Rights and Responsibilities

He's only vaguely surprised to see her join him by the fire.

"Come to lecture me?"

She studies the flames intently.

"It would never stick, so, no, I haven't."

He adds a chunk of wood to the fire and watches it flare briefly.

"But you are being irresponsible."

He snorts.

"And you were never anything but dutiful."

She sighs, looking past him at something only she can see.

"I knew what was important."

He could say a lot of things to that, most of them not nice, but he doesn't and pokes the fire instead.

"You've certainly stirred things up a lot though."


He knows, of course, that his brother thinks him captured by the Akatsuki and probably dead. He doesn't feel guilty about this yet. This is the first time in years that he's had time completely to himself and he's enjoying it for all it's worth.

"The Kages are gathering."

A Kage meeting? The last time there was one of those, his brother had just become Raikage. That was over a decade ago. He can tell there's more though.


"The Akatsuki won't give up on capturing you either."

He shrugs.

"I escaped before, I can do it again."

"You don't understand. The one who will come for you next will be stronger and more wary of tricks. It will not be so easy this time."

He looks at her closely. She seems almost... tired is the only way he can put it.

She unwinds the bandages and beads around her left arm.


Her seal has vanished and there's a scar in its place.

"Extraction is... painful. I would not wish it upon you."

He shivers. There's something ominous about her words.

"I can't return though."

She looks at him, disappointed.

"Raikage-sama would do much for you. Do not under-estimate how far he is willing to go for you."

There isn't anything he can say to that.

"Think about it."

And then she's gone.

Spot the Inuyasha reference. xD

Yeah, so Kirabi doesn't rap here because he's being serious for a change. (Also, I refuse to write him doing so.) Yugito's the only person apart from the Raikage (and the Hachibi) who can get away with telling him off.