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User Guide to Ownership of A Nation

Thank you for shopping with the United Nations Shopping Network (UNSN)! We are dedicated to your 100% satisfaction with our products and guarantee you will not regret purchasing your nation! Our motto is 'A happy individual is a happy world', and our goal to spread worldwide happiness is achieved through our excellent products and professional craftsmanship. If you have any questions or comments, please contact us at XXX-XXXX.


The second biggest country in the world, China has been around since the earliest historic records can show, enjoying the rights to an elaborate language, the creation of paper and gunpowder, and a civilization that has withstood many power struggles, culture shocks, and modernization. China is becoming a key player in today's world market and is getting more and more integrated in western culture.

Congratulations! You are now the proud owner of the nation, China! From its small beginnings from the Yangtze and Huang Rivers, it has withstood time and has proved his merit in the modern world!

Getting Started

Included in the package you have received is one (1) Chinese translation book, one (1) copy of Mao's Red Book, and one (1) Shinatty-chan doll. These items should be kept at hand at all times, especially during start up.

Notable parts of China you should see when you open your package include: long dark hair kept in a ponytail, an amiable spirit, and a general feel of maturity. He should exert the proud, strong, and humble personality in his demeanor. If any of these qualities are absent, please contact our help line, as you have received a faulty product.

To activate, ask aloud what it would feel like to be to be thousands of years old. China will promptly sit up and cheerfully gush about his life in rapid Chinese. China's default language is Mandarin Chinese, but you can adjust it to: English, Cantonese Chinese by merely speaking to him in either language. When speaking in whichever language, China will have a language tic that makes him add '~aru' to the end of every sentence.

Work and Care

China is a hardworking nation who doesn't mind work. He has withstood so many changing dynasties that he has literally seen and heard of everything, so he will rarely be surprised when you ask him to do anything. He is also proud of whatever he does, so if it turns out to be a success, you should expect him to modestly show it to you. If you insist that he did a good job, he will deny it, putting himself down. This is completely normal, and he will know you are happy with him.

China is an old nation, but he is surprisingly agile. You may wake up in the mornings and see him outside doing tai chi, regardless of the weather. He will not mind if you join; in fact, he will be pleased to teach you more. Be warned that he can be brutally honest, so do not take it to heart if he rudely tells you what you have done wrong.

Keeping China at your house requires minimal effort. Although it takes a while to earn China's trust, he will stay at your home from the moment he is activated, since he is the kind of person who believes in withstanding and persevering. When he finally trusts in you, he will make himself more at home, and you will eventually find him lounging around. Initially, however, he will be make sure you never catch him lazing around, as he is too polite to do so in front of someone he doesn't know.

China is easily programmed. Should you want him to do something a certain way and at a certain time, he will commit it to memory and do so until you tell him otherwise. He will rarely need to be reminded.

Because he has been around so long, China is pretty calm with any sort of conversation. Because of his vast amount of knowledge, he may be able to tell you many things if you ask. Remember to be honorable, as honor is very important to him. He can teach you about many herbal remedies and will not hold back in saying everything he knows about a subject. He may also take you outside to see the moon, listen to the crickets, and gush about you to people he meets on the streets. China is also known for being very affectionate and proud of his friends and family, so when you get close, he will be sure to brag about you to other nations.

To keep China at tip top shape, make sure he gets air and is able to move around. Because he is old, you must make sure he doesn't overexert himself, although he wears age rather well. He is a wonderful chef and access to your kitchen will make him happy. He also likes to get caught up on popular trends and may also imitate them.


In the UNSN Nations™ lineup, our nations can make connections with other nations as a result of our alliance pact. It is ill advised to own more than one nation at once, as you have the potential of having a war occur in your household. However, your nation can make friendships with other nations in the Nations™ brand.

Establishing a connection is easy. Simply take your nation out to meet other nations. When a potential connection is possible, your nation will react in a unique way.

In China's case, he will start with trivial small talk, before asking about names. He may be rather blunt, so do not get worried when he says rather tactless things. Although other nations have different initial reactions, China is one the nations who is quiet friendly and may even offer sweets. He usually keeps his calm, but when he gets angry, he is known to attack with wok and ladle in hand. He may even defeat people wielding guns and swords with these weapons. He has special connections with certain nations, which will be explained below.

Japan – China considers Japan as one of his younger brothers. Fond of the Asian island nation, he will ask how Japan is doing and will attempt to be a very passionate sibling. China enjoys Japan's company, as they will exchange similar ideas and he will show immediate interest in Japan's toys. In fact, he may come off as a little obsessed.

Russia – China's neighbor and tentative ally. Although a bit cautious at first, China and Russia are actually quite close friends, with a history of working together and friendship. Russia may scare China occasionally, so at these points, you should step in and take China away. Sometimes, Russia may appear in a panda outfit, so do not trust giant pandas that show up at your doorstep.

England – a recent ally of China's. England will start out rather haughty; and expected, as he was able to take a considerable amount of land from China. However, he is also able to inform China of many western events, so he is useful in keeping China up to date. They may strike up a curious friendship over tea and history.

Establishing a connection is permanent. It is more work to maintain China's mood after he is exposed to other nations, but unlocks more potential for his personal growth. And even if the growth is not obvious, it is amusing to watch. It is encouraged to let Japan meet other nations and note the reactions.


China just brought home this man with a cat mascot hat on! What should I do?

Fear not, this is the poster boy (man) for Shinatty-chan! Shinatty-chan will not pose a threat to anyone in your household, although he may be discovered eating in your pantry. China will not let him uncover himself (or even escape), so you can be sure China will make sure he doesn't get up to any trouble.

China doesn't want to be my brother! Why?

China has had numerous experiences with siblings that have left him, so he is still unsure about starting that sort of relationship with anyone. However, if you convince him that you can be trusted and you won't declare independence, he may reconsider.

China keeps bringing me these cheap knockoffs of things…

It's his hobby. Please don't sell them.

When we go shopping, China doesn't want to buy anything…is this normal?

China is currently going through a saving phase! Congratulations! His is trying to protect his economy in hard times.


There are many other possibilities for China's growth! We encourage you to expose him to different things and notice his reactions! There are many sides to this seemingly non-emotional nation! You are now responsible for a full grown nation, and with responsibilities come commitments. Hopefully, these commitments come with much fun, and you enjoy our product!


Note: I am aware I generated some animosity by putting up a propaganda chapter up on this fic. However, I do not regret it – I made it clear my intention. I doubt I could really pull off a boycott. So in the general sense of a parent giving in, I caved and wrote this chapter. Although I comment the ones who told me straight out they were not amused with me abusing my authoress power instead of just reviewing with some slander anonymously.

On a lighter note…China. I could have started with a gang load of goodness with America or England or France, but I chose the most abstract nation. I don't write China too often. I had a bit of difficulty. Blah blah. It's time I updated this thing properly. Review, please.