Chapter One – November 2, 1973

He met her for the first time when he was thirteen.

She had been standing near the center of the village, looking slightly out-of-place, seeming to be searching for someone. Her hair was caught in a severe knot at the back of her head, some loose tendrils framing her face. When her eyes lit on him, she walked toward him determinately, brushing people out of her way. She brushed past him, grabbing his arm and pulling him toward an alleyway between shops. She spoke in a low voice, relaying to him that his future had been changed for the better.

He looked at her with suspicion and asked, "How do I know you are telling the truth?"

He saw the corners of her eyes crinkle as she said, "I knew you would be suspicious." She handed him one of the embroidered handkerchiefs that his mother kept on her person at all times and said, "Your mother sends her love." She stepped away from him and said, "You will grow up to be a fine man, Mr. Snape." She gave him a quick peck on the cheek.

The boy grabbed for her as she winked out of existence. He stepped out of the alleyway, holding onto the hair in his hand for dear life, as Rosier bumped into him. Rosier was talking excitedly, and Snape wasn't paying attention to the words, for he had no clue as to how his life had changed.

It was November 2, 1973 and Lord Voldemort was dead.


The Ministry for Magic had been shocked when a brunette witch in black robes apperated into the Atrium and deposited the body of Lord Voldemort onto the floor. She patiently waited until the Aurors arrived to take her statement.

She refused to be put into one of the holding cells, knowing that once she did she might disappear. She held onto her wand and demanded to see Alastor Moody. The first Auror tried to hit her with a Jelly-Legs Jinx. As she parried it with her wand and cast a similar hex on him, another Auror stepped up and tried to cast a Stunner on her. She ducked and evaded curses while waiting for Moody to show up, making sure the Aurors couldn't damage the body in the process.

She cast silent Expeliarmus's on the Aurors as Moody exited the lift. She impatiently tapped her foot and said, "It seems that these gentlemen," and she growled that word, "are unable to take statements and are prone to hexing first and asking questions later." She kicked the body over, so it was now laying face up and said, "Here is the Dark wizard everyone was so worried about."

Moody looked at the slip of the woman. He had been watching her duel with his fellow Aurors and asked, "Where did you learn those moves, lass?"

She grinned and said, "From the Sons of the Phoenix."

He felt his lower jaw drop to his chest. As he made to close his mouth, she handed him a list. He quickly glanced at the names before asking, "Who are the names on here?"

"Death Eaters." She motioned him closer and said, "Be sure to get all the Dark Artifacts out of Malfoy Manor and destroy a diary with the name Tom Riddle marked somewhere on the cover." She stepped back and said, "Be sure to use Fiendfyre." She tugged on her hair and said, "Constant vigilance!" before she Apperated away from the Ministry.

Moody stared at the spot she had been at for a moment before he began barking out orders. His lips twitched in one corner before he set to the task of taking care of the body.


Eileen Prince-Snape stood in front of the mirror, trying to take care of the scrapes and bruises from the last physical encounter with her husband. She still didn't know where that young woman had come from, but she had been able to take care of Tobias without having to resort to magic.

She sighed then winced as she dabbed a cut on the corner of her lip. She had been pretty certain that Toby had meant to kill her this time. She looked into the mirror and her eyes widened as she saw him standing behind her, his face red from the alcohol and rage churning through his system.

Eileen raised her eyes to the ceiling and said a silent prayer that her Severus would be okay after she was gone. As Toby was getting ready to strike, his fist raised in the air, her rescuer from earlier flew into the bathroom and tackled him. She sat on him and punched him in the jaw, saying, "It isn't near so much fun when the victim has someone to watch out for them, is it, Toby?" The woman landed another blow to his jaw and he was out cold. The woman stood up and said, "It's time to leave, Eileen."

Eileen nodded and grabbed the bag that had been left in the hall. She had shrunken all of her and Severus's belongings just like the woman had told her to. She had silently wept throughout the process, but knew that it was for the best. She allowed the woman to do a Side-Along Apperation and waited until her world was still again before she looked at her surroundings. A hand flew to her mouth, and tears welled in her eyes as she saw where they were.

The woman said with a smile on her face, "Welcome to Prince Manor."

Eileen felt the tears run down her cheeks as she asked, "How?"

"Let's just say, a lot of things have gone on today and your mother was ready for you to come home."

Eileen walked up the steps and turned to look at her savior, only to find the woman had disappeared. She knew she would see her again, maybe sometime in the near future.

Author's Note: This is going to be a short story with only six chapters and an epilogue :)