Dearest Fans,

I am sorry to say that

Due to a series of unfortunate circumstances

Burning Both Ends of the Night

Is now discontinued.

Sad face right?

I really liked this story but the past couple of years have spelled disaster with a good portion of my writing. To be honest I completely forgot that I even posted this.


I got a review alert in my inbox the other day and was like "A review for what story?" O.o

I have had to move recently and now I'm worrying about college and such, plus I lost the outline and the next installment of this fic in the move and rewriting it is going to take even longer than I really have time for. (It was quite long)

So I am sorry to have to tell you that there will be no more chapters but you all are a brilliant bunch ;) you can make up your own. I give you full permission to write and post your own continuation of this fic as long as original ideas go to their respective owners. (pretty much everything goes to Cassie Clare anyway…)

So thank you all for your lovely reviews. They made me smile (even after I reread them). Thanks for reading.