm…there's a contest that I wasn't told about?" he took out a small cell phone from his pocket. "I need to tell everyone about this…"

NOTE: After three rather lame chapters, I finally decided to make there a point to this fic. It's all thanks to Atobe. Which, if I may add, I don't dislike him as much as I used to. Anyways, yes, a Megane's Contest. I have a feeling more than those who wear glasses are going to show up. There was a summary change to go with the new plot or whatever.

Yeah, this fic isn't that great, but I'm really just writing it to keep myself away from writing drama after drama. All of my other fics that I'm working on are all crazy, and I need something to keep myself from going insane.

I have a schedule for updates now, so the next chapter will be posted no later than Thursday (January 28th). I have to go work on some other things, but I hope you have enjoyed this fic thus far (even though I seriously think it's really stupid). Thank you for reading~!

(Seriously, I know this is a horrible fic. Please do not judge my writing abilities just by this one. I have many better fics, and I believe there are a good amount of people that will say I'm not as bad of a writer as this fic makes me seem. Thank you for your time.)