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What if he meant what he said?

Reno drunkenly staggered his way through the alley leading from Goblin's Bar to his apartment. He tripped over his feet, sending himself face first into the ground. And not only moments later, had the rain started pouring down on his back. He didn't know why his luck had run out. He pulled his phone from his pocket and dialed a number. Hoping he wouldn't regret it.

He waited and waited before the phone finally was answered except, he couldn't find his voice to form the words in his head. He broke out into a chain of tears, not caring if Rufus heard him or not. He managed to mumble something before hanging up. "Sector 8."

The line went dead. Rufus just stood in the same spot before it finally got to him. It was time to go get Reno from where ever he seemed to be. Rufus grabbed his keys and left his apartment. He hoped Reno was alright. He didn't want anything bad to happen to him.

Meanwhile, Reno had set himself up against a lamp post, letting the rain soak him. He lifted his now pale hand to wipe away his matted hair from his sticky face. He realized, he deserved what came to him. After all that he's done to people over the years. Even if he didn't mean it, he couldn't take anything back.

Rufus stopped the car when he saw Reno. He turned off the engine and got out, the midnight rain soaking his dry clothes. He ran over by his side. Rufus looked at Reno's bloodshot aquamarine eyes. "Come on Reno.. I'm here now."

The crimson haired Turk looked up at his boss who was getting drenched by the second. He tried to find his voice again, but it was no use. He smiled and took Rufus's hand. Finding his balance, he leaned on the platinum blonde haired man's shoulder.

After getting Reno into the car and buckled in, Rufus turned to him. He had his eyes closed and his head rested against the window. The cars engine roared to life and slowly lurched forward into the night. He didn't know where to take him, home or to his own house?

Reno startled him when he started talking. "Don't take me home, I don't want to spend the night alone again." He reached his lanky hand over and rested it on Rufus's leg. They swerved a little.

Rufus shifted uncomfortably. He didn't know what Reno wanted. Or what he himself wanted. It's not like he didn't have the room for him, because he did. It was just that, Reno rambled about the weirdest things when he was drunk. And Rufus wasn't sure if he wanted to listen to it tonight. He already had to deal with the sober Reno.

He thought and he thought. Eventually, his thoughts led him home. Reno was still clung to his side, slowly falling asleep as they walked to the elevator.

About half way up the elevator, Reno mumbled something. "What did you say?"

Reno looked up at his boss. "Nothing..."

Rufus unlocked the door and Reno stumbled in. He took off his wet shoes and socks by the door. "Where do I sleep sir?" Reno's eyes were almost completely shut and he wobbled when he stood still. His gazed traveled over to his boss who was already gone into another room.

Rufus came out with two pillows, a black blanket, and a change of his own clothes. He motioned for Reno to come over to the couch and change. "Well, goodnight Reno. See you in the morning." He turned to walk away when Reno grabbed his arm.

"Thank you... Rufus. I wanted to tell you that I really like you." He half smiled at the platinum blonde haired man. "I really do."

Rufus gave him a look that said it all. "I like you to Reno. Now please let go of my arm."

Rufus went to his room, sighing as he closed the door. He threw himself on his bed. Did he mean it? Or was it the alcohol talking?

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