Dawn tapped her finger nails on the table. She rested her head on her hand. Watching the clock. How slow?

"oi, you have a job to do" Gina nudged her. She held Phil

"OK" Dawn sighed

"are you all right?" Geoff asked

"yeah i suppose" Dawn smiled slightly

"ah Dawn, when you get to my age" Don joked

"what 50?" Gina laughed as she walked out the room. Don shook his head while laughing in silence.

"is there anything we can do?" Geoff asked

"make time go faster" Dawn smiled imagining.

"oh yeah let me get out my magic wand" Don joked. Dawn folded her arms and gave him a cocky smirk

"oh by the way, Dawn that clock is a hour slow" Oscar butted in

"oh, no, i need to get ready" Dawn rushed up stairs.

She lifted her hair, as though she was going to put it up in a pony tail. She turned to the mirror. She sighed and let her free from her hands. Her curly hair bounce. The warm room was silent. Until a click of her record. Her favourite song. She did a little dance as she opened her wardrobe. She pulled out dresses and looked at them. She pulled faces at the ones she didn't like and simply threw them onto her neat bed. She even held some up to her and looked in the mirror. She was about to give up when...

"perfect" she smiled holding a aqua blue dress, with sequins on the sleeves, with where complimented with a bright blue belt, which laid just underneath her breasts.

A hour later

"have you seen Dawn?" Gina asked

"No, oh she's up stairs getting ready" Oscar remembered

"ok thanks"

She walked across the hallways. She heard a beat. Dawn's room, number 3. She knocked gently on the door and listened through to hear a song beat. She didn't realize the door wasn't closed fully, so as she leant against it, the door opened.

"what's with the mess!" Gina peered at the floor, well she couldn't even see the floor because Dawn's clothes were scattered all over, her wardrobe was empty.

"what? I couldn't decide what to wear" Dawn was sat in front of the mirror caking on all her make up to her cheeks.

"well here's a thing" she stumbled over (trying to dodge the mess) to the wardrobe. "clothes belong in the wardrobe"

"sorry Gina, I'll clear it away in a minuet" Dawn applied her pale lipstick. And blew a kiss at the reflection in the mirror and smiled.

"where are you going?" Gina smiled

"to a party" She saw Gina's reflection in the mirror she turned around "what? It's a old friends 19th birthday"

"OK, just be back for 12" Gina gave her a reasonable time.

"OK" Dawn rolled her eyes. She walked down the stairs Gina followed her

"y..you look nice" Geoff felt nervous when he saw Dawn

"ah, thanks Geoff" Dawn smiled. "bye Gina" she gave Gina a kiss on the cheek. Dawn was taller than Gina due to the high heels she was wearing.