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Vala fell of her seat.

Cam didn't know if it was from the shock of what he had said or simply from the amount of alcohol they had both consumed, he was too busy trying to suppress his laughter to be certain.

When she didn't reappear immediately Cam took a deep breath in order to calm himself and then ducked his head under the table to make sure she was alright. The sight that greeted him was Vala lying flat on her back staring at the under side of the table and shaking with silent laughter. "Vala?"

When she didn't reply he slid off his chair, a little less gracefully and more rapidly than he intended, landing painfully on his knees and narrowly missing catching his chin on the table edge.

He crawled towards her, stopping next to her outstretched legs and squinting at her inquisitively, blinking to try and clear his head.

"Are you all right?" he said, offering her his hand.

She accepted it, and, despite the fact that she seemed altogether too floppy, he pulled her slightly more upright. She collapsed against his shoulder, giggling, her fingers scrabbling against his shirt for something to steady herself on, balling it into her fists.

"You know, " he said. He sat up straighter so she didn't pull him down with her, and promptly banged his head on the table. "Oww."

His hand darted up to his head, pressing the point where he'd hit it, trying to mollify the burning pain with his fingertips. He sucked in a breath through his teeth.

"Whatdyoudo?" Vala said, looking up from his chest. He pointed at his head, and she shuffled a bit closer and took his face in her hands, easing him towards her as she tilted his head down and looked at his crown for a moment. "S'not broken," she said, grinning as she tilted his head back. "You'll live."

"I'm not sure about that," he said, chuckling. "It's been a while since I had this much to drink."

"Feel like you might be on your way to a little dancing?" she said, her mouth quirking into a sly smile. "A little semi-nudity, possibly?"

"I think I can probably contain myself," he said, rubbing his head rather ineffectively.

"Spoilsport," she said, giggling as she dropped her hands heavily into her lap. She let out a long amused sigh.

"What about you?" he asked, smiling at her. "Are you all right? You fell off your chair – I didn't mean to – "

"Well," she said, brow creasing into a rather adorably mock-cross expression, "you can't spend weeks being all boring and responsible and then come out with a request like that." She folded her arms across her chest. "Thoughtless of you, really," she added, her words a little slurred, which completely undid any chastening effect her stern tone had, "not to give me some kind of warning."

He pressed his lips together to keep from laughing. "Sorry," he said. "You know, if I'd known you'd be this easy to bowl over – "

Vala slapped him on the arm, perhaps a little harder and less playfully than she intended, but he couldn't help smiling at the amused infuriation on her face, or the way the sudden movement had caused her to sway quite dramatically and then scrabble to steady herself.

When she had, they glanced at each other briefly, smiling slightly nervously.

"So what do you think?" he asked tentatively, wondering if she'd forgotten what caused her fall in the first place. "Are we going to...?"

Vala grinned, and flung her arm out from under the table, flailing wildly with it until it came into contact with the bottle of Tequila on the table top and then going back up for her shot glass.

She gave Cam a pointed look until he did the same and retrieved his own glass.


Vala tutted at the amount of Tequila she'd spilt on the floor then grinned at him rather impishly, her eyes just a little bit glazed.

"It's really very simple," she said, her words sliding into one another as she waved a hand vaguely over the salt and limes they'd assembled on the floor between them. She leant a bit further forward, studying his face intently with a playful glint in her eye. "You just need to decide where you want to put the salt," she said, poking him in the chest for emphasis before sitting back on her heels and watching him, giggling quietly to herself.

For a second he contemplated the possibilities. He wasn't entirely sure what the parameters of the game were, what might be allowed. He swallowed. "When you say decide where I want to put the salt," he said slowly, peering at her through half lidded eyes, "am I deciding where it goes on me, or…."

As he trailed off, unsure he really wanted to finish the thought, let alone the sentence, Vala's lips drew themselves up into a lopsided, suggestive smile. "Or," she said. He swallowed again, and she giggled at him.

A proverb about fortune favouring the bold drifted through his mind, but he wasn't entirely sure he remembered enough of it to pay it any attention. He reached for her hand.

"Cameron," she said, scolding him, "that's really not very..."

She stopped when he turned her hand over and lightly licked the inside of her wrist. As he looked up and raised an eyebrow at her, her mouth formed into an 'oh', although she didn't make any discernable sound. He forced himself not to look away as he shook the salt over it. "Now what?" he whispered.

She took his hand and turned it over slowly in hers. She twitched her eyebrows at him, and then lowered her tongue to his skin.

He shivered. All of a sudden he was glad he hadn't gone for anywhere more drastic.

The salt on his wrist sparkled slightly in the dim light of the kitchen, and he watched it, oddly fascinated by the tiny darts of light that glittered up at him. "Now," she said, her voice low and smiling, "it's just like we did it before. Ready?"

He nodded, and she raised an eyebrow at him rather disbelievingly as she offered him her wrist. She held his a little closer, swaying since she didn't have a free hand to prop herself up with anymore. "One, two, three," she said, slowly.

Cam wasn't quite sure if his skin under her tongue of hers under his was the more distraction sensation, but either way it was only when she reached for her glass that he remembered he was supposed to be doing the same. He knocked his shot back and then bit into his lime, shaking his head vigorously at the taste. She laughed, and he did too, although he wasn't entirely sure why. She shifted a little closer, tipping forward – he wasn't entirely sure intentionally – and resting her head on his shoulder. He sniggered at her, and she looked up at him, grinning at him from the crook of his neck. "How did I do?" he said.

"Very good," she replied.

"Thank you."

"You do have very comfy shoulders," she murmured.

He sniggered rather drunkenly.

She rested against him for a moment, and then, with some apparent considerable effort, she eased herself back up and re-filled their glasses, pinching her tongue between her lips as she concentrated on pouring, licking her fingers when she dribbled some on them. "Well," she said, "now you've got the hang of it, how about we try somewhere a bit more adventurous?"

Cam wondered if he'd ever been asked a more dangerous question.


Fifteen shots: for Cam, five with weird lime and salt additions – two quite pleasant, one quite unpleasant, one utterly delightful owing to licking salt off Vala' delicate wrist, one absolutely terrifying, owing to licking salt off Vala' neck whilst having her do the same to him.

They both sat back. Cam wondered if he looked as startled as he felt. He idly wondered if she'd been able to feel his racing pulse as her tongue passed over the vein in his neck.

That had been….

Well, that had been….


Minutes lost to startled silence and drunken grinning: two and a half.

"Where to next, Colonel?"

Cam swallowed. He hadn't the faintest idea what to suggest, and he felt his grin take a turn for the distinctly sheepish.

"Are you hairy?" Vala asked, gesturing vaguely to his body with a limp-wristed wave. Cam blinked, trying to clear his head. He wasn't sure what that had to do with anything.


"Well," she said, leaning forward conspiratorially, steadying herself with one hand on his thigh, "I was going to suggest stomachs – because that's always fun, but…. Are you?"

"Vala, you've seen my chest, it's not changed in the last six months..." he said, his mouth having apparently decided to answer the question without involving his brain. Vala laughed.

"Game?" she said, raising her eyebrows at him.

His skin prickled. He couldn't be sure – because he'd had far too much to drink to be sure of anything other than that he'd had far too much to drink – but he thought that she was looking at him differently, as if she was just a little bit impressed with his actions so far.

He studied the floor for a moment, taking in the chill it cast on his fingers before raising his eyes back to hers.

"Always," he said.


Seconds lost to pondering if this was a really bad idea or a really, really, good one: ten.

Vala settled back on the floor, grinning at him encouragingly, and Cam slowly hitched her shirt up a little, exposing a decent, but not inappropriate, work area above her belt and just over towards her hip. She shivered as his fingers brushed her skin, and he wondered if she was ticklish, or if it was just the chill of the floor on her exposed back.

From what he could see, she really did have a very nice stomach.

He considered his options for where to put the salt.

"Not going to chicken out are you?" she said, startling him out of the trance he'd apparently been in. He wondered how long he'd been staring, since marking the passage of time had been the very lowest of his brain's priorities.

"Certainly not. I'm a member of SG1, we never back down." He said, and she laughed.

He watched her stomach bob up and down for a moment, and then he settled on her hipbone, having decided that if he was only going to do this once, he might as well make it count.

Cam gently pulled the waistband of her trousers down to reveal a patch of black lace. He lowered his face and gently nudged it down with his nose and swept his tongue across the raised arch of Vala's hip bone. As he sprinkled on the salt, the fantastic ridiculousness of the situation seemed to dawn on him, and he laughed, scrambling across the floor to bring his lime and shot glass closer.


Sixteen shots: for Cam, six with weird lime and salt additions: two quite pleasant, one quite unpleasant, one utterly delightful, one absolutely terrifying and one…well, one that he thought probably defied description.

Cam thought he probably shouldn't think about Vala' stomach too much, or what he'd just done to it, especially when she had him pinned to the floor by his hips and was untucking his shirt.

He held his breath as her tongue passed over the skin next to his bellybutton, waiting until she'd bitten her lime to let out the sigh he'd been battling for minutes. Her giggle drifted up from his stomach, where she was apparently resting her head. Not that he minded; there was something comforting about the feel of her skin on his.

He expected her to move away, but rather than doing that, she pulled herself up his chest and settled there, looking down at him with a rather cheeky smile. She bit her lip, and their breath mingled as they laughed. He felt his hands settle on her waist, half-wondering why it didn't feel odd to have them there. "This is a very silly game, Vala," he said.

"And here I was, just about to say something nice to you," she said, shaking her head at him.

"I take it back, then," he said, intrigued. "This is not a very silly game at all."

She chuckled, and the vibration of her laugh went right through him. "What were you going to say?" he asked, barely registering the circles his fingers were stroking against her skin beneath her shirt.

"Just that you've got a very lickable stomach," she said, nodding once, very seriously. He raised his eyebrows at her.

"Is that a good thing?"

"Well that depends," she said, "on whether you liked having it licked or not."

"Hmm," he said, desperately battling the urge to laugh. "I suppose it does."

She rolled her eyes. "Never a straight answer," she said. He blinked with rather drunken confusion.

"Did you ask me a question?" he said.

She rested her elbow on his chest and attempted to prop herself up on her hand, missing it twice before finally managing to catch her chin with the heel of her hand. "It was implicated," she said. He tried desperately not to laugh.

"Implicit?" he said, although he felt that his answer would, indeed, have been implicating. She frowned.

"Yes," she said, pouting a little. "That's what I said."

He let out a soft amused snort at her indignation, and she raised her eyebrows at him as if she was still very much expecting an answer. "I did like it," he said, "so I suppose it's a good thing you think it's lickable. Even though that's not a real word." She gave him a quick admonishing glare. "Sorry," he muttered through a chuckle.

"Good," she said, grinning. "And since you're being all – " she took a deep breath as she tried to find the right word, puffing out her cheeks and then letting it out as a long sigh as she thought, " – not quite as infuriating and bastardish as you usually are – "

He took the opportunity to look a little mock-offended, but she just giggled at him. " – I think I should make the most of it," she said. He wondered what on earth she meant and offered her a rather worried frown. She rolled her eyes at him. "Don't panic," she said. "I'm just going to ask you the teensiest little question."

"Oh," he said. He wasn't particularly reassured, but he didn't really feel up to protesting.

"Do you still think I'm adorable when I'm drunk?" she said.

The thought flashed through his mind that that was an infinitely more dangerous question than the one about where he wanted to put the salt, and really didn't qualify for use of the word 'teensiest'.

There was nothing teeny about it.

For a second he contemplated lying or trying to dodge the question, but he found he really didn't want to. He avoided her gaze, and smiled slightly. "I think you're adorable all the time," he said quietly, and for a second his breathing felt oddly constricted.


He grinned and met her eye, sniggering a little. He just couldn't resist it. "No," he said.

She glared at him, even though she was laughing too, and then freed her hand from underneath her head and swatted him on the shoulder, quite hard in her drunken enthusiasm. He winced, shying away from her hand as he laughed.

"Are you lying?"

He slid his hand up her back, playing with the ends of her hair as he eased her face closer to his. "Yes," he said.


Before he could over-think things or talk himself out of it, he lifted his head a little and brushed his lips over hers. It was just the briefest flutter of a kiss – he thought he probably could've passed it off as a friendly gesture, were it not for the fact that they both knew it wasn't, and had she not have had him pinned to the floor underneath his kitchen table.

He pulled away just far enough to look into her eyes, to see what she thought. He thought she was smiling, although she was so close it was hard to tell.

"You kissed me," she said.

"Yes. Glad you noticed."

"Don't women normally notice when you kiss them?" she said.

"Well there have been a few occasions…." he said, adopting a look of entirely mock anguish. "I'd prefer not to talk about it."

She sniggered, and his chest fluttered. Why had he never noticed how much he liked to make her laugh?

"What happened to your 'must be in full control of everything' attitude." She said softly.

He smiled slightly at the way she'd stumbled over the words.

"The brain cells that think that are lolling about pissed somewhere," he said, waving his hand dismissively, even though he couldn't remember ever feeling less dismissive about anything. "They'll be very cross with me in the morning. Give me a good telling off, one of those headaches that makes you feel like there are elephants tap-dancing on your cranium."

Her eyes widened as if she was genuinely concerned for him, rather than just playing along, and he couldn't help but feel a little twist in his chest at how endearing that was.

"What'll you do?" she said.

"I'll tell them that it's their own fault for getting pissed and leaving the rest of me to my own devices," he said.

She considered him for a moment, and his eyes roved her face, trying to figure out what she might be thinking. He drew a blank.

And then, she grabbed his face and crushed her lips against his, making her thoughts entirely apparent.

For a second he was too surprised to do anything.

But only for a second.

He kissed her back, slipping his fingers into her hair and pulling her closer. He couldn't quite believe it was happening. He accepted it as he would have a dream, it couldn't be real, and therefore he could do anything he wanted, as the normal rules that would stop him from doing it didn't exist.

The kiss grew slowly deeper, and she tasted of tequila. He supposed he must too. She was infinitely more intoxicating than the drink, though. She made his head spin and his legs go weak and if he hadn't been lying down he thought that he probably would've toppled over.

She ran her fingers gently over his jaw, and he realised that he really was kissing her, that, unreal as this felt, this wasn't some day-dream or idle thought-inspired fantasy. The lips moving over his were real, the hair beneath his fingers was real, the sensations… He swallowed. They were all too real.

"This is probably a very bad idea," he said, murmuring the words between kisses, not sure whether he really meant them or not.

"Uh-huh," she said, nodding, even though the way she was taking his lip between hers seemed to indicate she thought otherwise

"We're very different," he muttered, and she pulled back just a little.

"Well you are a pathetic, wan– "

"Evasive," he said, steering her lips back to his. "Don't forget evasive."

She let out a soft snigger against his lips. "You're a pathetic, evasive, wanker," she said, holding his face in place and pressing her lips back to his.

"And you're annoyingly chipper," he said, returning the kiss with just a touch more pressure.

"And you're boring," she purred, shifting down a little to kiss his neck. He chuckled, wondering if the word 'boring' had ever sounded sexier. "And far too sensible. And a total git."

"And you never know when to be quiet."

She pulled away, open-mouthed with indignation. Her eyes swept over him and her hands on his shoulders appraisingly. "I suppose you want me to let you go, then," she said.

"Actually, no," he said, tightening his grip on her. She looked a little startled, and he grinned, rolling her over. She let out a surprised giggle as he settled against her, pinning her to the floor.

"I thought you thought I was annoyingly chipper?" she said, wide-eyed but grinning.

"I do. You are."

She offered him an adorable puzzled frown. "But, well…." He trailed off, lightly stroking her neck with the very tips of his fingers. "You see – " He paused to follow the path his fingers had taken down her throat with kisses, and then traced a new one back up again to her ear. He lowered his voice to little more than a flirty whisper, breathing his words against her hair. " – it does appear that – " He kissed his way along her jaw and back to her lips, and then met her eye. He tilted his head down, peering up at her through his lashes as he raised one eyebrow. " – I do fancy you just a little bit after all."

She smiled and bit her lip. "Oh," she said. He returned his lips to hers earnestly, and this time, neither of them could think of anything that needed saying.

The intensity of it all took him a little by surprise, although he wasn't entirely sure why. He ran his hand down her side and pulled her closer, enjoying the sensation of her wrapping her arms around his neck and running her hands through his hair nearly as much as he was enjoying having her body moving against his.

He was just wondering where this could possibly be leading – or more precisely, if it was wise to let it lead where he thought it was leading – when the front door opened.

"Cam? You here? Is Vala with you?" Sam's voice rang out through the apartment.

They both stopped, but springing apart didn't really seem an option. Vala' hands drifted out of his hair, and he removed his hand from where it had been – toying with the place he'd put salt earlier. Cam peered out into the kitchen, even though he knew who it was.

From under the table they could see Sam's green combat clad legs come to stand beside them and then she ducked down to their level.

"Not interrupting anything, am I?" Sam asked, trying very hard to suppress a snigger at her two friend's situation.

Cam shot Vala a guilty and embarrassed glance, and she covered her mouth with her hand to stifle a giggle.

"No," Cam said, grimacing at Vala, painfully aware that their bodies were still pressed together and telling an entirely different story. She bit her lip and laughed a little, her eyes sparkling at him and making his insides do things they hadn't done in quite a while.

He lifted himself off her and sat up, smacking his head on the table. Vala giggled, and pushed herself more upright, leaning on her elbows. He rubbed his head.

"So what have you two been up to?" Sam's asked in what Cam interpreted as either a deeply amused or annoyed way.

"We were just – " Cam started. He looked desperately at Vala, who shrugged and grinned.

"Yes?" Sam said, cocking an eyebrow at them.

"We were – " He gestured at Vala for support, for some lie that would explain what he was doing trapped under a kitchen table in the small hours of the morning with a woman he'd vehemently denied fancying, and who was, technically, married. " – looking for something," he said, wincing at his own lame excuse.

Did you find it?"

"Er – " Cam screwed his eyes shut and rubbed his forehead. "Not yet," he said. It was the best he could come up with under the circumstances.

"Half the base has been looking for you Vala but now I see you're in quite" She snorted slightly, "Capable hands." Her feet turned away and headed for the door. "Although if I may make a suggestion, unless it's teeth you're searching for, you might want to look somewhere other than each other's mouths."

The door swung closed behind Sam, and Cam blinked a couple of times and then ran his hands over his face. It didn't have much of a sobering effect, although Sam's appearance certainly had.

"And the award for World's Worst Timing goes to…." Vala said, before dissolving into a fit of giggles.

"Quite," Cam said. He gestured to the rest of the kitchen. "Shall we?" Vala nodded.

He crawled out from underneath the table, and when she followed, clutching the bottle, he offered her a hand up from the floor. He pulled her to her feet and they both staggered a little. She rested against the table for support, and he grabbed the back of one of the chairs, swaying slightly.

He didn't have the faintest idea what he was supposed to do or say next, he looked to Vala for some indication, but she was just grinning, and he couldn't work out if it was a shy grin, or just a drunken one. He thought his own expression might be something along the startled rabbit line.


Minutes passed in uncomfortable silence: three and three quarters.

"Screw it." Cam mumbled to himself before launching himself forward and backing Vala up against the table.

"Couldn't agree more Colonel." Vala managed to get out before Cam's lips crashed into hers, the gentle teasing and exploring or minutes before evaporating.

His hands snaked down Vala's sides to her hips before rounding to her bum. Vala gave a startled yelp as he grasped her and lifted her onto the table top before she wrapped her legs around his hips, drawing him closer until they where pressed completely against each other. She let out a low chuckle as Cam groaned at the contact and she abandoned his lips to nibble her way up his jaw to his ear. His hands slipped under her shirt as her tongue traced the shell of his ear and she let out a long, hot, breath when his fingers ghosted the underside of her breasts.

"Jesus..." Cam gasped, how had he not noticed that Vala had been sitting in front of him all night with out wearing a bra? "You're a very naughty girl." He teased as he pinched her nipple. Vala's only response was an involuntary thrust of her hips against his and when he twisted them sharply she groaned and sucked his ear lobe into her mouth.

No longer able to resist temptation Cam ripped the shirt over Vala's head and threw it behind him before beginning his exploration of the porcelain skin he had just unveiled. His lips trailed down her neck and he paused for a moment to lavish attention on the spot where her pulse beat against her skin, nipping it gently and sucking on it until Vala wreathed and tugged at his hair, forcing his head lower.

His stubble scratched against her soft skin causing them both to shiver.

"Cameron." She half moaned, half begged, her fingers scratching his scalp. The action made him groan into her skin and he finally lowered his head to take her taunt nipple into his mouth while his other hand continued to pinch and twist the other. He felt her tense as the waves of pleasure settled low in her abdomen and her hands left his hair to clutch at his shoulders. He pulled away from her long enough to drag his shirt over his head and when her hands once again returned to his shoulders, her nails clawed at his skin and sent jolts of lust straight to his groin. As his mouth continued its torment on her nipples his other hand snaked down to clutch at her hip and drag her forward to perch on the edge of the table.

Vala's groan of protest as Cam's mouth left her aching nipples changed to one of frustration as he trailed ghosting kisses down her stomach and dipped his tongue into her bell button while his hands made quick work of the buttons and fly of her jeans. She raised her hips instinctively and there was a rustle of cloth as they hit the floor and where kicked to the side. The smell of her hit Cameron's nostrils and he inhaled deeply before pressing an open mouth kiss to her soaking panties.

Vala squirmed and her hips jutted forward begging for more contact and for the cloth barrier between her and his mouth to be removed. Cam couldn't repress the smirk that came to his lips when he felt her thighs quiver around his neck and he thrust his tongue harder against her. Vala's hands snaked back into his hair and she dragged him back up her body to place a searing kiss to his lips, her hands reaching for his belt and within moments his trousers fell around his ankles and her hand had slipped inside his boxers.

Her hand curled around him and squeezed slightly, causing Cam the most exquisite pleasure he had ever encountered. He thrust involuntarily into her hand and when she smiled against his lips he took her lower lip into his mouth and bit down on it gently. Her hand released him and trailed up to run her thumb around the moisture that had gathered at his head. Vala's small feet stroked up the backs of his legs and Cam let out a strangled gasp when she raised them further to his hips and used them to drag his boxers down to join his trousers at his ankles.

Cam was too distracted by the move to realise that her talented legs had stretched out behind him and dragged a chair across the floor.

"How does the song go Cameron?" Vala asked breathily, "Save the horse, ride the cowboy?"

She gave him a wicked look before pushing back on his shoulders and he fell into the chair behind him, his hands still gripping tightly to her hips. Before she could take the step forward that would bring her between his legs his hands dragged her black panties down her legs, his nails scarping against the smooth skin of her thighs. And then she was straddling him, her hot core hovering above him and it took all his restraint not to just thrust into her.

"Vala" he groaned, unaware if it was a call for her to stop or carry on, his hands grasping her hips so tightly that he knew they would be bruised once this was over. She slid down onto him tantalisingly slowly and he felt a shiver run through her whole being as their hips finally pressed against each other.

He stared up at her for a moment, her hair wild and face flushed, finally understanding how people could have been deceived into believing this woman was a goddess. She was sin incarnate as she began to move above him, her hands grasping his shoulders and her head thrown back so as her perfect breasts where level with his face and simply too tempting to not take back into his mouth.

"Cameron!" The word spilled from her mouth in a strangled cry as he began to match her movements with ones of his own, thrusting deeper and harder as he felt her begin to tighten around him. Their pace grew more rapid and Vala leaned even further back, the tips of her long dark hair brushing against his feet, and Cam slid his hands from their tight grasp on her hips to her back to support her.

Knowing he wouldn't last much longer and that she was on the edge Cam renewed his attack on her breast, lavishing her nipples with his tongue until he could feel her toes curl against his calves and her thighs quivered in anticipation. Using all the strength he had left Cam stood from the chair, Vala instinctively wrapping her legs around him, and stumbled the three steps back to the table, laying her down on top of it. Vala's hand fisted again in his short hair as she dragged his mouth back to hers and ravished it as well as he was ravishing her body.

And then suddenly Vala's mouth was slack against his own, a desperate counterpoint to the tension that coursed through the rest of her body, her moan of satisfaction caught in her throat as even the need to breath was overridden by her orgasm and her back arched with her spasmodically thrusting hips. The sensation of her rippling around him and the heat that flowed over him was enough to trigger Cam's own orgasm and with one last deep thrust he collapsed on top of her, his face burrowing into her hair.


Minutes lost due to mind blowing orgasm: 3 and a half.

Cam lay with his eyes closed tightly less he open them and find it was all a dream and Vala gently caressing the back of his head almost absentmindedly. When he finally regained the strength Cam lifted himself off of Vala enough to look her in the eye.

He stared for a long moment searching her eyes for any trace of regret but he smiled with he found none and could only see acceptance and contentment staring back at him from silver orbs.

"Come out on a date with me?" It was asked as a question but it held no fear of what her answer may be.

"We'll flip a coin on it." Vala told him, all traces of her earlier drunkenness now gone, dissolved in a sea of spent hormones, leaving nothing but her usual teasing tone. "Heads I'll go on a date with you..."

"And tales?" He asked, totally amused at the situation of asking the woman who was still naked beneath him out on a date and her mock indecision on wither to take him up on it.

"Then we'll just flip it again."