The Average Meeting

Autor's Note: This is my first fic, so be nice! Just a short drabble on a meeting in the Gotei thirteen, just a bit of humour, maybe a little crack depending how you look at it. Disclaimer: I do not own bleach or any of its characters.....if I did....*drool*

It was another normal day in Soul Society, shigigami were going about there business, and the captains were having a meeting.....oh no.

"Calm yourself! It's too expensive to keep replacing buildings every time you and your squad knocks them down." Replied Yamamoto.
"Yes you idiot, try to get that through your abnormally thick skull," sneered Myuri.
"SHUT UP CLOWN FACE, YOU WANNA FIGHT ME?! "Kenpachi yelled, turning on him.

This kept going on for a while, along with general Yamamoto, trying to calm them down. That, needless to say, wasn't working.

Over with the other captains, Ukitake had somehow managed to get past Myuri and Kenpachi's relentless killing, (or trying to) of eachother and was now trying to get a very reluctent Hitsiguya to accept some sweets.

"Really, no Ukitake taicho, I'm fine, you keep them for yourself." Stammered an increasingly annoyed and pressured Hitsiguya, all the while trying to push the overly large bag of sweets Ukitake had somehow pulled out of his captain's haori away from himself.
"I insist Hitsuguya taicho, take them you deserve them." Replied a cheerful Ukitake.

Leaving Hitsuguya to his misery, let's see what the other captains are doing...

Unohana was sittiing calmly enough..Though there was some pretty scary reiatsu coming off her....quickly moving on...

Kommamaru was shaking his head at Shunsui who had fallen asleep with a bottle of sake in his hand (where did he get it from?) Soi Fon looked like she wanted to punch him.

Byakuya was sitting as perfect as normal but if you looked closer you could see his left eyebrow twitching just a little bit....

Yamamoto looked around at all the captains, having failed at trying to break up Kenpachi and Myuri who were now about to tear the building down. One thought crossed his mind, these are the most powerful people in Soul Society.....we're doomed.

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