Vampire Kisses: Love At First Bite

Chapter Three – Old Enemies

Have you ever met your true love?

Are you together, or apart?

Is he the same as you?

Or are you opposites attract?

Was it love at first sight?

Or love at first


What if Alexander was a dark, trouble young vampire, and Raven an angry, teenage girl? What if instead of them meeting sweetly and falling in love at first sight, it was love at first bite? Alexander bites Raven when she's in the wrong place, at the wrong time. Upon seeing how beautiful she is, and feeling remorseful, Alexander carries her back to the mansion and tends to her. Sparks fly as Raven settles into her new lifestyle. RxA

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"Alexander?" He lifted his eyes off the road for a fraction of a second, just long enough to see that Raven had tears streaming down her face. Jameson made a coughing sound in the back and Alexander knew that he was trying to tell him to swerve into the Petrol Station just ahead. Wordlessly, he did so, watching as she choked on his name again. "Alexander?" She sounded scared, tired, lonely. His heart swelled with longing for her, he wanted to share her burden. After all, he was the cause of all this. He was the catalyst that had sparked her early and untimely death.

"I'm going to go grab some coffee," Jameson told them, opening the car door and excrutiatingly slowly walking away. Alexander knew they'd have at least half an hour until he returned. He'd parked the car in a near by loading bay, it was the only car in the lot, and he could see through the wide expanse of windows that the petrol station was completely empty. Well, it was five in the morning and it was on a motorway near the outskirts of small towns.

"What's wrong?" He asked her, his heart pounding as her tears fell thick and fast.

"What's right?" She reply calmly, resting her head mournfully on her outstretched arms. "Oh, God, it's just hit me."

"What?" He inquired, sensitively pushing her hair away from her lovely face, watching as the charcoal eyeshadow and eyeliner made complicated, greying swirls down her face, where her tears were washing it all away. Her lip trembled as she loked at at him, trying very hard not to collapse into his open arms.

"I just left my old life behind," she murmured as he gestured for her to come into his arms. He didn't know if she'd accept—he didn't know what to do, how to comfort someone when they were unhappy. He didn't often see his father comforting his mother, and when he did he always put his arms around her. Alexander decided this might be the best thing to do.

"I mean I just said goodbye to my friends, my family, everything."

"I'm so sorry," he replied, encasing her in his arms, gently stroking her midnight hair, so it fanned around her shoulders in tumbling waves of deep ebony. "I'm so very, very sorry. I just . . . I don't think I can explain already more than I have; nothing sounds justified. The more I think it over in my head, the more I can't believe I did what I did to you. It doesn't seem right."

"No you don't understand," she replied pointedly. "I'm melancholy, yes, but I'm more kind of . . . happy. It's bittersweet, but, how I've longed to get out of there. I was always like a dark butterfly trapped under a glass jar right beside some pretty flowers. I could see all the wonderous world, see exactly what I wanted, yet I could never reach it. Although, I don't feel like this is the right way to do it, I'm sort of happy, in a way . . ." she was mumbling, sounding uncertain, scared, confused. He yearned to try and tell her it was going to be absolutely all right—but he couldn't say any of those things. He knew in his heart of hearts, that it wouldn't be all right for a very long time.

"Happy?" He almost gasped when she said those words and her eyes sort of lit up. She looked happy right enough, but at the same time, the happiness was only in flashes. The more consistent of all moods, was the depressed, unhappy pout, and of course, the tears. She was still crying, still holding her swan-like neck in her arms, as if she could still feel the penetration he'd left there, when he knew that after several hours, the markings wore off.

"I don't know." She admitted, chewing on her lip. It wasn't black any more, instead it was a mottled, pinkish colour, almost grey and sallow. In fact, all of her looked sort of grey and sallow, and her beautiful eyes didn't have that zipping sparkle. She looked weary, fed-up, tired.

Alexander wished there was something he could do. He wished he'd just met her randomly, and they could spend their days angsting over normal things. Alexander didn't normally wish to be normal. He loved being this gothic, deadly, alluring knight of the night. He loved being a vampire. It was who he was, what he was supposed to be. He couldn't feasibly remember a time when he'd wished to be anything but—and now here he was, wishing he was normal, wishing he was some ordinary guy who'd fallen for ordinary Raven. Ordinary wasn't doing Raven, any justice, he decided. Raven was undecidely not ordinary. Quite to the contrary, Raven was exceptional. He felt something deep within himself for her, and he knew it wasn't just the bond they had over shared blood.

Something moved within him when she looked at him.

Butterflies ricoted upwards. The earth seemed to come to a standstill. He was held motionless, captivated by all that she was. She enchanted him, mesmerised him, made him to want to be something.

"Look, I cannot take back anything that I've done. I cannot erase the fact that I stole your life from you—your very breath from your lips, your blood from your veins—that I made you a prisoner to my life. I wish I could take it all back, but I can't. I'll forever be sorry about that, forever."

Just as Alexander was uttering those precious words, Raven felt a ghost of a smile trickle over her lips. She felt a radiant, self-assured ray of sunshine twinkle within her, and all of her problems and unhappiness was forgotten for that moment. The funny thing was, that he thought she was hugely upset because she was chained to being a vampire forever. It was such a silly, delightful notion, that he would think she was crying about that. That was the only thing stopping her silent tears from becoming full on sobs. They'd already assessed that situation. Her fears had evaporated for that topic. She felt almost complacent about everything right now. She'd been crying because she longed to erase the hunger she felt for Becky's blood, the fact that she'd had to say goodbye to her entire life—that was all she was sad about. That, and the enormity of the situation had just caught up with her. Right until that moment it hadn't seemed real at all, and now, it felt starkly, bitterly real. It'd been like some glorious dream. That sort of stuff just didn't happen normally. Gothic, beautiful, dream-like boys didn't pop into cemetery's and bite you, changing your life forever. Especially ones who acted like they might show some sort of interest in you. Raven hadn't really come to terms with what had happened. She'd been shocked and upset when she first heard the news, of course, but it didn't seem quite real. She went along with it, without probing any real questions, simply because she could barely believe her ears. Besides, anything that was going to get her out of this tiny, claustrophobic town was for the better. She just wished he'd come sooner, before all the arrogant, annoying people could get to her.

"I'm not angry or sad about what you did," Raven told Alexander in a very small, timid voice. "That's the one part that makes me kind of slightly, delusionally happy. I'm more sad about leaving Becky and just I don't know . . . I suppose things changing. I always talked about wanting everything to change—and now that they are, I'm not entirely sure I'm ready for it. It's kind of just sunk in, the fact that I'm sitting in a mercedes with a boy—sorry vampire—I barely know, ready to start a new chapter of my life, it all seems so odd. But I've bestowed every trust in you, I know that things will fall into place." She exhaled out of relief, and a rush of confidence at the beautiful smile decorating his gorgeous lips. Raven hadn't properly looked at Alexander before now. She'd noted that he was handsome, and gothically dark like her—but she hadn't noted the finer details; the exact shape of his cupid bow's lips; the meltingly beautiful golden tones in his chocolate-coloured eyes; the slender, elegant shape of his angular nose; the coils of soft, choppy, midnight-coloured waves that hung sleekly around his face. Alexander was model-beautiful, but not only that, he carried a certain intricate air of elegance about him. He was regal, she guessed, he wasn't like some feral, common vampire. He seemed special.

Alexander, meanwhile, was finding it duitfully hilarious that Raven chose to put all of her trust in a vampire. Humans by nature, by law, didn't put any trust in vampiric nosferatus that could kill them. His people had been persectued for centuaries, so although he would never lay a black fingernail on sweet Raven, he found it hilarious that she trusted him with her life. He supposed she didn't have any choice.

"How much longer?" Raven wondered, whiping her eyes. She was still encapsulated in his arms, her head just lightly resting on his muscular chest.

"Half an hour," he replied. He wasn't exactly sure where they were heading. They had a place in a cool local city, but Jameson told him to take the long long route there, because they still didn't know if that would provide Raven enough protection from people that could easily find her and haul her back home—where being a vampire wouldn't sit too well. Alexander didn't want to take her far away, but he felt like he didn't have a choice. Jameson was telling him to take strange routes, that were far out, away from anything, whilst Alexander just wanted to go to this city and get to his room there. He needed to relax, and it would soon be dawn. They had to make a decision about where they were headed very soon.

Raven shivered, looking sleepy, hungry, tired. Alexander knew they couldn't handle the hungry bit until they reached somewhere where Jameson could either get out those packs of blood or fix them bloody steaks. Raven would need blood soon though, they couldn't leave it too late. Jameson was coming back, carrying two steaming paper cups. Alexander assumed one was for Raven and the other for Jameson. Although he could drink and eat whatever he wished, anything but something dripping in blood didn't satisfy him.

Jamson wordlessly handed Raven a cup, sipping it idly in the backseat. Alexander seeked his chance.

"Jameson?" The butler nodded, still sipping at his drink. "We need to settle down somewhere soon. I know you don't think heading over to the city is a great idea, but it's the only one that we have. We already have a manor there, the one you said you'd reserved—and if anyone comes looking for Raven we can fly off again. I promised to protect her. I promise no one will find her, I won't let that happen until she's ready for it."

Jameson looked like he was weighing up his words in his mind, whilst Raven felt a little thrill ripple through her stomach when Alexander said protect her. She wanted to be protected by him. She wanted to be with him always, it was just as well they were bound to one another, because Raven couldn't in her wildest dreams see Alexander staying with her otherwise. She wasn't enough for him. She imagined someone like him would have a large amount of admirers, hanging breathlessly onto his every word. Why would he ever want someone this boring, this plain, this ordinary? As much as she liked to think she was someone special, unique, different, she knew she was only those things in her old town. Anywhere else, there was a thousand versions of her. Anywhere else she'd blend into the background, and Raven couldn't decide if she really wanted that.

"Very well," Jameson nodded, deciding there and then that the fire burning in Alexander's eyes was enough to satisfy him that the girl wouldn't be harmed.

He should probably have said harmed any further. She'd already been hurt in many ways, becoming a creature of the night wasn't easy or very pleasant, but she seemed to be rising to the challenge, like a little trouper. She seemed to understand that there was no way to reverse what had happened, and she should just look forwards and pray that things would work themselves out.

Jameson was praying with her.

Alexander nodded, buckling in his seatbelt and quickly reversing the car out of the deserted petrol station. At least now he knew where he was going, he could have some sort of sense of direction. He felt in control now, like this was what was supposed to happen an he was relishing it.

Becky was pacing her bedroom frantically. It had been hours since Raven came in through her bedroom window, a starry-eyed, kissed look on her face. Becky had known from the minute she turned her head and looked out the window the third time that it was that boy. The boy who'd so vehemently denied knowing Raven.

Ha. He was surely doing more than knowing Raven right now!

Becky was sort of happy for them—she wanted her best friend to be loved by someone, she didn't want her to be an outcast forever, but why couldn't she fall for someone who was sticking around? Why did she have to leave, while Becky stayed here, trying to pick up the destroyed fragments? Already, Raven's step parents had called around, wondering if she knew where she was. Becky hated having to lie through her teeth. She hated having to say that the last time she saw Raven was two days ago, when it was really hours. They told her that she'd come home and caused havoc, shouting, wailing, storming away—the argument seemed to have really got it her because she was claiming she was leaving the town for good. They were terribly upset, and Becky wished Raven could see this. She'd never seen them this worried about her. Maybe it would let Raven know that all of her complaining about not being wanted wasn't true in the slightest. They seemed to want her—an awful lot.

Becky needed Raven to come back. She'd only sit and worry and worry about her if she didn't come back. Raven had to come back. People would ask questions. Police would be involved. Raven was a minor. She couldn't escape from this life until she was eighteen, surely she knew that?

Becky knew that she had to do something. She had to find Raven. She'd talked about heading over to Canada, which scared Becky. Canda was a big place, as was the US. She'd never find her unless she had some direct breadcrumbs to follow. Raven had sad Canada, but perhaps she was only saying that to try and guide Becky away from the real scent? Yes, that seemed like something she'd do. Doubting her best friend, for being some idiotic country bumpkin. Becky was an awful lot cleverer than Raven gave her credit for.

Becky tried to think of all the places Raven might go, but she was pulling up a blank. Perhaps she should go to the mansion on Benson Hill first? She knew that's where that boy lived, there'd been gossip about him for awhile. Maybe there'd be some clues there? She crossed her fingers as she got dressed silently, wishing that she wasn't making any noise, that her parents wouldn't come upstairs at that moment to find her putting on a pair of jeans and a pink v-neck. She certainly hoped they wouldn't wake up when they heard the truck starting. Becky lived far out from the town, on the wrong side of the tracks. She couldn't get anywhere unless she used the truck. She quickly got dressed, and then followed Raven's suit, letting herself out the window, and creeping along the garage roof.

She jumped in her truck, praying that it wouldn't do its usual roaring-to-life engine thing. It didn't, oddly, so she quickly pulled it out of the garage, zooming off down the dirt track paths that ran all the way around her house. She was in town in less than a minute, outside the Benson Hill mansion in less than five. She quickly got out of her truck, finding the gates locked, but decided to try and climb over. After grazing her leg quite badly, and bruising her arm, she'd dropped herself over the other side and was running up towards the house. There was no point trying the front door—it would definitely be locked, so instead she went around to the side, finding the basement window open a jar. She managed to push it right open and wriggle herself through, thankful for once that she had no shape to speak of. If she had the glorious curves she desired, there'd be no way she'd have made it through that tiny slit. She fell to the floor, immediately heading for the stairs after surveying the pitch black basement with a quite peek. She hated the dark, she didn't want to wait down there for very long. When she got upstairs, she clicked on a light, and although it was dim, the colour a mottled yellow, it was better than nothing.

She didn't know where to look, instead pushing around the doors, looking for scraps of paper hurriedly stowed on tables. She reached the kitchen, and at last, found something that was near enough what she was looking for. There was a paper hurriedly folded, with the page just curled over a little at the new houses bit. She scanned that page quickly, realising at once that there was only one house that the spooky boy would want to live in.

A mansion, just like this one, over in Hipsterville. She felt her lips curve into a smile, a little thrill flipping through her. She'd found out where they were going, she was sure of it! They had to be going there. It was the only clue anywhere—and she was sure it was the perfect sort of place for them to live. Now, she'd just have to find some sort of way to go there and try to convince Raven to come home.

What Becky didn't realise, as the dark shadow came up behind her, silent as a swooping bat, was that she wasn't alone in her discoveries. An old enemy was back in town, and they certainly wasn't going to let Alexander Sterling slip out of their grasp.

"Why hello there," a Romanian accent whispered in Becky's ear, as a hand clutched at her throat, causing the ripping scream to die in her lips. "I had a feeling you'd help me out when I first saw you walk through that door. Perhaps we can work together . . ." Becky saw a glint of two flashing fangs, and knew in an instant that coming there had been helpful, but not entirely a very good idea . . .

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