"Give it up Lance!" Pietro called. "I'm better than you, and we both know it! You can never catch me."

Lance gasped out of breath from trying to catch him, he'd had enough of playing Pietro's stupid games. He caused a large tremble, making the floor come up from underneath Pietro's feet. He then ran over and pinned the white haired boy to the ground.

He held up a fist, ready to thump him. Pietro just glared back up at him and prepared for the beating which Lance was about to give him.

"Get out of here. Let the others go… don't bother waste X-men time again." Lance told him, pulling Pietro to his feet and pointing to the door.

"You're not going to beat me up?" Pietro asked in disbelief.

"Just think it as our last inch of friendship, for old time sake." Lance sighed.

Pietro nodded and zoomed off, the rest of his mutants followed. Lance turned back to Professor X. He walked over and placed his hand on his shoulder with a smile.

"Thankyou Lance. That was a good path to take you know, letting Pietro go like that. Only, he looked a lot more grateful than his mind let on." Professor warned.

"What do you mean?" Lance asked, confused.

"I read his mind, he seemed to have a plan, but I couldn't make out what it was."

Just then, there was a quiet poof, and Kurt appeared out of a small cloud of blue smoke.

"Lance, you have to come quick. Kitty's been taken!" He panted. "I was sitting right at her bed and she vas there one second and ze next…Zere's only one answer I can think of."

"Pietro!" Lance growled. "I should have killed him when I had the chance."

"You were just being a friend." Logan's voice came from behind him. They turned to see Logan, Hank and Ray. Behind them, they saw Bobby, Storm, Sam, Roberto, Rahne, Jamie, Jubilation, and Scott.

"These guys want to rejoin, think they deserve it?" Logan asked Professor X.

Professor Xavier looked at them one by one.

"Well, you did just try to kill me. But, many of you have also saved me many times before…Welcome back X-men, and let's not go mad with power this time."

Lance stood next to Professor Xavier and glared at Scott throughout the speech. Scott noticed this and kept glancing at him.

"Look, I know we've not exactly been best of friends, okay we hate each other. But, I was totally out of order back there. I'd never attack you when you're helpless." He tried to reason with Lance.

"But you did." Lance replied with a glare.

"Yeah, well, can we put all of it behind us and just focus on saving Kitty?" Scott asked, holding out his hand.

"We can put it behind us, but I'm going to save Kitty on my own." Lance stretched out his hand and shook it with Scott's.

"Are you sure Lance? I feel that a rescue mis…" Professor X started.

"Yes," Lance interrupted. "I know Pietro, if we all try to save her it'll only anger him more."

"Very well, be careful son." Lance nodded and began to walk away, grinning at Scott's reaction.


Before leaving, Lance stopped at the door and turned to face them.

"You coming Bro?" He smiled at Kurt. Kurt nodded hastily, he walked over to Lance and placed a hand on his shoulder.

Poof, they appeared at the old Brotherhood house.

"He's not gonna' be here." Lance said. "He's gonna' be where he went after he left us."

"Just visualize vhere we have to be." Kurt told him.

Poof, Lance waved away the blue smoke. They were in a long hall. Lance walked down it and Kurt followed.

"I'll search ze rooms for her." Kurt whispered. In that second, he disappeared.

Lance carried on down the hall and peeked into a room. Some sort of get together was taking place.

The only two people he recognized was Magneto and Pietro.

Pietro saw Lance in the doorway and zoomed over, moving him out of sight from the rest of the room.

"Whatdoyouwantnow?" He asked quickly.

"What did you do with Kitty?" Lance whispered back in an aggressive tone.

Pietro sighed and signaled for Lance to follow him.

They went down some dark stairs and into a cold room. There was nothing in the room. Only a pair on manacles on the wall. Kitty was attached to them. Her face was whiter than ever, she had dark circles around her eyes, which were red and bloodshot from crying. She was shivering and looked up at Lance and Pietro, but said nothing.

"Kitty!" Lance gasped and ran to her side. "Pietro, you have to take her back to the hospital."

"Sorry Lance, she's staying here. My father's the only one who has the key and he won't let her go. You know I'd let you take her but…" Pietro sighed.

Lance put his hand on the cuffs around Kitty's small wrists. He tried to cause a small tremour, enough to break them. But brought his hands off it quickly when a huge electric shock went through him.

"They're mutant proof." Pietro explained. "The more you try to get out of them, the weaker you get. Don't you think she would've phased out if she could?"

"Pietro, she's really ill, why is she here?"

"She belongs to my father. She sold her soul."

"You like making deals, take me instead."


"Let her go. Her freedom for mine."

Pietro zoomed off and came back with a pair of keys.

"Okay, my father will notice I'm not present in like two minutes, take her and get to where he can't hurt you." He whispered, throwing the keys to Lance.

"What? You're letting us both go?" Lance asked, as he unlocked the cuffs around Kitty's hands.

"Think it as our last inch of friendship, for old time sake." Pietro replied with a small smile. "I know what she means to you. I can't believe I let my father take charge of my life like that. I'm sorry."

Lance threw back the keys when he had opened both of the cuffs.

"Thanks." Lance smiled. Pietro nodded, then zoomed back to the other room.

"You really would have gone through that for me?" Kitty whispered, she couldn't speak any louder because of how weak she was. She rubbed her red wrists.

"People do crazy things when they're in love Kitty." Lance smiled and picked her up.

Nightcrawler suddenly appeared.

"Took your time bro." Lance said with a grin.

"Hey, zere's a lot of rooms in zis place." Kurt exclaimed, he saw Kitty and frowned. "We'd better get her home."

Kurt placed a three fingered hand on Lance and they arrived at the insititute.

"Half Pint?" Logan said when he saw Kitty. He took her from Lance's arms and took her out of sight.

"Don't worry Lance, she's in good hands." Professor Xavier laughed at Lance's concerned expression.

"Yeah well, I'll come and check up on her in the week or something." Lance replied. He turned and started to walk towards the door.

"Where are you going bro?" Kurt teleported in front of him.

"Home?" Lance replied.

"Not planning to stay here then Lance?" Professor Xavier asked casually.

Lance turned around in shock.

"You mean…"

"You showed more than one heroic action today son, I think that you're ready to join the X-men. The X-men isn't taken for the strength of it's powers, we're here to work on them. But they have to be judged on the strength of their heart. You were prepared to give your life for Kitty, and you made it quite clear. I think you're ready to start here again."

Lance beamed as he looked around at his new team.

"Weclome to the X-men son."

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - -

"You're an X-man? That's great Lance!" Kitty said weakly. She was sat in her bed, still recovering.

Lance was perched on the end of her bed.

"Yeah, I finally get to be with my dad." Lance smiled.

"You've got a family."

"We don't have to fight against each other any more."

"No," Kitty chuckled. "We get to fight alongside each other."

"AND…I get to spend almost every waking moment with you." Lance smiled at her and moved closer.

Kitty giggled and closed the gap between them. He wrapped his arms around her, she pushed closer into him.

Lance had finally found where he belonged.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - -

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