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User Guide to Ownership of A Nation

Thank you for shopping with the United Nations Shopping Network (UNSN)! We are dedicated to your 100% satisfaction with our products and guarantee you will not regret purchasing your nation! Our motto is 'A happy individual is a happy world', and our goal to spread worldwide happiness is achieved through our excellent products and professional craftsmanship. If you have any questions or comments, please contact us at XXX-XXXX.


A small peninsula nation jutting out into the Mediterranean sea, Italy has been surrounded by a rich culture starting from the Roman Empire. Noted for a sunny climate and enthusiastic people, Italy is a key place for tourism, with the language of love.

Congratulations! You are now the proud owner of the nation, Italy! From its modest beginnings in Rome, it has withstood numerous conquests and stands strong in the modern world!

Getting Started

Included in the package you have received is one (1) Italian translation book, two (2) packets of instant pasta, and one (1) white flag accessory. These items should be kept at hand at all times, especially during start-up.

Notable parts of Italy should you see when you open your package include: one (1) hair curl that juts out of the left side of his head, a friendly smile, and the fact that he is completely naked. The nudity is normal; Italy is the only nation that comes without clothing. If any of these qualities are absent, please contact our help line, as you have received a faulty product.

To activate, simply stroke the hair curl. Italy should pop up and move instantly. Now would be a key time to clothe your nation. Loose, easy-to-move-in clothing is advised. At this time, your Italy should be trying to engage you in small talk. Italy's default language will be Italian, but you can adjust it to: England, Spanish by merely speaking to him in either language. However, when speaking in English or Spanish, Italy will randomly spout Italian words in conversation; this is completely normal.

Work and Care

You should be prepared for Italy to lie around your residence all day without doing anything worthwhile. He may leave, but once you establish your residence is his home, he will come back no matter what. Making your house Italy's home is easy: simply cook him one of the instant pastas (leave the other package for emergencies) or any type of pasta and he will understand his situation.

Under no circumstance should you ask your Italy to do anything important. No matter what the task is, there is a 90% chance he will ruin your efforts. He will ask and ask to help you, but you must refuse. An easy distraction is pasta. Another alternative is gelato.

Italy is dependant on your care. Although it can cook for itself, unless you have a pantry dedicated to pasta, it is unlikely he can sustain himself for long. He will be happy to eat anything you cook him since he is flexible when it comes to his diet – be warned, however, he dislikes British food. Feeding him such will make him sulk for days.

Once you befriend Italy, which takes a span between one hour and three days, he will work hard for you. His heart will be in everything he does, even if he messes it up. If he does mess up a task, be careful not to scold him too harshly, as he will start crying and it will take hours to console him to stop. It will also start a new instinct in Italy to run away whenever he is in trouble, and he runs extremely fast in escape situations. Although you can easily coax him back by leaving pasta near your door, it is unadvised to start this habit in your nation.

It is in Italy's hardwiring to sleep naked. Dressing him before bed is pointless as he will wake up naked the next morning. Although you cannot change this about your nation, be sure to tell Italy not to walk around naked if that is what you wish. He will be more discreet about the matter if you tell him, as he is unable to read atmospheres and will not understand if you do not directly tell him. This applies to any matter concerning his behavior.

To keep Italy at tip top shape and in a good mood, be sure to hug him at random intervals of the day. If he is feeling deprived, he will ask for hugs or kisses and be sure to deliver to his wishes. Italy's mood depends primarily on food and attention and the more of either will result in a happier nation.


In the UNSN Nations™ lineup, our nations can make connections with other nations as a result of our alliance pact. It is ill advised to own more than one nation at once, as you have the potential of having a war occur in your household. However, your nation can make friendships with other nations in the Nations™ brand.

Establishing a connection is easy. Simply take your nation out to meet other nations. When a potential connection is possible, your nation will react in a unique way.

In Italy's case, he will perk up considerably and run over to the other nation. Although other nations have different initial reactions, Italy is one of the nations that is welcoming to all over nations. If he starts talking about relatives in other nations, it is an indication that he is afraid or wary of the other nation and should be taken away before he starts crying. He has special connections with certain nations, which will be explained below.

Germany – Italy is especially friendly to this blonde nation. Once you establish a connection between the two, Italy will constantly ask to see Germany. This is the strongest connection Italy has between another nation. It may result in Italy staying with Germany for days, but he will always come back to you. You don't have to do anything to ensure Italy comes back: Germany will always remind him of his priorities.

Japan – Italy is also especially friendly to this soft-spoken nation. Once you establish a connection between the two, he will ask to spend time with Japan. Both are rather cordial toward each other and Italy will be more knowing about foreign issues.

Romano – Italy's brother; these two will have a rough introduction, with Romano yelling at Italy until he cries. This is completely normal. Once you establish a connection, Italy will gush about his brother and may even bring him home one time. Be sure to remind him to let Romano go home, or you will be stuck cooking pasta for two.

Establishing a connection is permanent. It is more work to maintain Italy's mood after he is exposed to other nations, but unlocks more potential for his personal growth. It is encouraged to let Italy meet other nations and note the reactions.


Italy doesn't talk to me and he just sits around!

This is a hint to unhappiness and can be temporarily cured with pasta or gelato. However, you must talk to Italy and insist he tell you what's wrong even if he doesn't confess at once. He will crack under light pressure but his problems should be easily solvable. Problems range from lack of attention, lack of pasta to an absence of seeing Germany or fear of being hated from Germany, once the German connection has been established.

Italy is saying 'Vee~' and nothing else! What does it mean?

'Vee~' is part of Italy's vocabulary. It is neither Italian, Spanish, or English. It is okay for him to say it, as it usually means he is content. It is a mysterious sound that no one knows the origin or reason.

Italy's crying! What should I do?

In the instance of a weeping Italy, your best bet is pasta. He should stop crying immediately. If you do not have pasta on you, your second choice is to hold him and assure him you love him. If the German connection has been established, let him see Germany and the problem should take care of itself (Germany can soothe him in his own ways).

Italy's unresponsive!

Italy is probably just asleep. It is normal for him to sleep during his programmed siestas during the day and he can even sleep with his eyes open. Simply do not disturb him and let him be until he awakens.

I grabbed Italy's curl by accident and now he's acting strangely!

Instantly let go of the curl. The curl is known as one of Italy's 'vital regions', and contact with it will cause him to seize up. Although it can be cause of many comedic events, do not make it a habit as it is incredibly uncomfortable for Italy and may cause him to fall out of friendship with you.

Italy's talking and he won't stop!

It is expected that Italy be a heavy talker. Notice that he waves his arms a lot and uses his hands to talk. There are a couple of ways to make him quiet. One, obviously is to give him pasta, but this may only deter him momentarily. Another way is to tie his hands behind his back and he should fall silent without his hands to help him talk. Lastly, he may become bored of the whole conversation himself and wander off to find something else to do without you exerting anything.


There are many other possibilities for Italy's growth! We encourage you to expose him to different things and notice his reactions! You may discover secrets behind the typically carefree façade! Remember, you are now responsible for a full grown nation, and with responsibilities come commitments. Hopefully, these commitments come with much fun, and you enjoy our product!


Note: I read a Shaman King fanfiction sort of like this one. A manual for taking care of nations…yes or no? Did I leave out anything important? Shall I continue? Review!