Mighty B! The Movie: Chapter 1: Prologue

Opening Credits

Story by Crossoverking1234

Idea by Crossoverking1234

Everything by Crossoverking1234


Disclaimer: I do not really own everything in this story. For one thing, I do not own any of the cartoons mentioned in this movie. No animals were harmed in the making of this film. 1st Fanfic!


Story opener: "See Amy" by Brittney Spears

The sun is shining and Bessie Higgenbottom wakes up with a start. She is seen going into the bathroom, brushing her teeth and bathing while opening credits appear on the toothpaste, the bathroom mirror, and the sink. Bessie then goes to her closet, where her clothes are organized Monday- Sunday. Opening credits appear on the Monday clothes, which she puts on. Bessie finally runs to the kitchen, where her mother is making breakfast.

"Bessie," Mrs. Higgenbottom says, "time for..." She was about to finish her sentence when she saw Bessie quickly gulping down her food.

"I'm going to be late!" Bessie screamed. She finally grabs her sash and races out the door.

"Bye Mom, see you later," she said, and ran out the door. She found a skateboard in the middle of the street and hopped onto it. She tries to ride to the community center, but she ends up falling into a garbage can. Good news, the garbage can was empty. Bad news, today was garbage day. The garbage truck came on the street, picked up the garbage can, and dumped Bessie into the garbage truck. Bessie eventually got out of the garage truck- 10 miles from the community center!

"Aw man, I'm gonna be late for the ceremony," Bessie said. Tired, beaten up, and covered head to toe in garbage, Bessie started walking to the community center.


Ok, so it seems like Bessie is having a really bad day, but it's about to get worse next chapter! Til then, see ya!