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"Ryuzaki?" a voice called out into the silence. "Are you in here Ryuzaki?" Ryuzaki, L, Lawliet, whatever one prefers to address him as, was not to be seen in the dark room. Oddly, his computer was still turned on, a document open on the luminous screen.

Watari, letting his curiosity get the better off him, slowly walked up to L's computer and took a quick look at the typed font on the screen.

"Do not look for me. Do not halt the investigation of the Kira case due to my absence. I cannot release to you my whereabouts, but I will hopefully return in the near future. There is something I must attend to, and I will not tell you to not worry since I will be in the presence of potential danger. Watari, I have sent you a private e-mail with more information. There was only a 87 percent chance that you would be the individual to see this message, so please read what I have sent you.

Watari stared at the message for five minutes after he had already read it twice. One who knows Watari knows that when faced with a stressful situation, the old man will proceed to talk to himself.

"What, what, what, what, what?! L, L, where is L? What stupid thing have you gone off and done now? Oh how am I going to m handle this! Authorities? No, no, they would be of no help. Oh Watari you idiot! You big dumb idiot! You should have kept a better eye on him! Such a person needs constant supervision! Oh what have you done! What has HE done? Danger.. danger.. potential danger?! L in danger? DANGER?! Goodness gracious, what am I to do now?!" This jabber went on for quite some time.

Watari took a few deep breaths, still shaking. "Watari, get a hold of yourself. You need to be strong, you need to think this through. For L's sake, for his safety. Now L said he sent me an e-mail.." Watari signed into his account and found said e-mail, unopened.

"Watari, it is L. I hope you have read the message I left in the investigation room. The only additional information I will disclose to you is that what I am doing involves Beyond Birthday, who is indeed alive. This must terrify you, but it is something I must do. As I said, keep on the Kira case, and keep a close eye on Light Yagami.

Watari felt as if he had just had the wind knocked out of him. The concept of breathing escaped him. By the time he could breathe again, he was so out of breath he couldn't even talk to himself. Watari continued leaning over his desk, gasping for air, heart pounding in his chest.

"B-Beyond… B-Birthday? This cannot be, this simply cannot be! That sick bastard will surely kill him! Why is Beyond Birthday alive? He should be dead! Dead as a possum, he should be! Oh..." Watari had gone quiet, for something had finally dawned on him. There was nothing he could do. L was gone, and did not want to be found. If L did not want to be found, there was no way anyone could find him. The man is a genius. The old man realized the most he could do was hope and pray with all his heart L would make it home.

With this new self-acquired knowledge, Watari slowly walked over to his bed. He felt hopeless, completely and utterly hopeless. Under his covers, Watari began to cry. He did not wail and sob; he merely cried soft tears, which gently rolled down his wrinkled cheeks. He cried for the boy he had raised, the man that boy had become.


"Room for one please."

What a strange looking young man, the employee of the small and ratty motel thought to himself. The man who went by the name Ross looked up at the man once again.

He was wearing baggy blue jeans and a white long sleeved shirt. His raven black hair was tousled this way and that, and rather long. He was pale; he looked as white as snow. The two things that surprised Ross most was the dark circles under his big dark eyes and the way he seemed to be hunching over.

"Is there something wrong?" prompted the odd young man. Ross looked into the man's eyes quickly, surprised. "Oh no, no sir. Nothing wrong. Sorry. Sure, one room? For how long?" Ross looked down at the floor as he spoke. "May I pay for two nights and pay extra if I choose to stay longer?" the black-haired man asked. "Oh… of course you may! Yes, that will be fine." Ross replied, a bit too cherry. "Oh and one more thing…" the peculiar man said. "Yes?" Ross was intrigued. "Where can I find some good sweets here" the raven said casually. "Sweets? Well I suppose the 7-11 across the street, they have some-"Ross was cut off. "Yes excellent!" the man interrupted, taking off rather quickly out the door.

Fifteen minutes later, Ross audibly gasped when he saw the same strange man coming back in the motel doors with three bags that were seemingly filled with nothing but junk food.

Even under the circumstances, L found himself smiling. Sweets always made him feel better, and this time was no exception. He dumped all his treasure on the motel bed. Twinkies, mini-cupcakes, brownies, icing, cookies, lots. Unwrapping a Twinkie, L began to think. He had left this morning; Watari should have seen the message by now.

L paused. He slowly stood and walked over to the small and dirty motel window. His heart began to pound, and he moved the tacky curtain out of the way to look outside.

It was a dark night, he could hardly see. This comforted him slightly. If he was out there watching him, at least L wouldn't have to see him himself. L spoke too soon. L saw a shadow moving in the darkness. His eyes widened and his heart beat even faster. When would this end? L knew he must be here, watching, waiting. L felt like a small mouse, right in the path of a playful and deadly cat.

Figuring he was relatively safe in the locked motel room, L climbed into the bed and ate his sweets. After quite some time, L began to feel tired. He lay back on his pillow and reluctantly turned off the light beside the lumpy bed. L was nervous, skittish even, but after one final glance around the room, he allowed himself to drift off to sleep.

L was in that room again. That room he had never seen before, but somehow felt so familiar. He looked around. The beige walls were dull and the grey carpet even duller. Not one piece of furniture had been placed in this room and L doubted much furniture would fit inside anyways. It was small, and had no doors or windows. L was trapped. He had no way escape, but strangely he felt at peace.

It was then that L noticed the other man in the corner of the room. L was a bit anxious to know who the man was but he still felt quite relaxed. On his hands and knees, he slowly crawled closer to the man, who had his head down and in his hands. Quiet sobs came from the figure.

L's heart wrenched for the man. Why was he crying? Why was he sad? He liked this man and he did not want him to be sad. "Hey..." L said quietly, "Are you okay?" The man's head shot up so fast L leapt back at the intensity in the man's eyes. Those big eyes, with even darker circles underneath. Those eyes looked so familiar to L. L's gaze travelled from the man's head to his feet.

He was a look-alike. A copy-cat. A replica. He looked just like L. The only differences L could identify were his shirt was black, not white, and his eyes… they were red. Blood red. L gasped and scrambled to his feet, attempting to get as far away from the man as he could. This was difficult, as the room was so small.

L knew this man's name. He hated this man's name. Beyond Birthday. L was trapped in a room with the one man he feared most. "N-no…" L stammered, "N-not you."

"Aw Lawliet, this hurts my feelings," Beyond said, tears still fresh in his eyes. "I was hoping you'd be happier to see me. I know I'm happy to see you…" with this, Beyond Birthday sprinted across the small room, looking very feline-like.

His face was mere inches from L's, who was cowering against the wall, eyes shut tight. "Is my little man scared?" Beyond inquired in a provocative voice. He lifted one finger to L's pursed lips. "Don't worry my little Lawli-chan, I won't bite, too hard." Beyond giggled, mostly to himself and leaned in even closer to L.

"Do not touch me!" L said, his voice shaking. "Oh why not? You must know that I cannot resist my favorite toy," Beyond replied, smirking. With speed, Beyond grabbed L's wrists and pressed him flat against the wall. Still grasping his wrists tightly, L was trapped furthermore. Beyond Birthday buried his face into the crook of L's neck and inhaled deeply. "Lawli-chan, you always smell so good, like candy," Beyond whispered.

L shivered as Beyond used his tongue to trace down his throat. "Oh I see, my Lawli-chan likes this, hm?" Beyond snickered. "N-no!" L denied. The red-eyed man merely laughed louder. L was not expecting what happened next so quickly. Beyond Birthday's lips made contact with his, and showed L no mercy. His lips were needy, hungry, and devoured any dignity L might have had left.

L tried his hardest to resist, keep his mouth stiff and closed, but Beyond was stronger, and being pinned against the wall did not help. Soon, Beyond's tongue had entered L's mouth.

The kiss given to L was not the kiss of a man who loved the other. The kiss was all obsession, it was filled with anger, revenge, and lust.

At this point, L was crying. The tears rolled down his pale face as he felt powerless. Beyond had pressed himself as close to L as possible and L could hardly breath.

"No. No. Stop. No. No! NOOO!" L sat upright in bed, breathing heavy. Sweat beaded on his forehead and his heart was going a mile a minute. Why am I dreaming these things? Am I a pervert? Having dreams about a murderer who is stalking me and will most likely kill me… what is wrong with me? All these questions were running through L's head.

L glanced over at his bedside table and nearly screamed when he say a cassette and small tape player sitting there. He was positive those items were not there the night before. He gingerly picked up the tape and almost dropped when he read who it was addressed to. "For Lawli-chan".

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