Author's note: Here it is…The Lancitty fanfic 'Hercules'. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it. I own no rights to this and have simply made it for fun. If I owned either Xmen evolution or Hercules, I would still have the Xmen evolution series going on, there would be major Lancitty moments, and Philoctetes would have his own show, 'cause I think he's so funny.


Hercules: Lance,

Meg: Kitty,

Philoctetes: Kurt,

Hades: Pietro,

Zeus: Professor Xavier,

Hera: Mystique,

Pain: Fred,

Panic: Toad,

The Muses: Tabitha, Rogue, Jean, Amara, Wanda,

Titans: Bobby, Storm, Sam, Roberto, Rahne, Jamie, Jubilation, Scott,

Gods: Logan, Hank, Ray,

Hermes: Evan,

Narrator: Imasmurf93 (ME)

Imasmurf93: Not very long ago, well about a year, in a place called Bayville. The friendship between mutants and humans was broken, many mutants decided to take charge over human life and use their powers to overrule them. But what happened to those mutants? That is where our story is…

Tabitha: Will you listen to her? She's making it sound like some tragedy of Shakespeare's!

Rogue: Lighten up girl,

Wanda: We'll take it from here sweetie!

Imasmurf93: You go girls!

Dun, dun, dun dun, dun!

Wanda: We're the peace mutants, bringers of trust between mutants and humans, and proclaimers of mutant heroes!

Amara: [Flapping her hand to fan herself] Heroes like Lance!

Tabitha: Honey, you mean Romance!

(She picks out a picture of him from her pocket of her jeans)

Ooh, I wouldn't mind getting a bit of that a…

Wanda: Our story actually begins, before we talk about Lance, about a year ago.

Not very long ago
Poor old Bayville was down on its luck
And everywhere loads of brutes called mutants ran amok

[schematic pictures of whatever gets mentioned in the song start moving, the mutants and their powers]

It was a nasty place
There was a mess wherever you stepped
Where chaos reigned and the earthquakes and volcanoes never slept
(Whoo! 'cause of their powers girlfriend!)

And then along came X
Decided he had had enough -- He snapped
Locked those suckers in a vault -- They're trapped
And with his mind chaos on its tracks
And that's the gospel truth
The guy was too "type A" to just relax
And that's the whole background
(yeah, baby!)
That freaky guy claimed he was still in his youth
Tough, honey, it may seem impossible
That's the gospel truth

Then Bayville's life was neat
And smooth as sweet vermouth
Although honey, it may seem impossible
That's the gospel truth

Imasmurf93: So professor Xavier locked away all mutants? After trying so hard to help them?

Tabitha: If you quit asking questions you'll find out! Now go away until we actually need you.

Imasmurf93: But…I need to…

Tabitha: No, we're taking over! Go on!

[imasmurf93 leaves in a mood]

Tabitha: Now before we were so rudely interrupted.

Wanda: Professor Xavier locked away all mutants who were causing chaos at the time. He'd decided that since they were the ones always getting into fights, they weren't worth the hassle, so they are now all kept in a vault underground. There are still mutants around, even though they have been advised to keep out of trouble. Anyway, let's get on with the story… First, we'll talk about seventeen years ago, before the vault, before the mutant trouble, when Xavier's son was born…

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

[A pretty picture of the Xavier institute is shown. A mutant birthday is being held, the child of Charles Xavier and Raven Darkholme.]

Mystique laughed, as she held up her beautiful son.

"Aww, look how cut he is!" She smiled as she gazed at the father. The baby reached up and grabbed her head piece. "Behave yourself!" She whispered playfully to the baby.

Xavier wheeled over and took the baby from her.

"Mind his head." Mystique told him as she handed the baby to him.

"On behalf of my son, I'd like to thank you all for your wonderful gifts to him!" Charles projected to the room of smiling people.

"What about our gift dear?" Mystique asked him.

Charles smiled then pointed to the corner of the room, where a small foal was stood, it was white and had a blue mane. Charles took the baby over to the foal, it had wings.

"This is Pegasus. And he's all yours son!" Charles said, placing the baby next to the foal.

The crowd 'awwed' when the foal and baby played with each other.

The foal sniffed the baby, the baby touched it carefully, the foal licked him, at first the baby looked like he was going to cry, but the foal cuddled up to him and they both fell asleep.

Charles picked him up and took him over to his crib. Placing him in carefully.

"My boy," He whispered as he stroked his head. "My little Lance."

"How sentimental!" A voice from the shadows was heard, and made all of the crowd turn to look.

Magneto was stood leaning against the wall.

"I haven't been this chocked up since I got a piece of beef lodged in my throat!" He looked around for laughter. The entire crowd was stood, glaring at him.

"Is this an audience or a waxwork?" He sighed. Walking down the crowd, he tried to communicate with them.

"Hi, hey, how's it going, love the dress,"

"So, Magneto, you finally made it!" Charles said to him calmly. "Why not grab a drink, or something to eat?"

"Na, I was just passing by and came to see the baby, since no-one came to my children's first birthday!" Magneto replied irritably.

"Ah, Little Pietro and Wanda. How are they?" Charles said politely, trying to start a civilized conversation.

By now, Magneto had walked over to Lance's cot and was gazing down at him.

"Oh, here's the little sunspot." He said sarcastically, glaring down at him. Lance started crying, he clenched his fists and the ground tremored, causing everyone to fall over.

"Hmm, powerful little tyke, he's a mutant too, I see?" Magneto said thoughtfully.

"I suppose we have finally figured out his powers." Charles laughed as Mystique picked up his wheelchair.

Magneto stormed off. Back to his lair.

[The scene pauses and the peace mutants walk on]

Rogue: If there was one mutant that you didn't want to mess with, it's Magneto, he had an evil plan…

[The scene carries on, the peace mutants sing out of view]

He was an unpleasant man

With powers that moved an metal

He wanted only his Son's triumph

And that's the gospel Truth…

Magneto walked into a dark room, where he met with Visionary, a future time seeing mutant.

"I'm so sorry I'm…" He was cut off by her.

"Late. I knew you would be. I know everything. Past, Present and Future." She said in an eerie tone.

"Okay, so here's the deal, my good friend Charles, Mr. high and mighty, Mr. hey you! I'm better than you due to my lack of motion in my legs. Well now he has a…"

"Earth trembling brat? I know."

"I know, you know. I'm just…forget it, but, is this kid going to get in the way of my Pietro's success or what? What do you think?" Magneto asked.

"I'm not supposed to reveal the future Magnus!" She said sternly. Magneto decided to put on the charm.

"Hold on, time out now, is that new make up? Did you cut your hair, I mean you're just looking fabulous, you know that?"

Visionary rolled her dark black eyes and rubbed her hands together to form a giant glass ball.

"In seventeen years, precisely, the planets will aline, ever so nicely. The time to act, will be at hand, Pietro will unleash trapped mutants as his monstrous band."

"Mmhmm, good, good." Magneto mumbled to himself as he watched the vision.

"Then the once young Xavier will finally fall. And your son, will rule all."

"Yes! Pietro will rule!"

"But a word of caution to this tale! Should Avalanche fight! Quicksilver will fail!"

She cackled loudly and disappeared into the ball. Leaving Magneto in the darkness of his room alone.