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Spyro and Cyclone walked together, along with the rest of the army, towards Zaros' city. They both had fear in their eyes, but knew that if they did not win, the world would be a different place. At least... that's what they thought.

Spyro looked at his paws as he walked. He sighed, trying to ease the tension building up inside him. He glanced nervously at Cyclone, who seemed to be lost in a daydream. She appeared calm,but he knew she was anything but.

The catapults brought by the moles of Warfang were in clear view now, and the dragons could pick individuals on the battlements. With any luck, they would be at the gates within the hour.

Zaros glared at the advancing dragons in the distance, contemplating just flying out there and blasting them all with ice. He knew, however, that his people wanted to prove themselves to do, but none wanted it more than his most loyal soldiers; the Mahjarrat.

Zaros walked into the main hall of his temple and stood in the middle of an octagon painted in the centre of the floor. He tapped the floor with his claws a few times and, one by one, eight spirals of black smoke formed at the corners of the octagon. Each became thicker and thicker, before eight jet black dragons stepped out. All had the same pupil-less eyes as Zaros, and each had a different mark on their foreheads, bar one; Lucien. Zaros turned to each of them, before staring at the floor.

"You must know what's going on by now. We're going to be holding out here until that pathetic excuse of an army gets here. Once they get here, protect all the walls and gates, and destroy anyone that gets past. That should be common sense to you, though." Zaros began to walk towards the main

gate of the temple. He turned back to the group and sighed, "And if you see Cynder, don't attract her attention. She's a tad frustrated now..."

Zaros walked out of the temple into the bright sunlight, and began to head towards one of the watchtowers near the city wall. One thing was certain; if the city was to fall, it was going to be a fight.

It was around noon when Spyro and Cyclone reached the city. Spyro examined the walls to see any noticeable weak points. While Spyro was distracted, Cyclone craned her neck to nuzzle under Spyro's chin. Spyro looked down and chuckled slightly. Cyclone glanced up at him innocently, as if not doing anything.

"Now's not the time," Spyro sighed. "Once this is over we can finally rest..."

Cyclone pulled away, disappointed by his comment. She glanced at the wall curiously.

"So... how are we getting in?"

Spyro scratched at the soil with his claws. "I guess the best thing we can do is to break through the wall, not go over it." He turned to the Guardians. "Terrador, break through the wall with whatever you can. When the wall is broken through, the rest of you attack whatever you can so that the rest of us can get into the city. I'll pick off anyone I can when you're doing that."

Terrador nodded, and walked closer to the wall. He began to form a massive boulder in the air, and threw it at the wall. The stones of the wall cracked slightly, but it was far from falling. Spyro helped Terrador by blasting the wall with his earth breath, taking large chunks out of the wall. The other Guardians readied themselves to get in as fast as they could. With one final throw, Terrador broke through the wall, and moved out of the way to let the others through.

As soon as Cyril got through the wall, he was surrounded by the Zarosian dragons. Ignitus was the next to go through, and shot a trail of fire at the dragons, while Cyril pierced them with his ice shards. Volteer and Terrador came through, and used their elements to rid their path of the dragons. Spyro and Cyclone raced into the city, and attacked whoever they could. Spyro thrust his horns into the black dragons, and Cyclone, as a wind dragon, could only use her tail blade to slice at anyone who advanced on her.

Spyro glanced at Cyclone, seeing that she was struggling, and ran over to her, trying to avoid any dragons in his way. He swiped at the dragons, torching them with a stream of flames.

"Get out of here!" he shouted over the noise.

Cyclone looked at him for a second, with the same caring eyes he had seen time and time again. She returned the shout "I'm not leaving you..."

Spyro saw a dragon run up from behind her, staying out of her sight. "Then look out!" He shot a shower of icicles at the dragon, piercing it's chest with the icy daggers. The dragon dropped to the ground, chest no longer rising.

A dark shadow covered the pair for a brief moment, chilling the air. Spyro looked up, spotting the one dragon he did not want to see right then; Cynder. He signalled to Cyclone, pointing up at where he had seen Cynder. Cyclone peered into the sky, noticing the black and pink dragoness. Spyro looked down, seeing that the dragons around them had dissipated. Probably too afraid to fight, Spyro thought.

"We have to follow her!"

Cyclone nodded, knowing what he intended to do. She ran over to Spyro and stood in front of him. Spyro moved around her, a determined gleam in his eyes. He ran through the hole made in the wall, Cyclone following right behind him. He watched the silhouette of Cynder's form against the sun, following it, thirsty for revenge. The only time he stopped was to rest, as he watched Cynder disappear into a cave in the side of a hill. Cyclone caught up with him, breathing heavily from the running.

"W-... why can't we... we fly?"

Spyro glanced at her, before turning his head towards the mountain.

"If we don't want to be seen by her or anyone else, we can't."

Cyclone sighed. "How far is there to go?

Spyro stared at the mountain. "We should be there in about 10 minutes..." He got up and began walking again. Cyclone, taken by surprise at his sudden movement, ran up to his side and nuzzled his neck with her muzzle. Spyro smiled down at her, chuckling slightly.

"I can't wait till when this is over..."

Cyclone smiled back. "Me neither."

Soon enough, they reached the mountain, and began to climb up it. Cyclone was forced to stop several times along the climb, tired by the angle of the ascent. They were close to the cave by now, and Cyclone was tiring again. She started to stagger up the mountain, before collapsing onto the rocky slope. Spyro skidded down the mountain to reach her, worry and fear in his eyes. She had staggered before during the climb, but she had stopped to rest when that happened. This was the first time that she had properly fainted though, and he was scared for her.

Cyclone turned her head to face Spyro. She smiled at him. "Don't worry, I'm fine..."

Spyro sighed in relief, and helped Cyclone get up. He looked up and saw that they were only around a hundered metres from the cave. "Look, we're almost there."

The duo began climbing again, with Cyclone gaining a strange boost in energy. They walked up the final metres of the slope and entered the cave. Cyclone gasped, seeing that the cave was actually a large cavern, carved into the mountain. Spyro walked into the cavern ahead of Cyclone, shielding her from anything that might come out.

Cynder lay down on the large stone slab in a corner of the large cavern. She was tired of trying to reason with Zaros, and decided to sleep the day by. She was drifting off into sleep when she heard something; claws on stone. She listened for a moment to make sure that she heard it, and growled from the bottom of her throat. In the distance she saw two figures and, being accustomed to the darkness, was able to make out who and what they were; Spyro and Cyclone.

She rose from the stone slab, snarling at the distant dragons. "I thought I told you to stay away... It seems you never learn your lesson."

Spyro turned to Cyclone, worried about her safety. "Stay here. If I need help, I'll call."

Cyclone nodded. She knew that Spyro fought better on his own.

Spyro rose into the air and moved towards Cynder, stopping a safe distance from her. "You've done enough damage to the Dragon Realms... If you can't stop, I'll have to kill you."

Cynder laughed at the small dragon. "Kill me? Last time you tried to 'kill me', you were lucky to get out alive..." With that, she lunged at the hovering dragon, but Spyro quickly dodged the attack, flying to one side. Cynder turned to snarl at Spyro, and lunged again, this time with her tail ready to strike when given the chance. Spyro attempted to dodge again, but Cynder sliced him with her claws, and managed to puncture his wing membrane with her scythe-like tail blade.

Spyro fell to the ground, breaking the bones in his wings when he hit the ground. He hissed in pain, but would not give up the fight. He tried to lunge at Cynder like she had done to him, but she simply swatted him away. He crashed into the ground, leaving him exposed to attack for a brief moment. Cynder took this opportunity and threw herself on top of Spyro, causing a bone in his leg to puncture his scales. Blood began to pour out of the wound, pooling into a depression in the floor.

Spyro heard Cyclone screaming, but the pain was too intense to make out what. Cynder looked at Cyclone and hovered her tail above Spyro's chest.

"Your screams are pointless! He's dead now!"

With that, she plunged her tail blade into Spyro's chest, almost hitting his heart. He felt the blade like cold steel, slicing his body open. He felt the blood gush out of him, but it wasn't enough for Cynder. She pushed her tail into him even further, pushing it completely through his body.

Now, blood was streaming out of both sides of Spyro's body. He yelled in pain, and began coughing up his blood. He felt the warm liquid run down his muzzle and onto his neck, along with the blood coming out of his chest and leg. His sight became blurred, and his yells began to turn ragged. Soon, his yells had died, and he lay still in a large pool of blood with Cynder on top of him.

Cynder turned to Cyclone, who had ceased screaming. She spoke in a cold, deathly tone. "Your turn."

Before Cynder could advance on Cyclone, a pair of glowing eyes appeared in the entrance of the cavern. They sped closer to Cyclone until she noticed that it was a jet black dragon. She growled at the new dragon.

"Have you come to join in?" Her voice was torn but loud, and her eyes stung with tears.

The dragon ignored her, and walked past her. It shouted from across the cavern at Cynder.

"I thought my father told you not to come back. It seems you have done more than come back." The shout became a growl on the final sentence.

Cynder snarled, realising who the dragon was. "Lucien! Your father is a fool... Why do you bother with him?" She looked back at Spyro's body. "And they were asking for it. They came in here and tried to fight."

Lucien, tired of shouting, lunged at Cynder, swiping at anything he could hit. Cynder hissed, swatting at the Mahjarrat. Lucien, however, used Cynder's foreleg as a platform to pounce from and swiped at her throat. This time, he was able to make contact. His claws sliced into her neck, hitting the major arteries. Cynder brought her paw up to her throat, trying to stop the bleeding, but to no avail. She hissed in pain, and writhed slightly, before lying still, the pressure on her neck now released.

Lucien turned to Cyclone, who was cowering in a corner of the cave. Lucien walked over to her, and wrapped a wing around her shaking body. He nuzzled her gently, trying to get a response from her.

"C'mon... I'll take you to my homeland. Once my father is finished here, it will be barren and destroyed."

Cyclone got up with Lucien's aid and, still wrapped in his wing, walked out of the cave into the bright sunlight.

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